Where are Furla bags made?

The Furla is an Italian brand of accessories in the luxurious segment. The headquarters is in Bologna, Italy. However, the regional headquarters are also in New York, Moscow, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. This business was established by also Furlanetto in 1927. The brand is renowned for selling exclusive quality products internationally. Products consist of bags, leather accessories, and shoes. So, Where are Furla bags made?

Where are Furla bags made?

Furla bags are 100 percent ‘Made in Italy’. These luxurious bags stay true to the Italian’s traditional craftsmanship. It uses exquisite quality leather for its splendour products. 

Why Are Furla Bags So Prominent?

Furla makes use of the finest leather. The cost of the bags caters to the youngsters. The brand offers an exclusive collection and a wide range of color variations to procure. It receives immense support from celebrities and fashion models. Thus, the simple and graceful designs appeal enormously to the young generation.   

How Are The Fura Bags Made?

The bags are curated in Italy. In the factory, there are 100+ specialized artisans. There are different sections like leather cutting, stitching, etc. These bags are first conceptually sketched on paper. Further, this sketch is passed to the individual artists and they print out all the separate pieces. A few improvements and details have been done after receiving the paper mockup. 

Once the paper mockup design is finalized the real work gets started i.e. working with leather. The bags are assembled only by experienced leather cutters. Further, they sent for leather treatment. Depending upon the thickness, the flap of the leather pieces will be stuck with glue. Corners are hand-painted and shaved more than twice for smoothness. 

Lastly, they are constructed and stitched together. These bags are shipped internationally from Italy. The bags will cost more than €300. Before distribution of bags to Asia – Double quality check round and Strict quality inspections are been made.

Cleaning The Furla Bags

The Furla bags are modish and elegant. They get curated with Real leather. At first, clean it with a damp towel and wipe it with a dry towel. A soft toothbrush is also used to remove the persistent stains. Lastly, give a glimmer with a bag conditioner or leather moisturiser. 

How To Know If I Have Purchased Real Furla Bags?

Purchasing bags that turned out to be a fake brand is frustrating and disappointing.

Here are the ways to inspect and purchase an authentic Furla bag. 

1. Perceive The Surface Of The Bag

The bags are curated out of real leather. It should perceive as smooth and very soft. If you feel the rough texture or coarse on your hands then, it can be a fake bag. Further, it shouldn’t perceive as stiff, uneven, or plastic. Examine carefully the sites that claim to sell Furla bags made from vegan leather. The bags are made purely from Real leather.  

2. Keep An Eye On The Furla Logo

Make sure to observe Furla’s logo on the outside of the bag. A fake bag would be without the logo from the outside. In any dust bag, the logo would be in capital letters in black color.

3. Look Into The Quality Of The Stitching

The true craftsmanship of these luxurious bags should not be uneven or loose. They shouldn’t fall apart easily. If the stitching is made on the outside of the bag, check twice if they are not worn out. 

4. Certificate Of Authenticity

A genuine bag should have a certificate of authenticity. If it does not have any certificate, the bag might be a fake one. Although many retailers also sell dummy certificates of authenticity. Thus, make sure to also have a care instructions card with the certificate. 

5. ‘Furla’ should be inscribed in the bag.

If your bag is inscribed with ‘Furla’ and ‘genuine leather’ from inside, then it is a real bag. Any other terms or phrases indicate that it is a fake bag. Even if the bag is not made from leather, then, it should have a logo inside or outside of the bag. The bags are also made from leather, velvet, and many more materials.

6. Checkout for the ID number in the bag

The bag shall have a small white tag from the inside. Check in the inside pocket for the ID number. Sometimes, they may replicate the ID numbers. Cross-check it twice, before purchasing it. You shall be certain enough to know that a bag with no ID number might tell you that it is a fake bag.

Different Products Sold At Furla

It curates bags, shoes, leather products, and different accessories. 

  1. Bags for women (Totes, Mini Bags, shoulder Bags, Crossbodies, Top handles, Hobo bags, Bucket Bags).
  2. Wallets (Zip-around wallets, Cardholders, Bi-fold wallets, Tri-fold wallets, Cross-body Leather Wallets).
  3. Accessories For Women (Scarves, Keyrings, Jewelry & Watches).


Furla is an exclusive luxury brand and is well-admired by young women. These bags are made only in Italy. Oftentimes, they are claimed to be Made in China. Some of the high-end European brands are manufactured in China like – Mulberry, Marc Jacobs, Armani, Prada, D&G, Coach, and Burberry. Furla bags are still made in Italy. 

However, a partnership was signed with a Chinese firm for the distribution process. It was signed to serve better in China Market. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How To Create An Account On Furla?

To create an account, visit the official website that is furla.com. On the top of the page, tap on the Account icon and select the ‘register’ option. Enter your details – name, email address, contact number, date of birth, country, gender, and create a password. Lastly, click on the ‘register’ option. After registration, you can create your Wishlist and share the same with your friends.

2. Does Furla Offer Loyalty Programs?

No, the brand does not provide any loyalty programs. Although, it does offer coupons, discounts, promo codes, and gift cards. 

3. How To Reach For Customer Support?

The customer service is available from Monday to Saturday – 24/7. Visit the website (https://www.furla.com/us/en/) to reach them for any queries or contact them at 1(855) 395-7869. Shoppers can also be in touch through the Live Chat feature. 

Where are Furla bags made?

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