What channel Is Reelz On Spectrum? 

Charter Communications is a brand name for Charter Communications, a telecommunications and media corporation based in the United States. The corporation is open to the public and trades on the New York Stock Exchange. The corporation has almost 26 million clients and operates in 41 states across the US. It is the United States’ second-largest cable operator after Comcast, the third-largest pay-tv operator, and the fifth-largest television provider. The company was founded in 1993 by three people and is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. They have a revenue of $48.097 billion, are rated 70th in the Fortune 500, and employ approximately 95,000 people. So, What channel Is Reelz On Spectrum

What channel Is Reelz On Spectrum? 

What channel is Reelz on the spectrum?

The channel number of Reelz varies from state to state, as in Los Angeles the channel number is 117,817 and in New York, it is 128. So the best option is to go to the official website of the spectrum where the channel line-ups are present and state your zip code and address and you will get the channel line-up for that area.

What is the Reelz channel known for?

The Reelz channel is known for all the entertainment-oriented towards Hollywood. The channel tells you about the mysterious celebrity homicide and all the latest Hollywood gossip, so if you are a gossip fan, this is your channel to sit and enjoy with the family. This channel is now accessed by 70 million homes all over the USA.

What to watch on Reelz?

The Reelz is a channel that features a variety of genre content, such as Hollywood or serial killing mysteries, or depressing stories about prisoners, among other things.

The top 3 shows on the channel are:

  1. Celebrity Legacies: In this show, the main theme is money left after the celebrity dies, so it’s like what are the remaining assets of the celebrity, like their legacy, and how rich they are after they are gone.
  2. The Capones: This story is about a 47-year-old man who has been in jail for ten years and is now suffering from dementia, and the worst part is that his violent past haunts him again, and they show how this affects a person and how he can fight it.
  3. The Copycat Killer: In this, a psychologist and a female detective find a serial killer who copies the pattern of the previous serial killer.

The cost of the rival companies’ spectrum like Xfinity and AT&T:

Now Xfinity has 4 packages for cable networks. As the price increases, the number of channels also increases. The four packages are:

  1. The first is a small pack of just $30 per month with only 10 channels.
  2. The second is the $60 pack, which is similar to the spectrum pack of $50, so Xfinity is costly on this pack in place of the spectrum.
  3. The third pack of Xfinity costs $70, which is similar to that of Spectrum.
  4. The premier pack of Xfinity has a price of $85 whereas the pack of Spectrum is $100, so the price of Xfinity is less than Spectrum, but this package is not selling well as very few customers buy this pack.

People always go for the second pack as it is more valuable and people get all the major channels on that, and that for Xfinity is more expensive than spectrum.

AT&T has priced in three ranges, which are all more expensive than Xfinity and spectrum.

The first pack from AT & T is $70, the second is $90, and the premium package is $120, which is the most expensive of all the cable network packs. Because the company is the first in the market, they charge more for their services, but after some time, people often think about switching companies due to money, which should also be the concern of the company as they could lose in the future due to high prices.

The cost of a Reelz networks channel on the spectrum

The individual channel rate is not revealed by the spectrum company, but they have three packages, which are the basic, which is $50 per month, silver, which is $70 per month, and gold, which is $100 per month, and we know that Reelz is not available on the basic package of the spectrum. It is only available in silver and gold packages.


The Reelz network channel is the best to get all the Hollywood gossip and celebrity homicides, and you can watch it over the weekend with your family or after a tiring day of work to get the stress of the work out of your head. You can also call your friends and take in all the Hollywood gossip together and talk about it. The channel is available on different numbers, so to check, go to the spectrum website and state your zip code for the channel line-up.

  1. What are the channel numbers for Reelz around all the network platforms?

The channel numbers are 238 on DIRECTV, 299 on Dish Network, channel number 128 on Time Warner Cable, channels 799/1799HD on AT & T, and channels 233/692HD for Verizon FiOS TV.

What channel Is Reelz On Spectrum? 

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