What channel is vh1 on spectrum?

Apart from Netflix or Amazon, have you ever heard about Spectrum? If you haven’t, then you need to know about Spectrum. It is an online website by which you can watch your favorite content at any place. The registered name is Charter Communications, and the business name is Spectrum. If you are interested in listening to music  or want to explore in different genres of music, then vh1 is the right channel for you to listen to songs of different genres like R&B, Hip-Hop, classical, and many more. Vh1 is on channel number 155 on the spectrum. 

what channel is vh1 on spectrum

About VH1

Video Hits One, popularly known as VH1, is an American network that got instigated in 1985. This channel has expanded over time and has international versions like VH1 Denmark, VH1 Pakistan, VH1 Indonesia, VH1 India, VH1 Germany, and many more. Warmer-Amex Satellite Entertainment was the inventor of VH1. 

Vh-1 on Spectrum

Sometimes people get so indulged in their work and a breather is a must for them. Accordingly, the perfect example of a breather is being in your home and binge-watching drama shows, and for this purpose, Vh1 is the best channel for you to watch some dramas and listen to your favorite music genre. You must be wondering that you need to find the channel and it’s going to be a nuisance right? Don’t worry, we have the same method for the spectrum subscribers as well who are searching for some particular channel. 

There are three plans of Spectrum:

  • GOLD

How many types of plans are available in Spectrum?

Spectrum consist of three types of plans:

  1. Spectrum TV Select 
  2. Spectrum TV Silver
  3. Spectrum TV Gold
  1. Spectrum TV Select – 125+ channels with free HD are provided here and the cost is $44.99/mo. These 125+ channels comprehend MTV, CNN, TLC, ESPN, Discovery, and more. You can stream your favorite series or movies anywhere conveniently with the Spectrum TV app. Zero risk available. 
  1. Spectrum TV Silver – 175+ channels with free HD are provided here, and the cost is $74.99/mo. These 175+ channels comprehend NFL Networks, HBO Max, Nick Jr., SHOWTIME, and more. You can stream your favorite movies and series anytime and anywhere you want. There is zero risk.
  2.  Spectrum TV Gold – 200+ channels with free HD are provided here, and the cost is $94.99/mo. These 200+ channels comprehend STARZ ENCORE, SHOWTIME, STARZ, TMC, and more. You can watch on the go with the Spectrum tv app. 

Perks of Spectrum TV plans

Following are some benefits of Spectrum TV plans:

  • There are 15 sports channels comprehended on Spectrum Sports Package
  • Channels like Epix, SHOWTIME, HBO are available in high-level plans
  • Samsung Smart TV, Xbox One, Roku are the channels supported by the Spectrum TV app 
  • You can get access to various choices as per your demand

Enlist some shows of VH1

Some of the popular shows on VH1 are as follows:

  • Hip Hop Squares – In this show, all the famous hip-hop personalities participate to win prizes.
  • America’s Next Top Model – It is a popular show in which the models compete with each other to win the title of America’s Next Top Model.

Premium channels of Spectrum TV Choice

Spectrum TV Choice provides Premium deals for customers who are ready for all the premium content. It’s a great deal for the premium content as if you will buy separately then it will cost you $16 monthly but, with the premium pack, you will get five premium channels for $40 monthly. 

ChannelAdd-on price per month
Spectrum Premium Pack$40 per month
HBO Max$15 per month
STARZ$9.99 per month
STARZ ENCORE$5.99 per month
SHOWTIME$15 per month
THE MOVIE CHANNEL (TMC)$9.99 per month 


To sum up, everything that has been stated so far, you came to know that VH1 is on channel number 144 on Spectrum. There are three types of plans – SELECT, SILVER, AND GOLD available on Spectrum. There are various perks of using spectrum plans for example you will find some channels in the spectrum plan which are not available in non-spectrum plans. The customers can watch any of their favorite content on Spectrum conveniently. Devices like ipads, iPhones and many more can be used to stream the content.

FAQs on what channel is vh1 on spectrum.

1.What are the pros and cons of Spectrum TV?

Pros of using Spectrum TV are:

  • All channels are available on HD
  • Thousands of content are available from which you can select the required one
  • Null contracts

2.Which are the devices available with Spectrum TV Choice?

Well, there are many devices through which you can stream your favorite content anywhere and at any time conveniently. Spectrum TV is available with the following devices. They are:

  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • Google Chromecast
  • iPhones
  • IPads
  • Android phones
  • Tablets
  • Xbox One
What channel is vh1 on spectrum?

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