Can I use my Scheels Credit Card Anywhere?

Scheels is a prominent chain store of sporting goods in the United States. The headquarters is in Fargo, North Dakota, US. Frederick A. Steel is the founder of this firm. Scheels have thirty-one stores in the fourteen US states. “Gear, Passion, Sports” is the slogan of this organization. So, Can I use my Scheels Credit Card Anywhere?

Can I use my Scheels Credit Card Anywhere?

Scheels credit cards are used anywhere for everyday purchases. Buyers can earn gift cards swiftly. Additionally, Scheels credit cards are used to withdraw instant cash from ATMs. A personal Identification Number (PIN) is must needed, to have access to your account. 

Benefits Of Using Scheels Credit Card

Shoppers can earn rewards through credit cards. The points gained if you spend $1 at Scheels, you will receive 3 points. Simultaneously, you can spend anywhere outside the Scheels store and receive one point on each dollar spent. Procuring 2,500 points, shoppers will receive a $25 gift card. Many stores charge a vast amount of Annual fees. However, at Scheels, there are no annual payments.

The cards get allotted based upon the expenditure and not on Annual payments. On your first purchase, 1500 bonus points will get enumerated on your account. Your first purchase expenditure will not matter for bonus points. Another plus point is to take out instant cash from the Scheels credit card. The fee is a bit exorbitant i.e. it may take a minimum of $15.

Although, it is very convenient during essential times. Receive zero percent interest on the first seven months of purchase. Spending More than $500 on a single purchase can make your interests lower for the next six months. Acquire a big purchase when the interest rate is immensely low. Besides being a gift card, Scheels credit card is also a Visa card.

Cardholders can receive excellent customer service. More benefits are received on Auto rental assistance, travel, and also during an emergency. Check the availability of the benefits by contacting Scheels customer service.   

Requisites To Apply For Scheels Credit Card

The following are the requisites to apply for Scheels Credit Card:

  • The cardholder shall not be below 17 years old.
  • A valid ITIN/SSN is essential during the registration.
  • A complete physical US address is vital to finalize the registration.
  • The Credit score shall be 700+ to receive the credit card. 

Registering For Scheels Credit Card

The following are the steps to register for Scheels Credit Card:

  • Visit this website( 
  • Enter your details – name, email id, address, and contact number. 
  • Provide your date of birth and gender.
  • Further, tap on signing me up and your registration will be completed.  
  • After registration, begin with the application process. 
  • In the application form, fill your income details and a complete address.
  • Add the documents related to your income proof and your annual income. 
  • Before admitting with the credit card, your credit score will be verified.

Paying For Scheels Credit Cards Online

Visit this website to pay for a Scheels credit card ( There are many options available to pay for a credit card.


In autopay, the payment will be made automatically on the due date for each month. Log in & Select either checking or savings amount. The due date & amount of the payment are determined by the shoppers.  

Via Mail

It might take a week for the payment to arrive through the mail. It is essential to send the payment coupon and billing statement in the envelope. The address to send your mail is mentioned on the above website. 

Via Phone

Bills are smoothly paid through customer care at 888-295-5540. It is available from Monday-Friday, and you must sign in to your online account before 11:59 p.m. If payment is made before 5:00 pm then the amount will be deducted on the same day. Payments made post 5:00 p.m. will be carried out on the next working day.

Rush payments

If the customer wishes to credit the payment in their account, then, they must pay before 11:59 p.m in the online mode. Another alternative is to call them before 5 p.m on the number listed on your billing statement.  


Scheels is one of the renowned stores for selling sporting equipment, shoes, apparel, and exercise equipment. This firm provides credit cards that get utilized anywhere. It is a combination of a gift card and a Visa with no annual fee charges. Buyers can gain rewards, offers, gift cards, cash withdrawals, low-interest rates, and more benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the credit limit on Scheels Credit Card?

The credit limits vary from buyer to buyer. It is adjusted and based upon the verification of the credit score. As mentioned on, customers can request a deposit of $550 in $50 increments for up to $5000. If the card gets accepted then, the annual fee will cost you only $35.  

2. Which bank issues Scheels credit card?

The Scheels credit cards are issued by the First National bank of Omaha (FNBO).

3. When will I receive my Scheels credit card?

When the credit card department approves the requests, an additional card will get sent after the approval. The delivery will alter based on your location. These credit cards will get delivered within 10-14 working days. Then, activate your credit card online. Sign in to your online account and tap on Activate card.

Can I use my Scheels Credit Card Anywhere?

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