Who Does Louis Vuitton Use For Shipping?

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The name Louis Vuitton would be the most essential and valuable in history. That is what the brand is. It was named after its founder, Louis Vuitton. It is the most prominent and luxurious brand forever. They deal with all kinds of luxury items, be they clothes, handbags, or even shades. But who does Louis Vuitton use for shipping? This article will talk all about that.

Who Does Louis Vuitton Use For Shipping

Louis Vuitton not only has in-store outlets, but it also sells its items online through various mediums. It has three factories in the United States of America: California, Texas, Keene, San Dimas, and. Irwindale. It uses UPS, FedEx, and Borderlinx for shipping.

Who Does Louis Vuitton Use For Shipping?

Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 in France. Slowly they grew their brand and now, it is one of the leading and most successful luxurious brands. Some even call it a status symbol. Status is after all the difference between people.

The companies Louis Vuitton uses for shipping are:


United Parcel Service is the leading and most used shipper for Louis Vuitton and stands for United Parcel service. It ships both domestically and internationally. It allows you to track your package using its official website and select an access point at your convenience. Its current CEO is Carol. B Tome.

Fed Ex

Louis Vuitton uses FedEx for the delivery of its products. Fed Ex delivers their goods from France, their primary area of production, to various parts of the United States and other countries. Like UPS, it was previously named Federal express but later shortened to FedEx. However, you may find it more expensive than UPS. Nevertheless, it leads in worldwide shipping and business services.


Borderlinx is not the official shipping brand for Louis Vuitton but it still works for international orders. Borderlinx lets you buy from countries like Europe and the United States of America and delivers it to all parts of the world, which is pretty cool. It is partnered with various institutions like the DHL and Citi Bank.

Types Of Shipping And Price

Premium Delivery

Premium delivery leads to the delivery of your parcel in one or two days. Premium delivery is available in selected postal codes in the country United States of America. You can check your eligibility at Louis Vuitton’s official website. They take $20 for orders below $1,500 and the ones above are free.

Overnight Delivery

This feature delivers your parcel overnight or if it is a public holiday or late, it will deliver it to you the next day. As soon as they can. This is only available in certain postal codes. They take $20 for products below $1,500 and none for those above.

Express Delivery

The shipping charge for this one is free. Additional proof than just sign is required though. It delivers your products in two to the days of your placing the order.

Green Delivery

As the name suggests, the delivery is done keeping in mind the environment. Since the delivery is not done through the air, it emits less carbon dioxide, making the shipping more eco-friendly. This requires no delivery charge and ships your order within two to five days of the placing of your order.

Customer Reviews On Louis Vuitton’s Shipping

Some say the brand is alive and successful because of its elastic nature, while some call out for its authenticity that’s still prevalent even after its being famous. According to a few customers, the packages come discreet and not in any fancy packaging. It comes in handy when you don’t want people to know you ordered a Louis Vuitton item.

Many customers got their orders both times. Louis Vuitton was only written on the return address and they got it from UPS. They were not asked to sign because of Covid.


Their brand logo is a simple yet elegant LV. It is the essence of the brand Louis Vuitton. This brand is found in around fifty countries all around the world with stores in every prominent one. Louis Vuitton mainly uses UPS for the shipping of its items. However, they fully take care of the parcel’s safety accordingly. The shipping price and varieties are different for each item. They are most of the most prominent and luxurious brands right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Does Louis Vuitton Have A Warranty On Its Products?

No, Louis Vuitton does not offer a warranty on its products. However unused Louis Vuitton products can be returned within thirty days.

2- What Is The Purchase Limit In Louis Vuitton?

A user cannot consecutively buy six leather products, shop in more than different inlets of Louis Vuitton worldwide, or make more than eight transactions within four weeks.

3- Can I Do Payment Plans On Louis Vuitton?

No, you can not do payment plans on Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton does not accept monthly payments for their products.

Who Does Louis Vuitton Use For Shipping?

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