What Is AmazonBasics?

If you are a regular buyer from the online e-commerce giant Amazon, then chances are you have seen the name AmazonBasics plastered on the site in almost all of the categories, no matter what product you search. They are everywhere from light tissues to heavy luggage. Adding to the mix of confusion is the fact that they are not the official products of Amazon. And they also lack the same standards.

What Is AmazonBasics?

What Is AmazonBasics?

It is one of Amazon’s private-label brands. You can think of it as the answer to the own branded drugs of Walgreens. What it means is that Amazon does not make the products themselves; it just puts its packaging and labels on them after procuring the products from large manufacturers.

By doing so, the company makes huge profits. It buys in large quantities and keeps the cost low which gives them the option to charge a large markup and expand the profit to greater numbers. They make more in this way than they would if they were to sell the products by any third-party brand.

And AmzonBasics is not the only private brand that is owned by Amazon. With the unlimited shelf space to them, they can sell any number of products from any number of brands without having to worry about storage space. In this way, they also compete with small and independent sellers of the product. 

With a list of suppliers of such products that is miles long, it is not shocking to see that the standards are varied for the products. If you have purchased any two items from AmazonBasics you would know the difference between the standards. While some are up to the mark others are below par. 

There are many proofs of this. Many complaints have also been registered with regards to the standards of the products that were sold under the brand name of AmazonBasics. Some people have complaints about their electronic items catching fire. This type of mishap may seem to happen with any product regardless of the brand but the products of AmazonBasics seem to have acquired the top spot on this list at a very alarming rate.

Now, with so many brands and products at your disposal, what should you do? Should you take the risk and shop the products labeled as AmazonBasics or should you splurge on costly brands and avoid AmazonBasics at any cost? Luckily, some tips can solve this dilemma for you.

Keeping it simple

There are many products under the brand name AmazonBasics that can be used without any fear of explosion and standard issues. Simple products like garbage bags and polythene bags are some examples of products that can be used from AmazonBasics. These are products with which not much can go wrong. In case of a manufacturing defect, you can easily see and replace the bag with another one. And in the worst-case scenario you end up with a spillover, but no one gets hurt in this case. 

These are the type of products where the brand AmazonBasics shines and come through. There are no technicalities involved in such products which would leave room for mistakes by the production house. So, rest assured you can feel safe with the products.

Try to avoid electronics(for the time being)

The biggest sellers of the brand AmazonBasics are electronics such as batteries and cables etc. But until it’s clear what measures are being taken by the company to resolve the issue with its products and what standards are being followed while producing the items, refrain from buying such goods. 

Getting a product at a cheaper price can be very attractive. And it can tempt you more when you are on a tight budget. So, if you are planning to buy electronics from AmazonBasics go through the reviews. It will give you a fair idea of the product and its worth. 

Look at the alternative

Just because the item is on the top of your search list does not mean it is the best and most affordable. Scan all the features, go through the reviews and compare the items and their worth before buying the product.


AmazonBasics is the privately-owned brand of Amazon and is a competitor with the small and independent sellers on the platform. It earns Amazon a lot of profit margins. Products that are sold under this brand name are not manufactured by Amazon but rather only packaged and labeled by them which helps Amazon to earn profits.

Frequently asked questions
  1. Is AmazonBasics owned by Amazon?

Answer: AmazonBasics is a private brand that is owned by Amazon.

  1. Does Amazon manufacture the products sold on AmazonBasics?

Answer: No, it does not manufacture the products. Amazon procures the products from large sellers and only labels and packages them under the brand name AmazonBasics.

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What Is AmazonBasics?

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