Can I Use My Curacao Credit Card Anywhere?

Curacao, previously known as La Curacao, was founded in 1978 and operates across 11 locations in America. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA. It is a retail store chain of large format and finance companies with export, travel, and money transfer services. It sells products such as Consumer Electronics, Toys, Home Appliances, Furniture, Jewelry, and Cosmetics. Let us know ‘Can I Use My Curacao Credit Card Anywhere?’

Can I Use My Curacao Credit Card Anywhere?

Curacao as mentioned above deals with finance and money transfer services, it issues credit cards for its consumers under the same heading. It sells most of its products on credit. It has opened accounts for around 2 million private-label cardholders. Adir Financial LLC is the parent company of Curacao that issues credit cards for the consumers of Curacao.

Can I Use My Curacao Credit Card Anywhere?

As far as using a Curacao credit card anywhere is concerned, the curacao credit card can only be used in the Curacao department store anywhere within America including the places where Curacao offers its other services, and not anywhere else. As the Curacao credit card is issued as a private label credit card and it is not a General-purpose credit card. However, you can send money abroad through a separate Curacao credit card that is specifically issued for this purpose by the Adir Money Transfer Corp.

General Credit Card and Private Label Credit Card

The general-purpose credit card, as the name itself suggests, can be used for general or universal purposes. The general-purpose credit card can be used at a variety of stores and business outlets. The monetary limit of this kind of credit card depends upon your wish. On the other hand, the private label credit card is something that is issued by the specific stores that have outlets in different states and its use is exclusive to its stores and space. It cannot be used to make payments in general. This kind of credit card normally has lower credit limits, and higher interest rates, and also has a higher credit risk profile, as compared to a general-purpose credit card.


Various department stores in the market issue their private label credit card for their consumers which turns out convenient for their customers and also turns out to be safe in the case it is lost or gets in the wrong hands since it has a limited credit score and they can only be used in a particular brand outlet. It is easier to trace and identification needs to match with the card details and the person’s ID card. Not only this, this issuance of private label credit cards helps in building customer relationships and brand loyalty to the customers.


1. What is the departure tax for Curacao travels?

It is an airport facility tax that residents are required to pay when they are flying with any airline. Many airlines such as American Airlines, KLM, Air Canada, WestJet, and others charge you the departure tax with the tickets themselves. However, Curacao charges the departure tax when you are departing Curacao. The departure tax for international destinations generally costs USD 51.74 and USD 13.74 for transfers. Every individual is liable to pay this tax except for the children under the age of 2.

2. Do Curacao department stores do home delivery?

Yes, the Curacao department store does provide home delivery but it depends on your location. Home delivery is available at a few locations while it is not available at other locations. They provide same-day delivery in California. Next day delivery service in Nevada and Arizona. They also provide free installation of their products but only on the store purchase and not on online one.

3. Does Curacao offer free shipping of its products?

Yes, if you are buying their products online, they do provide you with free shipping of their products. However, there is an exception for the shipping of furniture, Appliances, TVs over 42 inch, and other oversized products that need a scheduled delivery. There is also an offer at Curacao wherein you get free delivery on the TV purchase of $1200 or more.

4. How much minimum payment do I need to do on the different scores of my Credit card?

Depending on the score of your credit card, you need to make a minimum payment to maintain and use the card. There is a maximum amount that could be deposited which is mentioned as a 100% new balance below. The different payment chart is:

– For less than a $20 score you need to pay 100% of the New Balance

– $20- $199 score you need to make a minimum payment of $20

– $200- $499 score you need to pay a 10% of the new balance

– $500- $99 score you need to pay 7.5% of the new balance

– Over a $1000 score you need to pay 5% of the new balance

5. How to contact Customer service at Curacao?

To contact the Customer service at Curacao you need to call on their helpline number (877) 287-2226 and you can also contact them on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Can I Use My Curacao Credit Card Anywhere?

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