Geico Military & Veteran Discount

You must protect all your goods in life so that they can last for a lifetime. It is key that you get insurance for all these goods so that if they break or get damaged, you can quickly solve them without spending a lot of money out of pocket. Keep on reading to understand if Geico, one of the leading companies for insurance provision, covers military and veterans and gives them discounts.Lets discuss about Geico Military & Veteran Discount.

Geico Military & Veteran Discount

Yes, Geico is one of the best companies that offer insurance to military personnel. They are one of the largest and best companies offering a variety of insurance schemes to cover car, home, and other rental issues in addition to veterans.

Emergency Deployment Discount 

Suppose any military personnel is on active duty, a veteran, or a member of the National Guard or the Reserves. In that case, they can avail of a whopping 15% on the overall insurance premium. The Navy, Armed Forces Benefit Association, the Army, and Navy Federal Credit Union are the associations that can avail and benefit from the discount offered by Geico.

If you are a part of active employment and you need to go to a dangerous area, Geico offers many discounts for these cases. These discounts are offered by the Department of Defense and are approved by Congress. If you are part of an active deployment unit and need to go to dangerous areas, Geico offers many discounts in these cases. However, some conditions must be met to claim the discount.

The first clause states that there must be an order from the Pentagon regarding certain dangerous designated areas. The second clause states that the vehicle you own is subject to an approved storage protection plan. There are restrictions for claiming this discount, some selected areas have geographical restrictions, and some military operations are excluded. Therefore, this discount is not available in all states.

Geico Military and Veteran Car Insurance 

Military car insurance is car insurance for veterans and active-duty soldiers and includes discounts on long-term care insurance under the following conditions. You are a current military soldier, affiliated with several military organizations, or part of a service licensed for emergency use.

People who serve the nation receive many discounts from the Geico family and occupy a special position among  Geico policyholders. The company also employs many veterans, so their military centers provide many services related to services to military personnel and other policyholders. You can easily review your policies online by contacting the Military Auto Insurance Hotline and logging in to the app / website.

Other Offers And Services  

Since 1936, Geico has offered military and veteran discounts to all the retired and active members of the military. They believe in protecting those who protect our country, and so, they are more than happy to make concessions for the veterans and the active military personnel as well. It offers special military and emergency response insurance transactions and discounts. To access these discounts, you can contact Geico and request for the same.

Since a good chunk is made of veterans, they are skilled and have an expert workforce that can easily sympathize with the problems and the issues that ongoing and retired members of the military face. Therefore, the process of claiming discounts for active  and veterans has become much easier.

There are several services and services offered by Geico, which are: 

  1. Active and retired military members  have access to customs and  personal insurance plans. 
  2.  Geico also covers its plans globally and internationally. 
  3.  They also have a military salary plan.


As mentioned above, Geico is one of the nation’s leading brands that offer insurance. So, they also strongly believe in giving back to those who serve us by having a firm discount policy in place for our veterans and military personnel.However, the most efficient and important part of this entire process is to select a given insurance company that is best to protect your goods, and it is key to keep in mind that the best plan is not the cheapest.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can I Make A Payment Through The Internet?

Yes, you can make a payment online, by logging into the online website which is the Policyholder Service Center. 

  • How Can I Find A Local Geico Official In My Area?

You can visit the following pages to know about the Geico officials in your area – local GEICO offices or GEICO overseas locations. You can also lookup Geico officials for your given area in the Yellow Pages or a phonebook 

  • How Can I Contact Geico?

Any given military personnel or veteran can contact Geico with ease since they have a dedicated phone line for military personnel which is 1-800-MILITARY (645-4827)

Geico Military & Veteran Discount

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