Does Costco Accept Amex?

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Costco is an American company founded by James Sinegal and Jeffrey H. Brotman in the year 1983. Its present Chief Executive Officer is W. Craig Jelinek. For the year 2020, it has almost 2,15,000 employees, which is quite huge. This company specializes in selling wine, beef, organic foods, etc. It has its headquarters in Issaquah, Washington, and the United States. It has its subsidiaries of Costco Wholesale Canada, Costco Travel, etc. It has its branches in almost 805 locations all over the globe. It has been the fifth-largest retail store in the world for the year 2020. 

Does Costco Accept Amex?

Costco does not accept Amex credit cards.

Costco has a contract policy with Visa and hence it cannot accept AMEX cards or any other card except for VISA. Earlier it used to accept AMEX cards but now it does not. AMEX users have to pay in cash or through VISA to purchase/her order. Costco dropped its relationship with AMEX because it charges more than other credit cards. For online orders too, it won’t accept AMEX. It stopped accepting AMEX in 2016 and there are no talks about renewing it back. Hence AMEX users might pay through cash or any other debit card. It accepts Mastercard, Discover, and Costco shop cards.

The revenue for the year 2020 is almost US $167 billion, which has been a success. Its official website is The company first started as a warehouse club but now it is among the biggest retailer shops. Earlier, Price Club and Costco were merged but later it was rebranded as Costco. Right now, Costco has competitors like Sam’s Club and BJ’s Wholesale Club. Costco also sells furniture, home appliances, software, etc.  Along with these, it also sells medicines, gases, and jewelry. Hence it sells a range of products useful to a lot of customers. 

In addition to these, Costco offers a lot of services, for example, Concierge Services, Costco Auto Program, Costco business services, Costco photo services, Costco Optical, Costco Travel, food service, Costco credit card, and Costco audiobook app.  The employees working under Costco are in a union. Over 14,000 members are in the union group. The company provides for health insurance, wages, and benefits. Its hourly wage is $15 for every employee. But the company had raised its wages since 2018. 

Costco pays its employees bi-weekly. An employee has to work 5 days a week, which is almost up to 40 hours. A 15-minute break is also provided every day, which is reasonable, along with a 30-minute lunch break.  A person willing to work at the local store in Costco will find it comparatively easier to get a job here than in other local stores. An employee working for Costco can expect a raise every six months. It also depends on how many hours one is devoted to the company. According to reports, the position of a General Manager is the highest-paid one. He/she has an annual income of almost $110,000. The Costco Sap is also a high-paying Costco job with an approximate annual income of $69,000. 

The first or the easiest job at Costco is the job of a Front-end Assistant. Generally, there is an interview process that takes almost 3 weeks. A resume will be required to get the job. Costco has a casual dress code with no particular uniform. There is also a drug test to get a job here through a saliva test. One has to come clean to have this job. There is also an entire background check on the person willing to join. 

A cashier makes a salary of almost $15 an hour in California. Stockers also make an approximate $16 an hour. The employees also get free annual membership at Costco. Costco has a good reputation over the world. People find the work atmosphere very good and employees do not regret working there. It has a 4-star rating on Glassdoor. Costco also pays its employees for working overtime or on Sundays. They also have many compensation benefits. Although they have a background check done, they give chances to people with felonies. But the Costco membership card cannot be transferred from one employee to another person. But they might have few benefits. Identity cards are given and checked at every part of the Costco shops. For a Gold Star membership, Costco only gives it to two members simultaneously which costs almost $60. Costco is also cheaper than its competitor, Sam’s club. The largest warehouse of Costco is located in Salt Lake City. Only Guam, West Virginia, the Northern Mariana Islands, and a few others do not have a Costco warehouse.   

Hence all the factors considered, Costco is a wonderful place to work at. A person working hard also gets promotions and employees have a work-life balance. It is one of the easiest jobs to get to. The main aim of Costco is to employ people who have the potential to work hard and devote himself/themselves to the duty he/she is assigned to. Costco gives people a chance to prove themselves without any discrimination. 


A) Are the Costco medicines cheaper?

Answer- yes, the prescriptions are comparatively cheaper and if someone has membership, it becomes it gets lower. 

B) Does Costco accept GoodRx?

Answer- yes, it does, just like other major pharmaceutical companies.

C) How long does Costco take to deliver items from prescriptions?

Answer- it takes almost 15 days at the maximum to deliver items on the prescription.

D) How much does Costco take for dispensing?

Answer- Costco takes $5 for dispensing.

E) What is the membership fee for Costco?

Answer- $60 is the annual membership card.

F) Is modifications done on glasses by Costco?

Answer- yes, changes can be made on glasses at Costco.

G) What is the most sold product of Costco in recent times?

Answer- toilet paper is the most sold in recent time at Costco 

H) who sells milk to Costco?

Answer- Dairy queens have a long-term connection with Costco and they provide or supply milk to Costco.

Does Costco Accept Amex?

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