Where Are Consuela Bags Made?-Learn More About It

The company is located in Austin, Mexico, and Texas. The company was founded in 2005 by Texas artist Connie Reed. She established the company based on the philosophy, “Art of the Unmatched ”. This philosophy preaches the uniqueness of art and is reflected in the outstanding designs of their products.In this we will see Where Are Consuela Bags Made?

Where Are Consuela Bags Made?

Consuela bags are made in Mexico and Texas. 

The Consuela bag focuses on the production of travel bags, handbags, crossbodies, totes, wallets, and more, and is known to be durable, fashionable, and vibrant. Also, they are spacious enough to contain several items. All products of Consuela are designed by capable hands in Mexican factories. The Consuela company works with its business partners to ensure top-notch delivery of its products.

Are Consuela bags luxury bags?

Yes, Consuela is a luxury brand. It is known for its outstanding, unique designs, texture, and colors. The brand designs of both handbags and accessories represent elegance and class. Besides the designs, the materials used in production are of high quality. Just like the brand’s philosophy “Art of the Unmatched”, the overall feel of the brand inspires its users and preaches lifestyle in a special way no other brand does.

Are Consuela bags leather bags?

Consuela bags are 100% leather bags. The bags are made from high-quality leather which makes them strong enough to hold items when used as grocery bags, or in an office lunch park. When using the Consuela bag, you do not have to worry about ruining it with weight.

How do I clean my Consuela bag?

Cleaning a Consuela bag without ruining it is quite easy. The bag is made from leather. Hence it needs to be handled with care to avoid ruining it. Here is a list of 3 simple steps to practice when cleaning your Consuela bag:

  1. Rub a saddle soap on a damp material and use the material to scrub the leather bag.
  2. Use another damp cloth without soap on it to wipe out the lather formed on the bag
  3. Allow the bag to air dry. 

Are Consuela bags watertight?

Yes, Consuela bags are watertight. Besides their high quality and durability, the bags are easy to clean and waterproof. You don’t have to bother about being caught up in the rain or ruining the bag when cleaning it because that will not happen. Consuela got that covered.

Is Consuela a respectable brand?

Yes, Consuela is a respectable brand. Over the years, the company has succeeded in smearing its name in the heart of customers with its top-notch, unique products. The brand’s customer service is also amazing. It would not be wrong to say that it’s second to none as they place a high value on their customers.

Consuela has kept to its standard of producing high-quality products that beat the imagination and requirements of its customers. Besides the quality of the products, the brand has proven to be up to date by adopting technologies to ensure that they meet up with the needs and requests of the customers, and be available whenever they are needed.

Why should I choose a Consuela bag?

There are several reasons why you should choose Consuela bags. First, they are never out of trend. The brand is never out of trend or fashion. Hence, they produce classic modern-day designs that match the styles, and preferences of many today. Consuela bags are designed to match any kind of outfit without looking odd. They are also suitable for formal dinners, birthdays, weddings, dates, prom, beach parties, and so on.

Besides complementing your outfit, the bags can be used for other purposes such as putting in groceries and packing your lunch to work. You do not need to worry about the strength of the bag as the bags are made of premium quality leather that guarantees its durability.

 Consuela bags have many pockets with zips that allow them to contain several items. The bags also have adjustable straps or extensions that allow you to carry them in different styles. Consuela bags also come in unique colors such as coco, pearl white, Maria, Glamity, and Zoe. 

Another reason to love the bang and its brand is the customer service they offer. They treat customers right as well as give you a guarantee for your bag. When you buy a bag from them and notice something wrong with it afterward, you can contact them and they will change it.  

Furthermore, Consuela bags come with hardware that is pronounced, and accessories that can be doubled as pieces of jewelry such as bracelets. However, even with all these features, Consuela bags are lightweight and that’s the most amazing feature of the bag. With Consuela bags, you get to rock your outfits with a 100% leather bag in styles that suit your preferences without worrying about straining your arms.

What is Consuela cloth?

Consuela cloth is a trademark fabric of the Consuela brand developed in 2013. It is a durable material that expresses the philosophy of the brand, Art of The Unmatched. It reflects strength, showing that it can stand the test of time.

Are Consuela bags expensive?

Yes, Consuela bags are expensive. However, they are worth every bit of the price. From the high-class design to the trendy style, unique colors, quality material, unique texture, and humorous patterns. The bags come in various designs to suit the taste of different fashion enthusiasts.

Consuela is also a luxury brand. Hence, it is not surprising that its bags are expensive. For whatever occasion you use a Consuela bag, it adds class and elegance to your overall looks. 


Consuela bags are high-quality leather bags that give you the confidence to slay with class. The price is quite on the high side (not too expensive though), but it matches the top-notch unique feature it comes with. The colors are very unique, and the leather materials are of premium quality. The styles are very fashionable and unique. It’s a brand of bags that everyone with class desires to have.

Where Are Consuela Bags Made?-Learn More About It

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