What Channel is UFC on Xfinity?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, also known as the UFC, is a mixed martial arts organization based in America that is well-known around the world. The company was founded in 1993 by six people and is owned by Zuffa, a private company. The company has gotten the best fighters all over the world and hosts shows all over the world. It has 12 divisions of fighting, with 8 men and 4 women. The company is now a multi-billion dollar company, with yearly revenue of $1.4 billion. The company has been owned by Dana White since 2001. Let us know ‘Is UFC Channel On Xfinity?’.

What Channel is UFC on Xfinity?

What channel is UFC on Xfinity?

The UFC gives rights to some channels all over the world to telecast their shows, and in the USA it is available on the pay-per-view channel, which is not solely based on UFC content but gives six shows about it. The channel is available all over the USA on channel number 500. The channel number is the same all over the USA, so if you have the pay-per-view channel in your pack, you will be able to see UFC.

UFC’s most popular shows to watch

The popular shows of the UFC are:

  1. The Ultimate Fighter: This is a reality show about the real life of an ultimate fighter, and the season was an offshoot of the charts because it was something nobody had ever seen before when it aired for the first time in 2005, and the show is still going strong with its 23rd season currently airing.
  2. UFC main event: this event is not as frequent as the others, but it is the major bi-monthly program where exclusive fights take place on live events and are then re-televised.
  3. UFC tonight: This is a weekly TV show where the analysis of fights or the latest news regarding the UFC brand or fighters is given, and they analyze not only the UFC fights but also other major fighting events like MMA, strike force, and Invicta FC. This show is personally produced by Fox Sports 1.
  4. UFC main event prelims: This is also a bi-monthly show and basically, it’s like a kick-off to the main event show where they feature undercard matches and the other major fights like WEC and Strike Force.

Which package has the UFC channel on Xfinity?

Xfinity is a company that provides customers with cable and allows them to take their services for a set price that they call a package. Xfinity provides customers with three packages or plans, each having different price ranges and a different number of channels. They have a $30 pack where you get only 10 channels, the major ones like NBC and much more. If you want the UFC channel, you will get it in the $60 or $85 package for a month where the first one gives around 120 channels and the latter gives around 220+ channels.

What are the differences that keep Xfinity ahead of rival companies like Dish?

The dish is one of the best cable service providers, with packages starting at $70 for 190 channels, which is better than the Xfinity pack, but the larger pack, which is $85 in Xfinity, is $95 in Dish, which isn’t as big as Xfinity; they also have a $7 late payment fee and will put you on a 2-3 year contract, which Xfinity does not, so if you want to cancel you won’t be on the dish or they will take an additional $20

What is the difference in pricing between Xfinity and Cox?

Where Xfinity provides the proper and most effective pricing in the whole market, Cox, on the other hand, is the most expensive in the cable pricing market. The prices of the COX cable services are as follows: they have four plans where the $53 plan gives around 75+ channels, but the Xfinity pack of $85 is given by cox at the price of $138 per month. There are some pros about Cox like the customer does not need any add-on packages and the DVR is excellent, but the pricing alone makes it the worst cable provider in all of the US.


The Ultimate Fighting Champion is a sport which the younger generation enjoys a lot, so this channel is more of a teenage channel than a family one. So the teens can enjoy a good fight experience after a tiring day and watch it with their friends, especially boys, who have such a great interest in this, but for family watching, this channel is not as suitable as others.


  • Is UFC available on Xfinity for free?

No, the channel is not free and you will be able to view it only when you have the $60 or the $85 package from Xfinity.

  • What channel is UFC on the ESPN network?

The channel number for UFC on the ESPN network is channel number 1205 all over the USA.

What Channel is UFC on Xfinity?

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