Where does Jack Link’s Meat come from?- Know More

Well, there is no life without snacks. And when there is meat on the platter one just can’t stop. Snacks add taste to our mundane life and packed food has been a savior for those who can’t cook because of their hectic days. You don’t wanna go to your kitchen and cook a whole meal just after you got home after a tiring day. Let’s know Where does Jack Link’s Meat come from?

Where does Jack Link’s Meat come from?

No one wants to do that. That’s why Jack Link’s is here with their beef jerky. But since you depend on these snacks too much, you should know where they are coming from. Jack Link’s came into the world of snacks with his great grandfather’s recipe and has grown its popularity worldwide. But it’s nothing if the meat doesn’t suit your type. Since you eat these days you should know what you are eating. After all, quality matters too.

Where does Jack Link’s meat come from?

If you are one of the fans of Jack Link’s amazing snacks, but you are worried about the quality of the meat, then there’s nothing to worry about. As the meat you savor is high-quality beef and comes from the largest plant in the world that is in Alpena. Well, this plant has a total of 853 employees which is triple the population of the area. Plus, they employ roughly 4000 people worldwide, eradicating unemployment by doing their bit. The meat be it chicken, pork or turkey comes from their plants that are spread worldwide except for South Dakota. However, they have different ways to prepare different snacks just like Beef jerky has leaner cuts with less fat, Pork Jerky uses a ham muscle called pork inside and steak is slow-cooked with a blend of spices. Jack Link’s surely knows how to satisfy their customers.

Jack Link’s and their history

Jack Link’s is an American snack company that is popular for its meat snacks. And they surely put in a lot of effort just to gather their customer’s approval. Plus, their beef jerky has become synonymous with their brand as this is the first dish they started with. The story behind this world-recognized brand goes as once when Jack along with his family was hunting, he had an idea of making Beef jerky by his great grandfather’s recipe. He and his sons got down and created one which was much appreciated in their neighborhood. This was the start of Jack Links. After that, they began to sell the Beef steaks throughout the area. In no time they got popular with this unique dish. Thanks to Jack’s great grandfather who was the real inventor of this recipe which is now loved worldwide. 

Jack Link’s and their recipes

From Beef Jerky to Protein snacks, Jack Link’s got their hands on everything related to meat. Not only this they use high-quality meat and ingredients so that these dishes can make their way to your platter. One of their most popular recipes is Beef jerky. For Beef Jerky they use inside round beef which is a cleaner cut with less meat and makes a better jerky. Plus, the ingredients they use are free from nitrates and preservatives. For other jerky recipes just like chicken and Turkey Jerky, they use white meat chicken and turkey breasts. For Pork, they use pork inside or a ham muscle. As they quote it, salt is very essential in the process, as it is what dehydrates the meat and preserves it for longer durations. Plus, the meat is hardwood smoked to maintain the authentic taste they’re known for. Before the meat is smoked any extra fat is trimmed and the meat is marinated with herbs and spices.


Meat is more than just food for meat lovers. The way meat is cooked and its place of origin matters a lot if you are the one who loves fresh meat. In this world of technology, everything is possible. Even transporting your authentic taste too far off places. That is what Jack Link has done over all these years. Providing the authentic taste to meat lovers all over the globe. Not only this they have even managed to look after the quality they provide and provide nothing but the best to its customers.


Q. What is Jack Link’s most popular recipe?

Ans. Beef Jerky is Jack Link’s most popular recipe.

Q. How is Jack Link’s beefsteak made?

Ans. Jack Link’s steak is premium beef seasoned with a special blend of spices by Jack Link’s and slow-cooked over hardwood to maintain the authentic taste.

Q. What does Jack Link’s sell other than Beef Jerky?

Ans. Other than Beef jerky Jack Link’s also manufactured bacon jerky and salt and sugar cured pork meat. In addition to that, it also sells protein snacks, chicken jerky, and turkey jerky.

Where does Jack Link’s Meat come from?- Know More

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