Is Versace Jewelry Real?

Versace is a luxury fashion house. Due to this reason, Versace chains and jewelry is at the top of the list for many people. Since Versace has been in the business for over 30 years, we, as the consumers expect some good quality jewelry from them, especially since they are so expensive. Due to their jewelry pieces appearing with many celebrities it can be seen that they are popular but it begs the question – Is Versace Jewelry Real?

Is Versace Jewelry Real?

According to the Versace website, it states that their jewelry is made of 18k gold, real gemstones, and diamonds. But this gold jewelry is stage or costume jewelry, wherein they plate the jewelry with 18k gold. So, in short, Versace chains are not made of real gold. However, they are made of an exceptionally high-quality alloy mixture that imitates the look of gold perfectly. 

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Is The Versace Chain Worth It?

One thing to keep in mind when buying jewelry from any fashion house is that you may end up paying more as it is close to a household brand name. Also, it is a luxury brand, the price will already be very high. Thus, Versace jewelry is more of a status symbol. So, if you are willing to pay more, this gem will cost you more. 

The price and durability of a chain can only be determined by its intended end-use. Versace chains are perfect if you are looking for a trendy and blingy piece that will look great in pictures and last for a couple of years at max. On the other hand, if you are looking for a piece of jewelry that will last for a long time and will not rust or get damaged easily, then maybe Versace jewelry pieces are not for you.

Versace jewelry is more fashionable, and since fashion houses are becoming more commercialized, the pieces they sell are not going to be inspected by an authorized jeweler.

Cost Of A Versace Jewelry Piece 

On average, it can be observed on their website that the price of a small piece of jewelry such as a pendant or a chain can set you back $300. A larger gem will give you $500 back. So the question is, is this gem worth it? Versace doesn’t use real gold, but the quality of the material is good. So their jewelry may not be as expensive as a real Tiffany diamond ring, but it will still leave a huge chunk and cost you a lot. 

Pros And Cons Of  Versace Jewelry 

Like everything in life, the jewelry that Versace offers has pros and cons.

One of the worst and most obvious drawbacks is the fact that Versace jewelry is very susceptible to damage and discoloration. Therefore, you cannot use these pieces as an everyday accent pieces for your outfits. This brand is also very much on the high end. Even a small piece will cost on average, $100. The lack of affordability makes it one of the biggest drawbacks of buying jewelry from Versace.

Since these chains and jewelry from Versace are made of alloy, they must be durable. In essence, an alloy should not discolor or wear quickly because it is a mixture of different elements. The alloy is also a base metal with another metallic coating on top, which doesn’t tarnish as the average and cheap stage jewelry. However, like other fake jewelry, you will find that this jewelry wears out quickly when exposed to high temperatures or chemicals.

But on the flip side, Versace chains are very trendy. They can easily add the right amount of luxury and royalty to your outfit. You will get several colors and finishes, so there is something to suit everyone, regardless of skin color and tone. Versace jewelry is expensive, but they sell many items at different prices, so there may be something that fits your budget. $100 for designer jewelry is better.


The choice is yours in the end. Versace sales is perfect for you and your lifestyle, it doesn’t matter whether it is made of real gold or not. This is one of the original fashion houses. This brand is right up there with other heavy hitters. If you want a piece that will last a long time and look beautiful, you will surely need to visit a shop that sells real diamonds and jewels.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What Is The Difference Between Fashion Jewelry And Fine Jewelry?

Fashion jewelry tends to be made from base metals, and it does not contain any other precious metal. Fine jewelry is made with solid precious metals, making it more durable and expensive. 

  1. Can Fashion Jewelry Be Repaired? 

Sadly, fashion jewelry is not known for its durability. Therefore, it can’t be repaired like a piece of fine jewelry. 

  1. What Is A Base Material? 

Base material refers to the most common jewelry material that is the cheapest and easily available to make costume jewelry. They do not contain any iron. 

Is Versace Jewelry Real?

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