Is Corner Bakery Owned By Maggiano’s?

Corner Bakery was founded in 1991 in Chicago by the Rohan Group of Companies. It has its headquarters in Dallas, US. The Bakery multiplied its outlets in 2014 as a 23 years old chain with breaking the records. It opened 27 new stores in 2014 along with agreements of stabilizing 9 franchises in new regions. The development of new cafes focused on low expenditures and more efficiency. Let us know ‘Is Corner Bakery Owned By Maggiano’s?’.

Is Corner Bakery Owned By Maggianos?

The bakery cum cafe specializes in bread, pastries, pasta, salads, soups, etc. It provides minimum table reservations with quality and hygienic food as compared to other minimal fast food outlets.

Is Corner Bakery Owned By Maggiano’s?

In November 1991, the launch for Corner Bakery was initiated for Maggiano’s, Italy. The Maggianio’s focused on selling bread and coffee as a whole menu. The long waiting queues made people switch to Corner Bakery where the varied menu is offered. Corner Bakery satisfied all the cravings for sandwiches, salads, etc.

The cooperation of Corner Bakery and Maggiano’s was instigated by Brinker Chain but in 2006, he sold the Corner Bakery’s rights away from him and worked on Maggiano’s solely. With the prevailing recession period at that time, Corner Bakery was again sold to Roark Capital, Atlanta.

Cost of Corner Bakery Franchise

To acquire the franchise of decent serving Corner Baker, the payable amount is $25000 and investment ranges from $9,52,000 to $19,35,000.

Current Ownership of Corner Bakery

Roark Capital handed over the ownership of Corner Bakery to Jignesh Pandya on 29 October 2020. The employees struggled a lot for their work and payments during the outbreak of the pandemic. With new attainment, it is expected to serve the quality for which the bakery is famous along with prosperity among the employees. 

The Debtwire revealed that the revenues of Bakery are highly dropped down with the outbreak of Covid-19. Also, reports from Restaurant Business Sister Co. exhibited a pre-pandemic downfall in revenues of the bakery by 2.4%.  Five years back, the bakery owned 184 stores and the last records ended up with only 175 active stores.

Current ownership of Maggiano’s Italy

The current ownership of Maggiano’s Italy rests with Brinker International Inc. which also owns Chilli’s Grill & Bar and tends to achieve 30-35% of sales during a pandemic period.

There was a 9.9% downfall in sales of Maggiano’s due to the closure of geographic food outlets. With the prevailing hardships, Brinker managed to sell 53 franchises of Maggiano’s.

Franchises Attractions

For every business owner, the aim is to yield profits with growth and expansion. It is needed for the bakeries to avail themselves at maximum locations for serving hygiene and quality food.

Corner Bakery gains $34.5 billion rapid segmentation among the industry of restaurants. Technomic Inc, a research firm in Chicago discloses $1million in sales in one year.

Corner Bakery is now inclusive of er Bakery owned by Panera cites an average of $2.46million annually in each of its areas. This chain includes 1800 US locales with 919 franchise ownership.

Attractions of Corner Bakery

A cafeteria bakehouse, Corner Bakery bakes with homely methods. It prepares 31 variants of loaves with blended and milled forms of wheat straight from America.

The loaves of figs, chocolate cherry, garlic thyme, and ricotta polenta hike up the demand on weekdays at the stores in every scenic location. The morning orders of the bakery include granolas with almonds, bagels with salmon, scrambled eggs with stuffed croissants,  French toast with brunch offerings, and potato eggs with strata.

The aromatic fresh bakes include pecan rolls, berry pies, raisin crisps of walnut, muffins, cookies, and lemon bars. The short binge-watches are accompanied by mouth-watering varieties of salads especially the blends of citrus fruits and Sunday’s special mushroom pie with egg.

The soothing vibes of the bakery include seating in the open terrace and furniture covered with red and white gingham printed fabrics which give it a real bakehouse look that a bake-lover admires the most.

Issues facing in the Cross Bakery

The major challenge is to enjoy the actual warmth of the food which gets deteriorated due to long waiting queues. Fries tossed with black onions and herbs gain moisture, as well as coffee, loses its heat till the consumption takes place.

Another issue is to get a balanced diet tray as there is unbalanced calory distribution with the favorite combos one would like to have.


Corner Bakery is the most loved bakery in the US which gained more attraction from Maggiano’s customers due to its delightful menu. Viewing the craze of people for Cross Bakery, Brinker Chain bought the ownership rights and ran them simultaneously. The recession period made Cross Bakery change its owner. The Pandemic of 2020 showed the adverse growth effects in the food segments which are still focused to get back and escalate. The crucial part of Cross Bakery is its lavish servings with homemade bake methods.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How many locations include Corner Bakery?

Ans. There are 192 locations for Corner Bakery that are spread over areas of the United Nations.

  1. Is Corner Bakery owned by Panera?

Ans. No, the Panera Bread Company was a tough competitor of Corner Bakery and never owned it.

Is Corner Bakery Owned By Maggiano’s?

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