Does Safeway make keys?

Safeway is a supermarket chain in the USA that sells groceries, dairy products, bakery products, liquor, pharmacy, and various services. It has more than 900 outlets in 17 of the US. Many American supermarkets and departmental stores provide key-making and copying services through a proper legal system. Does Safeway also make keys? What are the procedure and prices of key-making at Safeway?

Does Safeway make keys?

Many Safeway stores in the USA do provide key-making services. The supermarket chain uses the key-making kiosk KeyMe for this purpose. This machine makes duplicate copies of your keys instantly at an affordable price.

Who Makes Keys At Safeway?

Safeway has a kiosk KeyMe for providing key-making services at its selected retail stores. KeyMe is a private company that provides key copying services in various parts of the USA. It can instantly make copies of your home, office, and car keys. Additionally, KeyMe also makes copies of key cards and fobs. It is also equipped with the technique of making specialized keys.

However, the KeyMe kiosk may take more time, which lasts up to a few days to make specialized keys. Notably, the KeyMe kiosk provides key-making facilities at many other retail stores.

Process Of Key Coping At Safeway

The process of key making at Safeway is not very complex. The customers even don’t require specialized assistance for making the key. They can directly go to the KeyMe key-making machine put their key and get its copy. 

In the following simple steps copy of your key will be prepared at Safeway’s KeyMe machine: 

  • Make your account KeyMe app. However, this is not a mandatory but advisable step. Those who have a KeyMe account can save digital copies of the keys. The digital copy is used to make keys when the original and spare key losses.
  • To make duplicates of your go-to Safeway store that has a KeyMe machine. You have to find out whether your nearest Safeway store provides key-making services or not.
  • Now once you find the machine log into your profile.
  • Now choose the type of key of which you are making the copy. The options available are standard keys, specialized keys, or key cards.
  • After inserting all the asked details customers can put their keys inside the machine. After inserting they can either save a digital copy of the key or command for making the key or can opt for both.
  • Now, wait for the machine to read and process the assigned task. soon your new key will come out of the machine. 

Notably, standards keys take only a few minutes to process and copies are provided to you very instantly. However, if you chose the option of a specialized key, the process is a little longer. KeyMe machine will read the key and make a digital image. Then it will notify you to inform you that the key will be delivered within a specific time via mail at your address. 

What Kind Of Keys Does Safeway Make?

There are not many varieties in key. KeyMe machines at Safeway stores can copy all kinds of keys. It also copies the key that a locksmith at your locality cannot copy that is key cards. KeyMe makes-

  • Standard keys

Car keys, home keys, office keys, bag keys, and any other similar general-purpose keys come under the standard key category. It is prepared instantly and charges affordable rates.

  • Specialized keys

Specialized keys get made with different techniques than general locksmith design as they have high-security functions, identification tags, and radio frequency identification technology. These keys can not get copied by a locksmith. Only key-making companies specialized in this work can make it. Its cost is also high. And it takes more time to get copied.

Price Of Key-Making At Safeway

Safeway uses a KeyMe kiosk for key-making and coping at its stores. So, the price of key-making is also according to the KeyMe. KeyMe was established to provide an alternative to a locksmith for making duplicates of cars, homes, and other keys. Therefore, it provides affordable pricing for making keys. 

  • Price of standard keys

KeyMe at Safeway takes $3 to $9 for making a standard key. The making of standard keys is not very complicated and time-consuming. Hence, the amount charged for it is also less. 

  • Price of specialized keys

The process of making a specialized key is complicated and depends on the type of key you have. Therefore, its price varies from key to key. Additionally, these keys are shipped to your home after making. Hence, the cost of making increases. 

Other Supermarkets That Provide Key Making Services

Apart from Safeway various departmental stores, retail stores, and home improvement stores provide key-making services. At many stores, KeyMe itself provides key-making services. The easy to reach stores in your locality that provide key making facilities are: 

  • Walmart

Walmart could be found in every locality in the USA. Some outlets have machines while some have a person dedicated to cutting and making copies of keys. 

  • Home Depot

Various Home Depot outlets in the USA have the standard key cutting facility.

  • Kroger

At Kroger, KeyMe machines are used to make copies of the key. 

  • Kmart

Kmart also uses KeyMe for key-making. 

  • Lowe’s

Almost all Lowe’s locations provide key-copying services. 


KeyMe kiosk is the key making partner of Safeway. KeyMe installs its key-copying machines at Safeway retail stores for its business. At the store, you can make copies of standard and specialized keys. By making their profile at KeyMe, customers can themselves make a duplicate copy of their key in a few minutes. Additionally, KeyMe also stores a digital copy of your keys for further convenience. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does every Safeway store provide key-copying services?

Answer: No, not all Safeway stores provide key-copying services in the USA. You can check online for the nearest Safeway store that has a kiosk for key-making.

  1. Do home decor stores also provide key-copying services?

Answer: Yes, some home decor stores in the USA provide key coping services Bed Bath and Beyond is one such home décor chain that makes keys.

Does Safeway make keys?

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