Does amazon own more about it

“Thinking of purchasing new fabric, why not think of some crafty work!”, a company founded in 1993, launched in 1999 and it is an online fabric store and amazon is a globally recognized ecommerce website. Does amazon own

Does amazon own

Does amazon own

Yes! is one of the oldest textile group, with an expectation of gaining more sales and bringing out their products at the public ease and early reach; they got united with Amazon for the better availability to the customers.

This togetherness brought many profits to both the companies. That’s true, Amazon has acquired, the online fabric store.

Deal of with amazon

As mentioned in the press release, this deal is going to allow to expand its selection of sewing materials and on the other hand, give Amazon a better catalogue of hobby and craft materials.

As said by Chris Nielsen, vice president of; is a growing business of providing great products with excellent service for sewing and crafting enthusiasts! 

The lines mentioned on the report were-

“At, an, Inc. subsidiary (NASDAQ: AMZN), we strive to be the most trusted and inspirational online fabric store in the world, with products available on and at Amazon.”The collaboration or better call it a deal between the two companies that is and Amazon was made in the year 2007.

And more than a deal it could be seen as providing their customers with a good and memorable experience not just through the product but also through the service. Now the production company has to focus on improving their products as the service partners are taking care of all the other things.

History of

The company has a history back in the late 90s. It was founded in 1993 as the textile group called the Phoenix Textile Group. They were the wholesale distributors of apparel fabrics. The first website launched by the company was in the year 1999, and that was to test the concept of selling cut-yardage fabrics directly to the consumers, not through the traditional chain of retailers which consumes time and money.

Their cornerstones

At the time of the introduction of the online initiative they put forward the four cornerstones that they call the four cornerstones of their business, which were:-

● their customer experience,

● selection,

● price, and

● convenience to all. Promises:

They promise to be offering their customers a wide range of –

● cotton Prince,

● home decors,

● arts,

● crafts,

● saving supplies,

● apparel fabrics,

And bringing up the most current and trending designer lines. They commit to having been approached by many world’s best-known designers, and that they sell their first quality closeouts to them at the end of their season.Be it  Denim to silk,Velvet to shirtings, and Linen to faux fur. They provide it all.

Does the deal affect the quality of the products or their prices?

No, not at all. The deal is just for the widespread or we can call it as the wide range availability of the product and the fastest possible delivery which the Amazon experts on.The quality and the price of the product will remain the same. None of the customers will feel cheated or unsatisfied.


Both the companies, and Amazon are experts at their level for providing the best quality products and the best service as they could respectively. The collaboration brings the best out of the bests, and one should definitely try it out.

One and one can be two, but it could also be eleven. It’s just the way of representation or you could say different perspectives.


1) What is the benefit of having this on Amazon?

Well the benefit of having this on Amazon is just for the sake of customer convenience. The quality of the products is going to remain as it is. The deal is just made so that the product could be available for each and everyone within the shortest period of time as Amazon has the greatest online marketing network.

2) Can’t I buy fabric directly from

Yes, it’s completely your choice from where you want to buy your product the quality will always remain the same you could directly buy it from the site. The deal with Amazon is just for the sake of customer convenience but it’s completely the customer’s choice from where they want to shop.

3) Does the quality of the product differ if bought directly from the traditional sewing website not through Amazon, or vice-versa?

 No, the quality of the product remains the same whether you buy it from the site or through Amazon.

4) There are two companies which mean more price for the same product?

Well, the prices may vary at different sites. And the delivery charges may also vary according to the location. But the quality of the product is going to remain the same, also the price of the product. None of the sites or the company can change the value of any product.

Does amazon own more about it

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