Why Is Canada Goose So Expensive?

Canada Goose is costly because the jacket has become a popular brand among celebrities all over the world. Why Is Canada Goose So Expensive? read to know about it.

Why Is Canada Goose So Expensive?

The products are manufactured in Canada, where the manufacturing cost is more expensive. Many coat owners believe that the materials and technology used by Canada Goose are superior and warmer than other winter coats on the market, so let’s go into the specifics.

The most popular item from the Canadian label is the Canada Goose jacket. The majority of them are made in Canada. However, there are some made in Italy, Romania, and Portugal.

Canada Goose

Canada Goose is pricey because it is a luxury brand that gives those who wear its products prominence and exclusivity. 


  • It provides high-quality raw materials, 
  • Has a made-in-Canada appeal, 
  • Has a devoted consumer base. 

Celebrities are well-known for their fondness of Canada Goose jackets. The Canadian label also has many lucrative endorsement partnerships.

Materials in Canada Goose Jackets 

The greatest raw materials, such as goose and duck feathers, are used in Canada Goose jackets to keep you warm even in temperatures as low as -30°C. To maintain and support the animals’ well-being, all materials utilized are sourced from sustainable sources.

Canada Goose also incorporates cutting-edge technology into its coats, such as the ARCTIC TECH, TUNDRA TECH, and ENDURALUXE. All of these technologies are necessary to ensure that you can confront the coldest weather, that you are waterproof, and that your jackets are more durable.

Expensive Materials & Quality

Canada Goose jackets are well-known for their superior quality, durability, and lifetime guarantee. The Canadian brand is so confident in the production abilities that it guarantees you will have a jacket that will last the rest of your life.

Every Canada Goose jacket, for example, must go through 13 production phases and several workers to ensure every detail is correct. They put the zippers, buttons, and every last thread to the test. They also have a quality assurance unit that inspects each jacket by hand to ensure no detail is missed.

The Canada Goose coats appear to be hand-stitched to guarantee that every detail is impeccable.

Why is Canada Goose so popular? 

Coming to the popularity, we can see from their perspective that the most popular reasons to appreciate the coats were: “Warmth without bulk: The ‘light-as-air’ coat is loaded with toasty down.” Material of high quality: The parkas have a detachable coyote fur-lined hood and are made with goose down supplied by Canadian Hutterite farmers.

So, we can see that the Canada Goose Jackets are famous not only because of how many celebrities wear or buy them, but the popularity comes of the materials and quality.

Where do they make Canada Goose products?

Products from Canada Goose are made in Canada, Italy, Portugal, Romania, and China. Canada Goose provides the locations of its manufacturing facilities on its website. 

Canada Goose manufactures numerous things in Canada, but Romania appears to be a country that produces many goods for the Canadian brand (at least according to the Canada Goose website). The majority of Canada Goose Jackets items, however, are made in Canada, Italy, and China.

Because US and EU legislation requires brands to declare the country of origin of any items, one may always check where a Canada Goose item was created.

Why Canada Goose is so expensive?

The following are the most typical reasons why it is expensive

  • “Warmth without bulk: Compared to traditional jackets, it is much warmer and much lighter. 
  • High-quality: The materials are not the same as traditional jackets since it is made up of the highest quality.
  • Durable: It is praised for the stitching and quality; it is extremely long-lasting. 
  • Made in Canada:  Canada Goose Jacket is not a low-quality coat made in China.
  • Lifetime Warranty: According to the brand, the products are a lifetime warranty in case of any defect in materials.
  • Fashionable: “The puffy coat is so trendy that celebrities and athletes wear it.”

Is it worth purchasing Canada Goose Jacket?

For some reason, it may be worth having a Canada Goose; as such, it can face -22°F during winters. It means that it can keep a body warm with such a low temperature, as there won’t be any sort of feeling cold while wearing Canada Goose Jackets. 

There are more reasons to consider Canada Goose Jackets despite its expensiveness

  • Luxury Brand
  • Finest Quality materials
  • Provide Exclusivity & Status
  • Famous
  • Elite Level of Craftsmanship
  • The Made in Canada Appeal
  • Canada Goose Endorsement
  • Celebrities’ first choice

Conclusion & Final thoughts

Although its overpriced one tends to go for things that are expensive products that can attract people’s minds. There may be lots of other products to choose from despite choosing a Canada Goose Jackets. However, people nowadays are from different types of social classes and backgrounds. So, despite the materials and quality, one will go for the things that can reveal their lifestyles and personalities to others.


  1. Does Italy manufacture Canada Goose?
  • Yes, Canada Goose manufactures some of its products in Italy too.
  1. Is it true that Canada Goose products are made by hand?
  • Some Canada Goose products, including jackets, are handmade, but others are not. However, every item is evaluated by a quality team to ensure that every aspect of the product is flawless.
  1. Is real fur still used by Canada Goose?
  • Canada Goose previously utilized fur on their products but will no longer do so to become a fur-free label by 2022.
  1. Is it true that they make Canada Goose in Romania?
  • According to the brand’s website, many Canada Goose goods are manufactured in Romania. However, when I looked at different products in the store, I couldn’t discover any that were made in Romania.
  1. Where do they make Canada Goose Gloves?
  • Canada Goose gloves are made in three countries: Canada, China, and Italy.
Why Is Canada Goose So Expensive?

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