Stores like Bloomingdale

Bloomingdales have been defining fashion for America. It is an iconic brand that has been a part of every American’s life. It sells various products from different brands. The store sells clothing, footwear, beauty products, and housewares. They have an assortment of collections from various high-end brands. AQUA, LINI, Men’s store, SKY, and Hudson Park are available at Bloomingdale. The store aims to provide an exquisite, personal shopping experience to its customers. Here we will see Stores like Bloomingdale.

Stores like Bloomingdale


Bloomingdale’s first store was opened in New York, founded by Joseph B. and Lyman Bloomingdale in 1961. In 1930, it became a part of the Federation Department store. It was further rebranded as Macy’s Inc. 

Bloomingdale started as a small store that became popular among Americans. Today there are 55 Bloomingdale stores, which include department stores, Bloomingdale’s outlets, and furniture outlets. Internationally, they have a store in Dubai. Its headquarters is located in New York.

Bloomingdale – not just a store

Shopping from Bloomingdale’s is an experience. It was the first store to come up with an assistant buyer. Making shopping an exclusive and personalized experience. Designers like Ralph Lauren first began selling at Bloomingdale.

Bloomingdales made the headlines when Queen Elizabeth visited their store in 1976. 

Undoubtedly, Bloomingdale is not just a store but part of our history. Though, few stores can be a great alternative to Bloomingdale. They provide the same luxury and great products. It gives you a plethora of options to choose from.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Fashionable, innovative, and luxurious. Saks Fifth Avenue is owned by Hudson’s Bay Company. Its headquarters is located in New York. A direct competitor of Bloomingdales, it is a renowned luxury fashion store and a proud owner of 45 outlets.

It boasts of various coveted designer labels. Barney’s is one of them. The company has successfully revived the label. Barney’s merchandise is easily available at Saks Fifth Avenue. 


 Originally, Nordstrom was exclusively a shoe retailer. Today, it is a renowned American store. The company has shown exponential growth, and it is present in 468 locations. Extending their presence in Canada. 

The store offers premium clothing, footwear, cosmetics, and accessories. They showcase various private label, expensive brands, and high-quality products. from brands like Kappa, K1 sportswear, Kannan, and Kenneth Cole New York. A beloved brand that has become an integral part of America’s fashion. Its headquarters is located in Seattle.


Shop from all your favorite fashion brands under one roof. Macy’s has a wonderful collection that can help you update your wardrobe. It is owned by Macy’s Inc., which is the parent company of Bloomingdale’s. Its headquarters is located in New York, where the original Macy’s was found. 

Originally founded in 1858 by Rowland Hussey Macy. The store has created a legacy over the year. Showcasing the latest fashion trends and quality merchandise. It aims at providing quality products at low prices. It has 572 stores all over America. 


With over 70 years of experience, Dillard’s has become a coveted brand. It was founded in 1938 by William T. Dillard. Its headquarters is in Little Rock, Arkansas. It is a premium luxury brand that sells various products. Ranging from clothing, footwear, bedding, cosmetics, and jewelry. The company has risen from a single store to 282 stores. Currently, present in 29 states. Texas has the highest number of Dillard’s stores, 57 stores.

Neiman Marcus

This article would not be complete without the mention of Neiman Marcus. The exclusive Dallas-based store has an exceptional collection of styles. From popular designers to upcoming new designers, Neiman has it all. It showcases some of the most coveted designers like Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Valentino, Balenciaga, and Burberry. 

The store sells men’s and women’s apparel, shoes, and handbags. It was founded in 1907, and its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas.


When we say Kohl is everywhere, it means everywhere. However, the store offers medium to high range products. It has built a strong presence all over America. It has over 1100 stores. Founded by Maxwell Kohl in 1962. Kohl’s has become a go-to place for all Americans.

The store offers incredible brands from Levi’s, Croft and Barrow, and Adidas to Calvin Klein, Eddie Bauer, and Tommy Hilfiger. Kohl’s provides a vast selection of pieces. Some exclusive in-house brands like FLX, Tek Gear, Jumping Beans, and Simply Vera Vera Wang are much sought-after. And to top it all, Kohl’s also has Sephora. A perfect destination for all the makeup buffs.


The fashion world is constantly changing. With new trends, there is always something exciting to look out for. Bloomingdale is one such store that has transcended the changing trends. It has left a mark on America’s fashion. Though, many stores are offering the same luxe experience and products. A Bloomingdale store will always stand out. After all, even the queen visited Bloomingdales.

Stores like Bloomingdale

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