FreedomPop Hotspot Plans – Know More

Most public firms and some private firms are faced with the challenge of establishing an internet connection for either the company or for their staff for easy communication of information within the establishment and beyond; thereby eliminating all forms of excuse that may be linked to an individual’s data internet. The ideal reason behind establishing a hotspot is to allow for multiple connections to the internet and conferring on the company or private firm a great level of security. This article explains ‘FreedomPop Hotspot Plans’.

FreedomPop Hotspot Plans

Just like other network providers and their enticing hotspot plans, FreedomPop is an internet-based company that offers numerous hotspot plans which will be considered shortly. This hotspot plan offered by FreedomPop is to enable its users to have access to the internet via a WiFi router. However, it is ideal to know that all FreedomPop Plans include Unlimited WiFi calls for free, an opportunity to customize a plan suitable for you or your company, and other packages which will be exposed later in the article.

What is a Hotspot?

A hotspot is an internet connection that works by broadcasting a signal to one’s phone, tablet, or computer and allowing for their connections so one can have access to the internet and browse freely. The ability to connect to one’s smartphone, tablet, or computer to the signal (Wi-Fi) gives the individual full access to the internet, allowing him to browse freely on the web, read his emails, watch and stream videos, and lots more. 

Using the FreedomPop plan implies that for every data consumed as a result of connecting to a hotspot offered by FreedomPop via your smartphone, tablet, or computer, the deductions will be done on the data plan subscribed to, under the FreedomPop plan. 

Who is this FreedomPop?

FreedomPop is a network operator based in Los Angeles that deals with providing wireless internet and mobile virtual networks to its users. Through their free internet protocol service, they provide free texts & VoIP, data, and engage in the selling of mobile phones & tablets. FreedomPop was co-founded by Stephen Stokols (CEO) and Steven Sesar (COO) in 2011 in Los Angeles with it serving as the headquarters as well. They deal in IP mobile services, selling mobile phones, tablets, and broadband devices. However, FreedomPop was later sold in 2019 with its trades cutting across the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Spain. 

FreedomPop Hotspot Plans

For the FreedomPop hotspot plans, there is a provision of either going in for a customized plan or the unlimited plan. The customized plan gives you room to choose how much of the data plan you would be needing for your private use or public use. It is either a daily plan, weekly, or monthly plan with its respective features such as the number of texts, calls, or browsing data consumption for the selected time frame. Unlike the customized plan, there is an everything plan where the individual buys an already packaged plan originally designed by FreedomPop. 

FreedomPop Hotspot Customized plan

You can build your hotspot plan on the number of calls, texts, and data you will be consuming in a month. Such available offers include:

  • A start-up plan of $2.99 per month
  • There is a renewal plan of $15
  • A customized plan of 250 minutes and unlimited text messages
  • Non-stop high-speed date for one month
  • There is also a provision of unlimited minutes and text messages for just a month. 

FreedomPop Hotspot Unlimited Plan

As the name implies, there is no room for one to customize the plan so that it suits them rather, it comes as an unlimited package plan. The following are the features are peculiar to the unlimited plan viz:

  • A start-up plan of $42.99 unlike the customized plan that starts at $2.99
  • A monthly renewal plan of $55 for the unlimited plan. 
  • An unlimited call minutes and text messages
  • The data speed is an unlimited high data speed. No room for network lagging and restriction of any kind. 

Regardless of whether it is a customized plan or an unlimited plan, FreedomPop Hotspot has a general hotspot plan of-

  • Mobile service: there is a 100% free mobile service offered by FreedomPop
  • Warranty: there is a provision of a 90 days warranty for its clients. Upon subscribing with FreedomPop, if you feel the offer they gave to you isn’t complimentary with what you requested and it is within 90 days, the warranty covers you. 
  • Money-Back Guarantee: FreedomPop has a 14 days money-back guarantee policy. As such you need fear after subscribing with FreedomPop hotspot. 
  • Cheap: on an average scale, FreedomPop hotspot plans are generally cheap and affordable. 

Why Go in for FreedomPop?

The following features make FreedomPop one of the most sought after viz:

  • Free unlimited wifi calls
  • It is US’s largest GSM network
  • No app required
  • No activation fee
  • Native cellular voice and text


FreedomPop being the US largest GSM network gives them an edge over other network providers. Their hotspot plan is top-notch and allows their customers to go in for a unique data plan peculiar to their taste by going in for a customized plan. One thing is certain if you looking for one of the best hotspot providers, FreedomPop is one because they command one of the highest data speed transmissions and have room for unlimited wifi and text to text communication. It is simply a go-after hotspot plan anywhere and anytime. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. How can I start to use my FreedomPop hotspot plan?

There is no need to activate one’s hotspot if he or she purchased it directly from FreedomPop. All you need to do is to power on your device and connect it directly to the hotspot. This is done following your setup of the hotspot and allowing for connection by either your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. For example how to connect using your windows computer.

Step 1. First, turn on the hotspot and power button on the top of your Netgear Unite.

Step 2. At the bottom right of the computer, you can locate the Wi-Fi icon and click on it.

Step 3. Upon locating it, click on it and it will open up a list of Wi-Fi Networks that you will choose from.

Step 4. Select the FreedomPop hotspot or possibly confirm the name from the Netgear Unite. 

Step 5. Enter the password that will be displayed by you on your screen or you can try connecting it with the general default password “Freedpmpop’.

Step 6. You can now test your connection by opening either Chrome or any other network search engine. 

  1. Can I customize my FreedomPop hotspot plan?

Yes, you can. FreedomPop leaves its customers the choice to customize their hotspot plan for the month. They have the opportunity to choose the number of texts or calls they want to make within the specified month without needing to go unlimited with the packaged FreedomPop hotspot plan. 

FreedomPop Hotspot Plans – Know More

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