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Wayfair is an online store company that was founded back in 2002. The company has its headquarters located in Boston, United States, and has thousands of employees working under it. This e-commerce company is a well-known company in the American market and is into selling furniture products and other types of home goods. People choose this online store whenever they want to purchase furniture items or home essentials and get them delivered to their house. Lets discuss about Wayfair Customer Service.

Wayfair Customer Service

Being a large and reputed online store company, Wayfair has got supreme customer service quality. The company has set up their website where customers can find and locate the contact details of the customer care service team of the company.

The company is not only known for its products but since they are also good when it comes to customer service it has grown to be widely popular in the United States. If customers need any help with their ongoing orders or any kind of queries regarding products and services then they might reach out to the customer service team to get their queries solved instantly.

Wayfair Customer Service: How To Contact Them?

The company has got a separate website for customer service services where people can reach out to the team for any kind of query they want to get resolved. The website shows the option where the users would be prompted to ask about what the team can help them with. Once the most suitable option is selected (an existing order, shopping assistance, and my accounts or payments) then they can proceed and get in touch with customer service.

So, there are different categories of selection that customers can make according to their inquiry about a certain product or anything else. The website also showcases the timing for customers to make their queries as it should be done within the working hours of the company and later than that people cannot get in touch with the team. It is not a 24-hour service.

Does Wayfair Have A Toll-Free Number?

Wayfair is one of the largest online store companies in the United States. Therefore, it can be expected that they have a toll-free number (1-888-944-8667) for customers to contact them easily. However, on the other hand, the company also has an email ID (help@whitmor.com) where people can send their queries and get them resolved.

When there is a toll-free number then it becomes easy for people to connect to the customer service team easily. Therefore, the company seems to give all kinds of options to its customers to get in touch with them whether it is through phone, email, or directly from their website.

Customers are also allowed to raise their queries in the frequently asked questions section. This way the company would be able to read their queries and solve them at the same time. So, all in all, the overall experience of the customer service is pretty decent and people can get their queries solved immediately.

Does Wayfair Have Good Customer Service?

Wayfair sells a wide range of products ranging from furniture to home essentials. Some of the products that are sold here are furniture, bed and baths, kitchen products and essentials, baby and kids’ products, storage items like shelves, lighting materials, and outdoor items. Therefore, the company has a wide range of customer base and they tend to receive reviews from a large part of them.

However, the company has got a 3.3 rating out of 5 when it comes to its customer service overall rating. The majority of the customers are satisfied with the company’s service and the products that they sell. However, on the other hand, most customers were also impressed when Wayfair works well with their ultimate customers.

People were satisfied that the company was happy to help them even though they were asking for it multiple times. Therefore, it can be justified to say that the company has got a good team of customer service that can solve any kind of query you have.


In the end, what matters the most is whether customers are satisfied with the customer service and as well as from the products that the company is selling. When it comes to companies like Wayfair, it seems that customers are satisfied not only with their customer service team but also with their products and services as well. The customer service team is excellent and people would get their queries solved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Wayfair have the best customer service?

Ans: Wayfair might not have the best customer service but they have a pretty decent way of handling customers.

  • Is Wayfair a legitimate company?

Ans: Wayfair is a trusted company and also a legitimate website where people can shop different categories of products ranging from furniture to home essentials items.

  • How do I make a complaint at Wayfair?

Ans: Wayfair has got a toll-free number, email ID, and frequently asked questions section for customers with queries to make their queries and get them solved instantly. 

Wayfair Customer Service – Know More

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