Can I Use My Living Spaces Credit Card Anywhere?

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Whenever you are making a new house, you are fond of Decorating it with the best items. Be it the biggest of paintings or even the smallest of rugs you want the best things for your house. And when it comes to decorating the house, you always need a hefty amount to make your home look grandeur and elegant. 

Can I Use My Living Spaces Credit Card Anywhere?

But what if there is a way, in which you can buy furniture of the best quality that too at nominal prices. It might seem impossible, but it is indeed possible. Living Spaces is a company that offers its own credit card to customers. With credit cards, benefits, and price slashes. To know if you can use a Living Spaces credit card anywhere, do read this article.

What are Living Spaces?

Living Spaces is a Company that sells items of interior decoration and furniture. It is an American company that has been committed to giving its customers the latest designs imbibed with fine craftsmanship and intricate details. The Living Spaces showrooms are also very spacious and airy. They are designed for the customer To feel at ease and enjoy their shopping experience. The online sites are also simple to operate on, and you can order your furniture easily on its website, something which might be tricky on other furniture sites.

What is a Living Spaces credit card?

The Living Spaces card works like a regular credit card in any of the Living Spaces-owned areas. You can easily create your own credit card on Living Spaces if you are above 18 years of age, are a citizen of the United States of America, have your own social security number and have a valid identity proof to verify yourself. There are no fees for creating this credit card. If you want Living Spaces customer care to guide you on whether its credit card is worth it to you, you can contact them at 866-396-8254.

Can I use my Living Spaces credit card anywhere?

The Living Spaces credit card provides a lot of benefits to its users. But these benefits are limited to shopping at Living Spaces only. The Living Spaces credit card is not an actual credit card like Visa or Mastercard. Neither is it approved by such companies or reliable banks. So you will not be able to use it anywhere except the Living Spaces walk-in stores or online websites. Within the arena of Living Spaces, you can freely use any method of payment you wish, including these cards.

What are the interests of a Living Spaces credit card?

You will get four choices from which you get to choose. These include:-

  1. Six months – You will get charged with no interest if you pay within six months of the purchase. It will apply if you buy items worth $150 or more. If the deadline gets passed, interest will get charged till the time it is fully paid.
  2. Twelve months – You will not get charged with any interest if you pay within 12 months or one year of the purchase. It applies to purchases worth $1000 or more. Even with this, if the deadline is not met, interest will have to be paid.
  3. Eighteen months – You will not have to pay interest on orders more than $2000 if you pay it within 18 months or 1 1/2 years. If the deadline is not met, interest will get charged.
  4. Sixty months – You will have to pay 9.99% APR for six months or five years on your Living Spaces orders.

How to make a Living Spaces credit card?

The process of making a Living Spaces credit card is not complicated. You can follow the given procedure and create a piece of news on your own exclusive Living Spaces credit card:-

  1. Go on the official website of Living Spaces of your region.
  2. Go to the right-hand side of the top bar and click on Sign In.
  3. Login to your account. 
  4. You will get an option to create a credit card or manage your account. Click on it.
  5. Enter the last four digits of your SSN and enter your phone number.
  6. Fill in all the required details, including your name, address, and income.
  7. Click on submit and give in the form.

If you are falling under the eligibility criteria of a Living Spaces credit card, you will get approved and your credit card will be formed.


Living Spaces is a furniture company which provides a special kind of financing service. It has its own credit cards and encourages its loyal customers to use the same. You can avail many benefits of it. However, you cannot use this card outside Living Spaces. The use of this credit card is only limited to Living Spaces, retail stores, and online websites. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. Does the Living Spaces credit card get issued by any bank?

Yes. Living Spaces credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank. Synchrony is a Financial services company in the United States of America. It has an online bank service that provides its users with a higher rate of interest.

2. Is Synchrony Safe?

Synchrony is a safe and legitimate online banking service. It has a huge database in the United States of America. And it is slowly expanding its branches. Synchrony is a reliable source, and you can buy a credit card without having a second doubt.

3. What kind of products are available at Living Spaces?

Living Spaces are an ideal option if you are thinking of redoing your home. It includes everything from living room furniture such as sofas, futons, daybeds, ottomans, upholstery, and chairs, to bedroom furniture, including mattresses, headboards, dressers, and nightstands. Apart from this, it also includes dining room furniture, crockery, office décor, outdoor furniture, rugs, and ideas for you to get inspired.

Can I Use My Living Spaces Credit Card Anywhere?

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