Does Amazon Music Have Podcasts?

“Does Amazon Music Have Podcasts?” let’s find out in this article.

Does Amazon Music Have Podcasts?

A little backstory

With its headquarters in Washington, USA, the company was founded in 1994. What started as a project out of a garage in the start today holds the position of a global as well as a multi-billion-dollar empire. It today has its fingers in almost all spheres of the market including the music industry.

Brief answer: Does Amazon Music Have Podcasts?

The short answer is yes. The services provided by the giant firm Amazon also comprise music streaming which includes podcasts for the customers. The company offers music services and podcasts streaming from its platform Amazon music.

About amazon music:

Developed by the company Amazon, the music service platform and the online music store of the brand Amazon are known as Amazon music. It was previously known as Amazon mp3. It was launched in 2007. It has become a global giant starting from scratch. Today it has more than 50 million subscribers across the globe. 

Meaning of a podcast:

The podcast can be best described as an audio file that is available digitally for download on the internet. Most commonly they are available in form of series.

How to get podcasts on Amazon music?

The only prerequisite for listening to the podcasts on Amazon Music is an Amazon account. If you have an Amazon account, you can get started. To begin, sign in with your account on the Amazon Music application. The Amazon Music service has podcasts available on the home page of the application. You can also search any podcast on the search bar. You can also click on the library option and can go to the podcast library from there. Another option is to ask Alexa to play on the Echo device or any Alexa-supported device.

For Amazon Prime members:

If you have a subscription to Amazon prime, then a version of Amazon music will be available to you free of any additional costs. It is known as Amazon music prime. But if you want to upgrade the experience and include more features in your listening experience, Amazon music unlimited is there for you. 

For non-prime members:

You need not worry if you do not own an Amazon Prime membership. You can get the benefits of the Amazon Music application separately. You can get the subscription of only the Amazon Music application, without subscribing to Amazon Prime first.

Free listening:

For first-time customers, a 30-days trial period is available. You can use all the services that are provided to a paid customer for free for the first thirty days. After that, you will have to pay for a plan to continue listening to the podcasts.

Compatible platforms for podcast streaming:

Devices that operate with the following platform(s) can listen to the podcasts on the Amazon Music application. The list includes Windows, macOS, iOS, tvOS, Android, Fire OS, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, HTML5. The devices with the mentioned platform(s) are currently compatible with the streaming of songs and podcasts.

Ways in which you can listen to a podcast on Amazon Music:

Despite the advancement in the field of technology there are still going to be some black spots. There are places where signals will get disturbed. And to avoid this problem the solution to download the podcasts was introduced.  You can listen to a podcast on the Amazon Music application either online or offline. You can stream the podcasts online on your device or you can download them to your device memory and listen to them later at a time of your convenience. 

Types of podcasts you can listen to:

Once you have logged into the Amazon Music account there is no stopping you. You can listen to any of the podcasts that are present on the app. It does not matter from which account you are logged in. It can be via a student account or from a normal prime account. 

Amazon Music offers a wide range of genres of podcasts for its customers to select from. The podcast’s genres list includes but is not limited to news, horror, comedy, etc.


To conclude, Amazon Music does have podcasts. It is available on different platforms for streaming. And it also comes with different plans for customers. There is a huge range of podcast options available for one to choose from.  The podcasts can be played on different devices including but limited to smartphones, tablets, and smart tv.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I listen to podcasts on Amazon Music without an Amazon account?

Answer: No, you must have an Amazon account to listen to the podcasts available on the Amazon Music application.

Is Amazon Music available for free?

Answer: There is a free thirty days trial period available. Thereafter, you will have to pay to continue to use the services.

Do students get a discount on an Amazon subscription?

Answer: Yes, students can get a discount on an Amazon subscription. To avail yourself of the student discount, you will have to get your student ID-verified.

Does Amazon Music Have Podcasts?

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