QT Rewards- Know More

The QuikTrip Corporation, also known as QuikTrip (QT), is an American convenience store chain headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that predominantly operates in the United States and Arizona. Let’s know about QT Rewards.

QT Rewards

QuikTrip is an Oklahoma-based convenience store business. Burt Holmes and Chester Cadieux established the primary QuikTrip in Tulsa in 1958. In 1968, the partnership extended outside of Oklahoma, and in 1971, it started selling gas. Chet, Jr., Chester’s child, is this CEO.

QuikTrip and Chevron were the initial two stores to get a “Top Tier” assignment from General Motors, BMW, Honda, Volkswagen, Audi, and Toyota in 2005. The “Top Tier” assignment outperforms the cutoff points set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for gas-added substances.QuikTrip was named one of the main 100 best work environments in the United States. In January 2006, QT was rated No. 21, ninth among “mid-size” enterprises. QT was named No. 27 on Fortune’s Top 100 list in 2008.  This information is frequently used by QuikTrip when recruiting new staff. 

QT Rewards

QT offers reward programs for its loyal members. One reward point for every $2 spent on qualifying products is earned. One reward point for every two gallons of eligible gasoline purchased. Each point gained equals one penny off each gallon. These points can be used later while purchasing fuel or any other items from the QT store.

QT Card

QT also offers a variety of cards that serve different purposes according to your needs. They make everything more convenient and easier for the user. It reduces the time taken to make payments and creates a hassle-free experience for all its customers. There are different types of cards that QT offers. They are

1. Gift Cards

Ideal for presents, rewards, or anybody who wants to spend specified amounts for tasty beverages, healthy produce, and high-quality gasoline at any QT location. QT Gift Cards are available in amounts ranging from $10 to $300. You may purchase them in-store or send an eGift card to a friend or relative. Cards are available for purchase and reloading at any QT station or online.

2. QT Fleetmaster Card

This card is most optimum for quickly and securely managing vehicle fuelling bills. Split evolve your credit balance or pay in full each month to save up to 5 per gallon at any QuikTrip station. Set card restrictions and spending limits, check transaction information as they post to your account, personalize reports, and administer your account online or through a mobile app for optimum convenience – all supported by 24-hour customer service

3. QT Fleetmaster Express Card

This card is optimum for small companies who wish to combine their vehicle fueling bills, conveniently monitor driver transactions, and receive purchase data anytime they need them. Save up to 5 per gallon at over 730 QuikTrip locations, depending on monthly gasoline volume.

4. QT Fleetmaster Plus Card

With Fleetmaster Plus, you have the same security, simplicity, control, and reporting to properly manage your fleet fueling expenditures, but with the extra comfort of card recognition at over 90% of fueling facilities nationally. You can save up to 3 per gallon at every QuikTrip store, depending on your regular fueling volume. With Fleetmaster Plus, you have the same safety, simplicity, control, and reporting to properly manage your vehicle fueling expenditures, but with the extra comfort of card recognition at over 90% of fueling facilities nationally. Save up to 3 per gallon at every QuikTrip store, based on your fueling volume.

Gas station with Reward Systems

Though QT has a beneficial reward system, it’s not necessarily available at all points of vehicle refueling. There is a multitude of other gas stations that offer good reward systems. Some of them are:

1. BPme 

With BPme Rewards, you can save money on every gallon of gas you buy at BP and Amoco stations. It also becomes simple because you can do all of this from your phone with the BPme app.  The BPme app also allows you to pay, examine receipts, monitor rewards, and do other things without ever leaving the driver’s seat. This eliminates the irritating process of fiddling with pin pads or rummaging through wallets. After you join up, you will save $5 per gallon until the end of the month. Following that, you need to spend $100 each month to qualify for the discount.

2. Circle K

Circle K has a reward system known as Easy Rewards. It also has a payment method called Easy Pay. Easy Pay is linked to your bank account and provides a secure payment experience along with at-the-pump discounts. With new accounts, you will receive a $10/gal discount, and a $20/gal savings will be credited to your bank account. The maximum purchase per account is 100 gallons. Save 30 cents per gallon for the very first 100 gallons, then 10 cents per gallon after that. In addition, every purchase earns you points toward Circle K cash. You may access your account online, receive notification receipts after each purchase, and add more cards for free. To safeguard the security of your account, you will be asked to enter your PIN at the beginning of each transaction.

3. Shell Fuel

Shell Fuel has a reward system called Shell Go+. It is a rewards program designed to help you get the most out of your trips to Shell service stations. Shell Energy customers who enroll in the Shell Go+ loyalty program will enjoy a 3% gasoline savings on up to 60 liters of fuel every month at participating Shell service stations. Every time you fill up, you’ll save at least $5 a gallon. By purchasing at partner stores, you may earn extra points toward gas discounts.

4. Speedway

You’ll receive 10 points for every gallon of gas you buy and 20 points for every dollar you spend on items. You may gain Bonus Points on certain things each month to get more out of your purchases. You can redeem them for gas discounts and in-store purchases.


QT has a point reward system where you can earn one reward point for every $2 spent on eligible products and every 2 gallons of petrol purchased. Each point gained equals one cent off each gallon. These points can be redeemed at any QT store. It also has cards that can collect points that can be used for discounts mostly while refueling.

QT Rewards- Know More

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