Tesco Clubcard Rewards – Know More

Tesco PLC is a British-based company that serves groceries globally. The name of the company is derived from the beginning letters of TE Stockwell, he was a partner in the enterprise of tea suppliers. Co derives from the founder’s surname that is Cohen. Estimating the company’s gross revenue, it is the world’s third-largest retail organization in the world. It serves in countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Here we are going to see about Tesco Clubcard Rewards.

Tesco Clubcard Rewards

Tesco company offers Tesco club cards to their loyal customers. These cards convert points into vouchers or rewards to save up your pockets. 100 Clubcard points are worth £1.

Introduction To Tesco Club cards

The card was introduced and instituted on 13th February 1995. This Clubcard scheme is used in the United Kingdom, Slovakia, Ireland, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and many more countries. These club cards aim to save your pockets. You can purchase products at cheaper rates. At the stores and on online websites, two labels help the customers to compare the prices. The power to lower prices is the tagline of the Tesco Club cards. 

Perks Of The Tesco Club Cards

Customers can gain coupons/vouchers at restaurants are Pizza Express, Prezzo, Ask Italian, and Chef & Brewer. These vouchers do not apply to hard drinks. If the customer has £20 in their Tesco vouchers they can spend £60 on any of the mentioned restaurants. One can book their fun packages based on their region. One can book a visit to the zoo, Alton tower resorts, or even on a Merlin annual pass. 

Save up your pockets by converting your vouchers into discounts on NOW TV. Retrench your finances by saving up on Tesco Mobile Bill. If you love flicking over glossy pages with accurate information then gain a subscription to magazines. The subscription at Readly can save your pockets and additionally it also provides a free trial before the subscription.

Bright sides, by collecting Air Miles. These vouchers can be switched for Virgin Atlantic Air Miles. For every £2.50, the points can be transformed to 625 Virgin points. These points are worth it as the customers can also transfigure from £5 vouchers into £15. It can be spent on Hotels.com. Savings gained on airport parking, ferries, rail travel, coaches, and even car hire.

Memberships at English Heritage can cost you almost £100+. Thus, if you convert £20 to £60, it is an ample cost-effective method. 

How To Sign Up For Tesco Clubcard?

There are many freedom of choice to sign in/register for the Tesco Clubcard.

  1. Walk into your nearby Tesco store. At the customer service desk ask for the Clubcard. Fill up the application form and the card will be mailed in 2 to 3 days. This is a temporary card. Further, if the customer does not wish to register through their official website, then contact their customer services. You will receive the permanent card in only 10 days.

2. Visit this link (https://secure.tesco.com/account/en-GB/register). Provide your personal information such as name, UK postcard, date of birth, and email address. At the base of the webpage, enter the security code. Further, tap on the option that is Confirm. If any customer does not seek to see advertisements and surveys, click on all three boxes under “Data Protection” before selecting confirm option.

3. One needs to be in the UK to access their website. 

Spending The Tesco Points

Usually, the Tesco Clubcard allows collecting all the points. Further, these points are transformed into vouchers.

  • The vouchers can be spent on groceries and other shops at Tesco. 
  • The vouchers are also made to buy discounts along with Tesco Reward Partners and achieve major savings on travel, memberships, and also on eateries. The value of your voucher can be tripled. 
  • For example – if a customer has £5. It can be converted into £15 and can get claimed on the reward of your preference.

For How Long The Tesco Points Are Valid To Use? 

The Tesco Club card points were utilized for six months. However, the company has extended the period. The card is applicable for two years. However, if the vouchers got expired and the shoppers failed to utilize then they may attain the backup of the past two years of unutilized vouchers.

Another scheme is the Faster Vouchers scheme. In this scheme, shoppers can gain the backup of the past 21 months of Faster Vouchers. Moreover, these Tesco points that are not converted into vouchers will be rolled over to the next collection period.


By Estimating the company’s revenue, it is the ninth-largest retail company in the world. The Tesco company offers a Club card for their loyal customers to save more. It is worth and free of cost to join the club card. An individual shall not be less than 18 years and must be a resident of the UK. One shall have an account at Tesco to join the ClubCard. There are two types of cards i.e. Tesco Clubcard and Tesco Clubcard plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the benefits of Tesco Club card plus?

The Tesco club card’s usage is not available in the online mode. It is used only at the stores. In the plus versions, one can save up to 10% off, on any big shops of your preference. There are no foreign exchange fees. 

2. What are the divisions of Tesco Company?

Tesco Bank, Tesco Homeplus, Tesco Mobile, Tesco Family Dining Ltd, Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Ireland, Booker group, Tesco Home ‘n’ Wear, Dunnhumby, and Spenhill are the divisions of the Tesco company. 

3. Which products are not valid to gain points?

Non-suitable items such as tobacco, alcohol, gift cards, PayPoint payments, infant formulae milk, stamps, lottery, 3rd party gift cards, concessions attained in the stores, Tesco Bank products, and saving stamps. 

Tesco Clubcard Rewards – Know More

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