What does eBay use for shipping?

The e-commerce business as a whole domain is thriving ever since it was established and even more since the pandemic began. There have been many companies and small startups that have been building up as a part of the e-commerce industry to increase commercial ethnicity and sales. Another huge factor for the industry along with making profits is to build a sales channel for a smooth transaction between the customers and the manufacturers. This is called consumer-to-consumer channeling. Though there are many platforms for the same, eBay is one of the most talked-about names and has been at the top of the charts for its auctions, profit-making, and consumer-to-consumer sales. Let’s know What does eBay use for shipping?

What does eBay use for shipping?

An overview and working of eBay

eBay was primarily started as an online auction company and has been at the most budding stage having a history of close to about 2 decades. But it was one of the foremost companies that were effectively launched to create and market an Internet website that could match the sales pitch of both the consumer and the manufacturer.

So, despite the presence of giant e-commerce competitors like amazon, eBay continues to be at the top of the charts as a market leader in the e-commerce chain worldwide for the channeling it provides. Having generated an impressive revenue of about 11$ billion since its establishment, eBay is quite popular even today because of the online merchants channelizing their sales through an application.

Working and shipping services 

Just like many other online e-commerce platforms, there are no restrictions on who should use the eBay account as it is open for both buyers and sellers. However, there are certain rules before the seller must open an account such as he is bound by certain fees like listing fees before opening a seller account.

eBay which initially began as small e-commerce retail has now evolved into a household name wherein anyone is obligated to buy and sell anything and everything from a small home decor accessory to a well-warranted electronic product.

Shipping portal on eBay

eBay from a seller’s point of view once opened is bound for making sales by listing the products and the suitable price ranges.

  • After successful listing, the shipping responsibilities are also viable to the seller as there would be more than one type of buyer and many needs to attend to.
  • The seller can pick any suitable method that is most applicable to ship the required item to the doorstep of the buyer without any hassle.
  • There are a variety of options sellers can use to ship the product to the customer, be it a local pickup, flat-fee shipping, or calculated shipping.
  • While there are several options for the seller to choose from for carrying out a smooth shipping process, eBay partners with three major providers to handle the shipping process more effectively.
  • These three are fully integrated with the shipping ecosystem of eBay and help in running a good shipping system.

Here is a detailed description of what each one has to offer.

U.S.P.S – The U.S postal service, despite the name, has more to offer than just delivering letters and dealing with postal services. It is considered one of the biggest shipping portals for online sales and is chosen by many platforms including eBay.

It is a popular choice on eBay platforms because of the wide range of benefits it offers that includes, free shipping boxes, shipping supplies, services, and a shipping calculator for a good estimation of the delivery charges at that instant time.

There are many subdivisions within the U.S postal services such as:-

  • Media Mail
  • Parcel Post
  • Priority Mail
  • Express Mail
  • First-class Mail

Each one has its features that are endurable within the customer range and have a provision for effective shipping services across the United States.

UPS – The UPS service is considered a good option and chosen by sellers when they are about to ship heavy packages or larger goods that cannot be acquired by small shipping portals. It is also known for the substantial discounts that can be availed by the sellers in making a good profitable sale.

There are many services under the UPS that serve a different purpose but help in making the shipping much faster and more reliable.

  • UPS 3-day select
  • UPS Ground
  • UPS Next Day Air
  • UPS 2nd Day Air

are some of the noteworthy services under UPS that the sellers can choose from.

FedEx – FedEx which serves as a well-known name for shipping has been new on the ground but provides expedited services along with suitable shipping.

There is a wide range of services under FedEx that can be considered a popular choice for shipping such as 

  • FedEx Priority Overnight
  • FedEx Home Delivery 
  • FedEx Express Saver
  • FedEx 2Day 


Along with the three mainstream domains that are ideally chosen to cater to the shipping needs of the seller, eBay offers more to that by providing exclusive shipping benefits and offers that the sellers could avail themselves and benefit from. Considering the number of services and extensive deals the company has to offer, eBay can surely be considered one of the popular choices to carry out effective online sales and retail marketing.


1) Can a seller avail of more than 2 services if he has a bulk of shipping to do?

Yes, eBay provides an exclusive option of choosing more than one in case a bulk order comes up. He can choose according to his benefit and time frame. However, to know more regarding the same, it is advisable to contact the customer care services or a direct representative from eBay for better clarity of the shipping frame.

What does eBay use for shipping?

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