How To Get USC Student Discount?

Are you a student looking to express yourself through statement-making yet affordable clothes? You’ve come to the right place! Read on to know how you can avail your student discount privileges at USC– United Sports Cooperation– a brand amalgamation of quality apparel and footwear. What is more is that it also offers attractive discounts on food plus drinks, tech-related devices, and much more.

USC Student Discount
Know how to avail USC Student Discounts

USC offers a wide range of products from clothing to food- quality maximized at minimum prices. It aims to bring together the most sought-out brands globally to come together in one place – think of it as a one-stop shop- for all your needs.  is where all the magic happens, so make sure you check it out to avail discounts of up to 70%!

Unidays and USC has a USC code, and you can find great offers ranging from clothing to food to even healthcare! It has an extremely easy-to-use and visually pleasing interface which means you can browse through all their offers and make decisions easily and quickly!

Student Discounts At USC

USC offers a 10% student discount on all its apparel. You just have to log onto the website mentioned above and fill in your information to get what they call a student code or even a university code. Brands like Ray Ban, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger are the brands that save students the most money, according to their statistics. 

Some USC approved tips to make the most of their student discount facility are:

  • You can avail next-day delivery by ordering before 7 pm.
  • Always look out for seasonal sales- winter sales are up to 50% off!
  • Subscribe to their newsletter to get better deals.
  • Check the main outlet page for amazing discounts of up to 70%.

You can also get a 5 euro voucher on orders above 100 euros. It is easy to collect these vouchers and they come in extremely handy when you’re low on money!

How to avail the student discount?

  • Log onto the main outlet as mentioned above and enter student identity proof.
  • You’ll receive your unique student code in under 30 minutes while you shop.
  • While making the payment, enter the code, and voila!  you just saved yourself a lot of money!

How to get more student discount services a USC?

1.Look for the hidden deals offers page.

Yes, there is a hidden page with lots of delicious offers for you to enjoy, you just have to be observant.

2.The USC Sales catalog.

One thing to note here is that your 10% student discount does not work on already on-sale products, but USC still gives you great bargains, considering the easily affordable rates they sell apparel at. For example, tee shirts can go on sale at over 50% discount. 

3.Use the Savings section on the Outlet page.

To make your shopping experience easier, USC has a separate “Savings” page where they list all their latest on-sale items, attractive offers on branded clothes, and much more. Using this option helps save both time and money.

4. USC Discount Codes.

USC discount codes are super handy when it comes to reducing delivery charges and adding 20% off everything you want to buy!

A comprehensive table of the discounts available:

1. 10% Student discount.

2. 70% Outlet discount.

3. 50% Winter sale.

4. Euro 5 voucher with Click and Collect.

*sourced from USC website*


Being a student is being at that stage of life where you are still learning to balance life between adulthood and the burdens that come with it. Being financially careful in college is one of the most important things to learn, ever, and brands like USC help college kids achieve exactly that! This article has provided you with enough tips on how to use your student discount privileges to the maximum, so go get busy shopping!


1.Does USC provide free delivery?

No, they charge around 4.99 euros for deliveries, but they do provide promo codes that could lower the delivery charge drastically.

2.How high does the student discount go?

As of now, it is a fixed 10%, but it does escalate to a 20% high during specific weeks, so keep an eye out for that!

3.Who are the retailers at USC?

Amazon, Cava, Dulce, CVS Pharmacy, etc. are some retailers at USC.

4.What are some brands available at USC?

Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Armani Exchange, Jack Wills, and many more are part of the wide collection of famed brands at USC.

5.What products does USC have?

From clothing items like tees and shirts to accessories like bags, sunglasses and scarves are available at USC for men, women as well as children. It is a great way to shop since you find all you could want at the same place, and it is light on your pocket all the same!

How To Get USC Student Discount?

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