Vivint customer service – know more

Vivint customer service-know more

To know more about Vivint Customer Service read this article.There is a saying “If the customers are completely happy and want to be your priority again & again, then you owe a company which owns the heart of millions.” This holds true Vivint Customer Service as the way this company takes care of each & every one of its customers, employees, & also know the needy ones is the most unique thing. They have outshine in their customer service and have won the hearts of many satisfied customers.

About Vivint Customer Services:-

  • Sensors- All the sensors from the doors, windows, also provide sensor facilities that detect smoke, broken glass, flood, even CO. 
  • Cameras- 24/7 access to the spy view of your house not only inside, but also the outside, all movement just like you are physically at that place.  
  • A complete Smart Home Experience:-

Additional accessories offered by Vivint include Smart Locks, Smart Garage Door Controller, Smart Lighting, Key Fobs, and Smart Thermostats.

Car Guard- With this you can exactly know the location. Not only that, they share battery life, engine details, all with just a finger tap on your smartphone. This super facility Guard also triggers lights and cameras in your home if there’s any break-in to your vehicle.

Forbes Home star rating

Vivint owns the title of the best services among its competitors and this was according to the ranking given by the Forbes Home editorial team that has analyzed third party data on a dozen of home security companies, and given all the companies star rating based on certain metrics. 

The parameters were:- 

  1. Cost and Contracts:- About 20% of the decision was made based on the contracts that the companies get and the costs that the companies offer.
  1. Customer reviews and repetition:- Any company either big or small always needs their customer’s reviews so that they can make any progress and which also helps in building up the company’s reputation in the market. And every company wants good reviews from the customers. Considering this the Forbes matrix includes approximately 20% parts of their decision on this basis.
  1. Equipment and options:- This includes another 20%, as it is one of the standard criteria that what are the options and what are the equipment that the companies provide to the market.
  1. Customer support:- customer support is one of the major criteria for any company and cannot be neglected. So here the Forbes Matrix includes approx 15% part of their decision on this.
  1. Features and smart home integration:- This includes 10% part.
  1. App reviews:- The other 10% comes from the reviews that the company gets on their online app services.
  1. Warranty:- the thing that most consumers look for is the warranty on anything they bought. Warranty includes 5% part here.

Their History:-

We will know more about Vivint Customer service by reading is history,

At the very beginning, the company’s name was A p x alarm security solution, which got rebranded in Feb 2011 as VIVINT.

Also in late 2011, the company launched a solar energy company called Vivint solar.

In June 2014:- Vivint launched its own cloud-based smart Home automation solution.

In 2015:- the Vivint Doorbell camera was introduced to the market. This was the next level of security at that time which enabled the consumers to hear and speak to any of the visitors at the doorstep with the help of mobile devices and internet connection.

In 2016:- The company received the Electronic House Product of the year award for the doorbell camera.

In 2017:- a cloud-based home monitoring device “Sky” was released by the company. This device uses artificial intelligence to detect home occupants, home temperature, lighting, and entrance security.

In 2018:- Collaboration with Google took into account. The company collaborated with Google to include 2 Google home mini devices in every starter kit of theirs.

The company also added Google Wi-Fi to their smart home sweet.

They also integrated the Nest thermostat into the services.

In 2019:- Vivint car guard was launched which monitors the security of the customer’s car and also their home with a single app.Like the same, the sequence of the launch is continuing with the launch of Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro to help deter lurkers.

Then the Doorbell camera Pro in 2020 was an AI-powered camera that intelligently detects packages and proactively deter package thieves.

Their Uniqueness:-

The company owns a charity foundation that believes in giving back to society by helping needy children with intellectual and developmental disabilities with their intelligent products and services.

In January 2019:- The company employees worked with the Feed My Starving Children organization and helped them to assemble 272,000 male kids to feed children with special needs that lived in orphanages in third world countries.

In total Vivint has donated a total of 2 million meals in its 10-year history of working with the Feed My Starving Children Organization.

Not only the company, but their employees from time to time try and help the needy by volunteering the time and money to run away homes for the families who have children with intellectual disabilities, as they installed rock climbing walls, art sections, swings, and reading areas in their houses with sensory facilities.

Why trust, any guarantee?

It’s the most promising company in America receiving JD Power awards for the highest customer satisfaction with home security systems.

What other hookups?

The Philip’s Hue Smart Lights,

 Kwikset Smart Locks and 

Google Nest Thermostats, etc.


“At Vivint, the company mission is to protect families, increase energy efficiency, and simplify lives.” And the company keeps its promises. A brand that gained trust over decades, and kept it to date. The kindness & uniqueness of the company can also be seen from their social worker that Vivint Gives Back has donated $21 million and more than 250,000 service hours.


1.Does it have reliable customer service?

More than 60% of reviewers give a full five-star rating and praise the company also specific representatives for their outstanding customer services

2.What if I get a bad experience?

Then the company will put its 100% effort into fixing your problem as soon as possible, rebuilding your experience and gaining your satisfaction.

Vivint customer service – know more

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