Does Winco Make Keys?

To allow customers duplicate keys, although not crucial, is a significant aid that some retailers provide. Speaking of places that often provide this service, supermarkets are best-known for doing so. This time, let’s speak about the American supermarket called Winco Foods. Does Winco Make Keys? and if it does, how is it done? This article will answer these questions in brief. 

Does Winco Make Keys?

Winco Foods allows customers to duplicate keys by using a self-service kiosk in certain locations. This service belongs to Minute Key, which provides other services besides key copying. Stay tuned to discover how it works and how can you access locksmith and key fobs copying services as well. 

Winco Foods

Winco Foods is an American chain of supermarkets with 131 locations in the following states: Arizona, Montana, Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Texas, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Utah. The company was founded in 1967. Like any other supermarket, Winco Foods sells produce, meat, seafood, groceries, snacks, beauty products, cleaning, and general merchandise. 

Among the services provided by Winco Foods locations, there are money transfers and orders, ATM access, and fax services. However, the supermarket does not count as an in-store pharmacy. 

Regarding the conditions that benefit customers, the store accepts the entrance of service animals. Likewise, every Winco Foods location has electric carts to help customers that have mobility difficulties. 

Does Winco Make Keys?

Winco Foods offers clients the chance to copy keys, but it mostly applies to home keys. This service is provided by Winco through key copy kiosks that are owned by Minute Key. 

Currently, the cost to copy a key at Winco is about $1.49 or more. That depends on the choices a customer makes when using the kiosk. As it will be shown in brief, Minute Key allows some customization when duplicating keys. 

Since only some Winco Foods have these self-service kiosks, you might need to use the “Find kiosk” tool located on Minute Key’s website. As a shortcut, just access and click on the “Find kiosk” button. A direction, city, or zip code will be required to proceed. 

Minute Key

Minute Key boasts about being the original key copy kiosk that works as a self-service. It is very easy to use and the process to duplicate a key only takes a few minutes. Minute Key also uses laser tracking to guarantee accuracy. 

Types of keys that can be duplicated 

  • Home keys
  • Office keys
  • Mostly, the following models: Baldwin, Kwikset, SC1 Weiser, and Titan, among others. 

Types of keys that can not be duplicated 

  • Car keys
  • School building keys
  • Restricted keys
  • High-security keys

Although Minute Key is not able to duplicate car keys, it provides information about specific retailers that can duplicate them. Likewise, if the key is not perfectly accurate, users can have a full refund. 

Finally, Minute Key offers the chance to donate to important social causes when picking key models that help plant trees. 

Services Provided By Minute Key

Minute Key provides more than key copying services, but even this service requires an explanation: How does the key copying service work? Keep reading to find it out. 

  • Key Copying Service
  1. Place the key into the kiosk.
  2. Pick a design among the offered on the screen of the kiosk.
  3. Choose the number of copies.
  • Key Fob Copying Service
  1. Visit one of the Instafob locations owned by Minute Key. Find the nearest one by typing your location at
  2. Choose the type of fob or sticker fob. 
  3. Request a store associate to make the copy. 

Currently, Instafob can only copy access cards and low-frequency RFID fobs. The price for getting this service is between $25 and $35. 

  • Locksmith Service 

Use your location to find a locksmith near where you live (at Or, call an associate who will contact you in minutes to send a locksmith wherever you are. 

Minute Key offers residential, automotive, and commercial locksmith services. Customers can get the assistance they need whenever they need it because Minute Key provides 24-hour services.

Important Features About Minute Key

Before using any of the Minute Key services, there is some information that can be useful to know. For example, what type of payment is accepted by Minute Key, among other aspects regarding the use of the self-service key copy kiosk. 

  • Customers can pay for their service in cash, or using credit and debit cards. More specifically, payment methods accepted are Visa, American Express, and MasterCard.
  • Although Minute Key accepts cash, self-service kiosks do not provide change.
  • Customers need to fill in a customer service form before requesting a refund.
  • Minute Key NEVER saves information about the customers, their payment methods, or their keys. 
  • The kiosk only provides digital receipts (in email or text).

To find out Minute Key’s terms and conditions, visit its website and simply go to the bottom menu and click on the “Terms and Conditions” section. There you will find more about the restrictive use of information employed by Minute Key, among other valuable information.   


Winco Foods helps customers to duplicate keys with the self-service kiosks of Minute Key. Kiosks are able to duplicate almost every home and office key, but no car key for the moment. Minute Key also provides other services like locksmith assistance and key fob copying, but access to these services is done differently. Although currently Winco Foods only provides a basic key copying service, it is great to know that you can count on this place to duplicate the key you need when you need it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When Using the key copy kiosk, do I have to type the type of key that I want to be duplicated?

No, the kiosk identifies the type of key when you insert it.

How many days do I have to request my refund if my key wasn’t completely accurate?

Users have up to 30 days after purchase to request a refund. 

What organizations does Minute Key support?

Some of the organizations to which you can donate when using Minute Key are the American Nurses Organization and The National Forest Foundation. 

Can Instafob copy an automotive fob?

No, Instafob is unable to copy automotive fobs. 

Does Winco Make Keys?

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