Stores Like C21

C21 Store, also known as the century 21 departmental store, was a chain of departmental stores in America, headquartered in New York City. The company was established in 1961, and the first store was at Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. In September 2020, Century 21 filed for bankruptcy because the insurance company could not provide financial support to the company. However, in 2021, the C21 owner announced that they should reopen the company soon. So, you can expect the century21 departmental store known as the C21 store in America soon.Lets discuss about Stores Like C21.

Stores Like C21

Coles, Macy’s, JC Penny, K Mart store, Real Real, Nordstrom Rack, Heritage India Fashion, Kohls Bucktown, and Beaute Chanel studio are some departmental stores similar to C21 in terms of services and products.  

Some Departmental Stores Famous In The Usa And Like C21


Coles is the favorite departmental store among many moms in the states. Its pricing is very affordable with good quality products. It is the largest supermarket chain in Australia. It is one of the best department stores for trendy clothing pieces.

Coles offers many weekly and monthly discounts through its rewards program, is always eye-catching, and brings many customers to this store. Coles also consists of a Liquor chain. In addition, the brand has outlets attached to Coles Supermarkets. Coles also operates hotels.


It is probably one of the most famous brands. It consists of Macy’s, Macy’s Backstage, Bloomingdale’s. In addition, it includes Bloomingdale’s outlet stores that only store discounted items from peers. Macy’s is one of the oldest and largest department store chains in the United States.

Even though it is a department store, it is not just clothes. The store sells exclusive, unique, trendy accessories, jewelry, furniture, gifts, and even groceries. It is a destination where people will find clothing accessories of their taste and various options to choose from.

Macy’s is a timeless store and one of the first to buy a well-known brand. The company employs 130,000 people and had annual sales of $ 24.8 billion in 2017. In addition, Macy’s has been hosting the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York City since 1924.

JC Penny

JCPenney is known to be one of the most popular options in the market amongst consumers. It is most attractive because you can find clothes of all ages and sizes here. Its affordability makes it a good choice.   J.C. Penney Company, Inc. (formalized as JCPenney) is an American department store chain with 865 locations in 49 states of the United States and Puerto Rico. In addition to selling conventional products, The JC. Penny Store has multiple rental departments, including Seattle’s Best Coffee Sephora, Salons, and Salons.

We operate department stores that sell goods and services to consumers through department stores and the internet site. The company sells family-friendly clothing and shoes, accessories, luxury and fashion jewelry, and beauty products and furniture through Sephora within JCPenney.

K Mart store

The Kmart brand got considered to be current day Walmart. This brand has slowly grown into a store where the consumers expect low, affordable prices and discounts. It is also very famous amongst middle-class families and is the central store for daily usage products. Kmart’s owner, Sears Holdings Corporation, has been headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, since moving from Sears Tower in downtown Chicago in 1993.

Real Real

Department stores are pioneers when it comes to shipping real luxury goods. They help ensure that everything is correct for purchasing goods from this department store. Here you will find over 60 in-house jewelers, brand certifiers, and watchmakers who inspect all items available online daily.They bring new life to everything from brands like Cartier to Chanel as a sustainable company and many other brands that support the circular economy.

They needed to save the hassle of shipping with completely free in-house pickup, dropship, and drop-off. Real Real was founded in 2011 and was initially small, but has since become very popular.

Nordstrom Rack

It is a popular store mainly for fashion requirements for the entire family and your house. It has been operating for the last 40 years successfully and still is one of the largest growing stores in the united states of America. You can find the best brands on the market in this store. Most of them come directly from the Nordstrom outlets. There are more than 200 outlets from which the customers can buy their products.

They have both facilities. Customers can either shop from the stores or can buy online. After starting as a simple clearance business in Seattle, Nordstrom Rack has expanded to more than 150 stores nationwide and is expanding day by day.

Heritage India Fashion

It is considered the most popular ethnic Indian fashion in the international market. This department store happens to be a one-stop destination for the ethnicity of India, offering a great range of trendy ethnic fashion, from Lehenga to wedding sari, ensuring that Indian women look gorgeous. An exquisite collection of modern Indian clothing is also here, along with a great collection of traditional waiting accessories, jewelry, shoes, and handbags.

Heritage India Fashions has a rich collection of unique handmade works from India by designer Prashant Goyal. The store includes officially embroidered Lehenga, Anarkali, Saree, and Salwar Kameez. You can visit the Heritage India fashion showroom in New York.

Kohl’s Bucktown

This department store is full of everything you need for your home. We offer not only clothing for children, women, and men, but also household items such as small electronic products and luggage. Here you will get the best price, and the staff is always working to make your shopping experience enjoyable.

Here you can find everything from cocktail dresses to casual jeans, sports shoes to boots, accessories, men’s and women’s clothing, to make your stay stylish and comfortable at all times. You can also go to this department store and decorate your home with great furniture, home accessories, and bedding.   

First-class Department Store

Many consumers are into luxury kinds of stuff so they prefer a more luxurious environment. Department stores were originally a way for the average person to buy what they needed at an affordable price, but the times are advancing. Department stores come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are reaching out to all the classes in the country. Today, many luxury boutiques are turning their brands into luxury department stores in the United States.

Beaute Chanel Studio

Chanel is a luxury brand that is based in New York. This brand mainly focuses on cosmetics among the new generation of luxury shoppers. The differentiating feature of this brand is, that it provides a personalized experience to each guest, which includes personalized perfume bars, makeup, and skincare stations.

Need Of Stores Like C21

There is a rapidly expanding market of departmental stores in America. Currently, there are about 3,800 department stores in the United States of America and the customers have a lot of options. Now the departmental stores are not only places to shop, but they have become a tourist attractions.

People from all over the world travel and shop from their favorite stores and departmental stores are the most visited places among tourists as well. We can take an example of C21 that people like to visit. The company could not thrive. During the pandemic time of COVID 19, Century 21 closed all its stores till December 2020. Departmental stores like C21 are also the main hubs where the customers can find all their brands in one spot.

You can find some of the exclusive brands of a particular country in their departmental stores. The stores do not compromise on their quality, which makes them stand out.


The market of the departmental stores is expanding worldwide. It is like a one-stop destination where you can find clothes to grocery items of such good quality. C21 stores are not available in America but there are a lot more departmental stores that you can explore. There is always something for everyone. Departmental stores in the states have very cheap, affordable products. You can also shop for professional and luxurious items depending upon the type of departmental store it is.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Will Be The Reopening Of The C21 Store In America?

Ans. There is no such guarantee but the founders of the company announced in February 2021 that the stores will reopen soon in America.

  • What Are Similar Stores Like C21?

Ans. Coles, Macy’s, JC Penny, Neiman Marcus Group, North Power, K Mart store, Real Real, Nordstrom Rack.

  • Why Did C21 Stores Close?

Ans. Century 21 filed for bankruptcy because the insurance company was unable to provide financial support to the company. The company could not thrive. During the pandemic time of COVID 19, Century 21 closed all its stores. 

Stores Like C21

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