Does Costco Fill Pet Prescriptions? – Know More

Pets are a huge part of our lives. They keep us company and love us unconditionally. The Covid-19 pandemic has particularly revealed how important pets are to us. Pets have special requirements in terms of food and vet attention. They also require a preventative and curative medication from time to time. It is important to know where to get their prescriptions as per the veterinarian’s recommendation. Let’s know ‘Does Costco Fill Pet Prescriptions?’.

Does Costco Fill Pet Prescriptions?

Does Costco Fill Pet Prescriptions?

Getting a refill of your pet’s prescriptions at a close pharmacy rather than going all the way to the vet’s is such a convenient thing. Luckily, Costco has over five hundred pharmacies across several states. These pharmacies do fill pet prescriptions. 

Why Should You Refill Your Pet Prescription at Costco? 

There are various reasons why Costco is an alternative filling spot to your veterinarian’s clinic. 

  • Costco offers refills for both members and non-members even though non-members are likely to miss out on the member discounts
  • Costco prices are generally much cheaper than the veterinarian’s clinic and they charge no dispending fee
  • You can find both generic and non-generic prescription refills depending on what type of medication you are looking for 
  • You can sign up for their auto-refill program and have your pet’s prescriptions shipped to you. This will save you time and commute, as well as ensure timely delivery to avoid any delays that might harm your pet. 
  • Costco has so many outlets, making it easier to access one at your convenience. 
  • The mail-in system allows you to receive your pet’s accurate prescription at your doorstep, without having to go anywhere. 

The convenience of refilling at a Costco pharmacy goes beyond just saving time. It also saves you up to one hundred dollars a month. This, without interfering with the quality of prescription that your pet deserves. 

What Pet Prescription Can You Find at Costco? 

There are prescription drugs available for both cats and dogs. At the moment, these two pets are the only ones covered under the pet prescription offers. They include drugs for worms, inflammations as well as drugs for infestations of ticks or fleas. Some of the common prescription medications include:


Remember to check in with your local Costco pharmacy to confirm the availability of the prescription and the prescribed dosage before ordering. 

How Do You Get Pet Fill at Costco?

There are even easier ways now. You could ask your vet to send the prescription directly to your local Costco pharmacy. Costco will then ship the prescription to you. Alternatively, you can pick the prescription yourself. However, for an old prescription refill, there is an auto-refill option so that when you run out, Costco automatically ships the prescription to you until you discontinue. this option is much more secure as it ensures that you don’t run out and have to rush at the last minute. It will be particularly easier for people with a busy schedule. 


Costco pharmacies have proven to be a safe and efficient space for pet refill. They provide a variety of medications at a cheaper price. They save your time and money while giving your pet the same value medication. It is a great option if you are looking to save a few bucks. The refill procedure is not difficult and with a variety of medications available, you will not be frustrated. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What other methods of payment can I use for my pet’s prescription refill?

GoodRx coupons are an alternative payment method. All you need to do is apply for the coupons for pet medication. Check that your local Costco pharmacy accepts the coupons since not all the Costco outlets are accepting them just yet. If your coupon is rejected, you can call GoodRx to find assistance. 

  1. Can I find prices for pet prescriptions on the website?

Yes. The Costco website offers prices of all the drugs available as well as their different dosages. You can also go to the warehouse or call in to make inquiries about the prescriptions you need. 

  1. Is the Costco auto-refill program efficient?

Yes. Costco’s program is effective. The program relieves you of the need to constantly call in and ask for refill and shipping. Once the dosage has been completed, the refill is discontinued. For any new prescription, you can sign up again and start the program. 

  1. What other medications can I find at Costco pharmacy? 

Costco pharmacy is stocked with prescription drugs as well as over-the-counter medications for human beings too. Like the pet prescriptions, they are much cheaper and even cheaper for members due to the member discounts that Costco offers. The company uses the RX Saver program to give discounts on prescription drugs so that the members always get a better price. 

Does Costco Fill Pet Prescriptions? – Know More

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