Does Walmart Install Tires? – Know More

Walmart is a giant retail store in the United States with over 4,500 stores in different states founded by Sam Walton on 2 July 1962. Walmart headquarters is in Bentonville, Arkansas, United States, and offers its customers a variety of in-store and online services giving them an option to choose where and how they would love to be served. Does Walmart Install Tires? Keep reading.

Does Walmart Install Tires?
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Walmart has auto care centers that offer customers different auto care services with tire installation being one of them. Customers who would love to have their tires installed can visit the nearest Walmart auto care service stations and have their car tires installed. At the Walmart auto care centers, customers can get more car services like oil change, car maintenance, or buy tires and other accessories. 

Where to install tires at Walmart?

A customer in need of tire installation services can take their cars to any of the over 2, 500 Walmart auto care centers that have employed certified technicians that will take great care of a customers’ car and offer great customer service. Walmart is a trusted brand in the United States is also trusted by car owners in need of any car service or car accessories.   

Walmart tire installations services and charges 

Walmart auto care centers offer customers a variety of tire installation in Walmart auto care centers and the cost varies from one service to another. 

This is as indicated below.

  • Tire mounting

A customer in need of tire mounting service at Walmart and has bought the tire at Walmart pays $5 per tire being mounted.

If a customer comes with their tires to be installed by Walmart technicians, they will be charged $10 per tire.  

  • Lifetime balance/rotation 

Tire lifetime balancing or tire rotation is charged at $14 per tire for the tire purchased at Walmart. The customer only pays for the initial cost per tire and gets the rest of the balancing or rotation for the entire tire lifespan.

 If a customer bought all the four tires of their vehicle from Walmart and wants all the four tires to be balanced or rotated, they will have to pay a total initial cost of $ 56 and for the entire lifespan of the tire will be free.

  • Road-hazard warranty

A customer in need of a road hazard warranty for the car tire will pay $10 per tire for the tire to be covered in the warranty. The road hazard covers repairs or replacement of wear and tear of a tire and flat tire. 

  • Valve stem installation 

For valve stem installation, a customer will part with $3 per tire being installed with the valve stem. 

  • Flat tire repair

If a customer suffers a flat tire, they will pay $15 per tire for a tubeless tire repair.  

  • Tire rotation

A tire that only needs to be rotated is charged at $2.50 per tire every time it is rotated if the tire is not covered under the lifetime balance or rotation warranty available at Walmart. 

  • Lugnut replacement

Replacement of lug nut on a tire will cost a customer $2 per lug nut replaced

  • TPMS re-learn 

A customer in need of tire pressure monitoring service re-learn is not charged for the service. This service attracts customers to service their cars at Walmart as they will save to have their TPMS re-learn every time they need it

  • 50-mile re-torque 

Tire re-torque after 50-mile is free. The technician at Walmart will have to check the lug nuts and might tighten or loosen them if they are loose or too tight respectively to ensure the safety of the car when driving.  

How to make payments at Walmart Auto Care Centers?

Customers pay for the Walmart auto care services using cash or credit cards depending on what payment method the customer prefers. They also get to benefit from discounts on service charges during discount windows and get to save after every service they are offered. 


Walmart is a trusted company offering a variety of products and services to its customers, tire installation being one of the services being offered. The customers get to enjoy great tire installation services and other auto care services from the qualified technicians at Walmart auto care centers. With Walmart their Auto Care centers at many locations within different states in the United States, customers get to choose the center they would love to visit based on its proximity to their homes or places of work or proximity to the location where they are at the moment the car needs to be serviced. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find Walmart Auto Care Center?

Visit and enter your location to find the nearest Walmart Auto Care center

  • Are credit cards accepted at Walmart Auto Care Center?

Yes. Customers can pay using their credit cards

  • Are the technicians at Walmart Auto Care Center qualified to offer auto services?

Yes. All the technicians at Walmart Auto Care Center are certified to offer auto services

Does Walmart Install Tires? – Know More

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