Is Canada Goose ethical?

Canada Goose is a Canadian company, that sells high-end winter clothing. It is known for being a luxury brand and its elegant designs. It was founded in 1957 in Toronto, as a very small company. Let’s learn ‘Is Canada Goose ethical or not?

Is Canada Goose ethical?

Today it already has over 1000 employees and 591 million dollars in revenue. So, they are going well. And they should. Who doesn’t want to look good? If you can afford it, have good taste, and live in the cold, you probably have a parka of Canadian Goose. Although competition has been soaring, their business has still been growing.

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Are Canada Goose ethical? 

This is an important matter. Although, it is very probable that a lot of people out there don’t care about this. We do. So, are they cruel, or are they ethical? Well, the straight answer is this: they were cruel, now, it seems, that they are more ethical. 

Complaints against the company

For years, they sold parkas with fur in it. And the way they got that fur is as cruel a way as you can imagine. Peta, the organization that is looking for animals’ well-being, has reported on this. If you look at the webpage of it, what you will see is one of the cruelest treatments a living thing could endure. If you prefer to not watch it, we will give you a quick glimpse of it. First, they trap the coyote, they leave it there to suffer for days. Then, if it is still alive, they kill it with a gun. Then, they skin it, keep the fur and throw the carcass away. 

With the fur, they then put in on a jacket and then they sell in a lot of money. And by a lot of money, I mean over a thousand dollars for a parka. 

They have changed

People have been complaining to Canada Goose over this for years. Especially Peta and other activists. Hence, finally, last year, they announced in a statement on their webpage that they will stop using fur in their clothes. They said: Today (June 24, 2021), Canada Goose announced that it will end the use of fur in its products. (…) Through a phased approach, Canada Goose will end the purchase of fur by the end of 2021 and cease manufacturing with fur no later than the end of 2022. 

The CEO of the company, Dani Reiss, said himself in the same statement: Our focus has always been on making products that deliver exceptional quality, protection from the elements, and perform the way consumers need them to; this decision transforms how we will continue to do just that. 

Those are his exact words. So, there you have it. A story that goes both ways. Yes, they were unethical for decades and were reluctant to change. But they did change. So, the verdict is ethical.  

Employee relationship

Canada Goose also does a great deal for being a company that deals with inclusion, diversity, and a lot of pride from the workforce for working there. They are the “Goose Crew”, as they call themselves. And they also do a lot for the communities where they work. They donate and do volunteer work. The Goose Crew collaborates closely with local artisans, so their crafts perdure. For example, the Inuit is a tribe of the North, and are also the original Parka makers, and Canada Goose has built long-going relationships with them, one, to help them survive the cold, and second, to help them do their art.  


Now, in case you want options anyway, because of their past or whatever, which you are more than entitled to, here are some options for you, of brands that are supported by PETA, because they use faux-fur, a technology that uses state of the art advancements to give fashion, and protection in your clothes. Here they are:


Unreal Fur



FURious fur



Helen Moore


Donna Salyers’ Fabulous Furs



Only Me

Charly Calder



Here you have it, as you can see, you have a lot of options, and they are all high-end too, this is not about being cheap, it is about being good to other living creatures. 


Canada Goose is becoming an ethical company. Although it was a sinful organization in the past, it was talked about and, maybe even a little forced, by the market to change, and they did. Should we punish them for their past crimes? We don’t think so. Let’s move on and accept the present as it is. 

Nevertheless, here we gave you several options for you to consider, in case that is what you want. We also showed you an article of PETA where they show you what they do to coyotes. In case you think it is not a big deal, please, watch it. 


Can they ship to another country?

No, they can’t at the moment. 

Do they have gift cards?

Yes, they do. 

Is Canada Goose ethical?

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