Does Amazon Prime Include ESPN? – Know More

In today’s time entertainment has become synonymous with relaxing time. It is hard to imagine yourself spending free time if not by watching something. After a toiling day at work or in the break time we all love to catch on about if our favorite team is doing well or not. And if not, then we want to discuss but there’s hardly anyone to do that with at the workplace, so we switch to sports commentary. It is like a sports podcast where you get to know the real deal. Let us know ‘Does Amazon Prime Include ESPN?’.

Does Amazon Prime Include ESPN?

This all becomes a reality on ESPN, a.k.a Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, an American sports channel that is owned by ESPN Inc. Eighty percent shareholding is by ABC, Inc., which is a branch off of The Walt Disney Company, while twenty percent of it is owned by Hearst. This channel is all about sports, right from live telecasts to highlight and talk shows. Viewing sports-related content on ESPN has always been able to offer an escape that fills you with adrenaline and helps you connect with people. 

Does Amazon Prime include ESPN?

With the introduction of video streaming platforms we all kind of expect all the content in the world to be directed through these mediums. But ESPN is not accessible on Amazon Prime membership subscription. But that doesn’t mean that you are tied to the limitations created by cable tv service providers to watch ESPN. There are still many options that provide you with the ease and freedom to enjoy the surge of emotion by watching your favorite NBA star score that 3-pointer shoot.

Before exploring these alternatives, let us first look at the option that allows you to watch it alongside your Amazon Prime account.

Can ESPN be watched using Amazon Fire Stick?

ESPN Plus is the service provider that includes not only ESPN but also live events of MLB, NHL, NBA, PGA golf, Grand Slam Tennis, United Soccer League, cricket, rugby, Canadian and English Football League, UEFA Nations League games, and more. Along with that it also has original shows and documentaries centering around the core of sports. It includes “ The Last Dance”, a 10 part series that documents the journey of Michael Jordan as the GOT of Basketball. So having access to ESPN + means having an entrance to the library mapping every little movement in the world of sports. 

ESPN Plus comes in the format of an independent app making it easier to work with on your devices. Therefore it can easily be viewed using Amazon Fire Stick with no hassles attached to it.

How to access ESPN using Amazon Fire Stick? 

Using the below-mentioned steps you can access ESPN with the help of the Amazon Fire Stick.

  • Open the home screen by launching Amazon Fire Stick
  • Go to the search icon and type ESPN
  • Click on the GET option so that it starts downloading
  • Once it is installed open it and go to SETTINGS 
  • Further, select the SUBSCRIPTION option and select ESPN PLUS
  • This will act as an input for the generation of ACTIVATION CODE
  • Enter this activation code by browsing “”
  • After logging in to your ESPN account you can link the subscription to all the devices connected to your Amazon Fire Stick

It will enable you to stream the wide range of content available on ESPN on your mobile phones, laptops, desktops, or Television screens. Plus the amazon prime content whenever you want to mix a bit of the drama world in it. 

What are the other platforms on which you can stream ESPN?

You can also stream ESPN live on different video streaming platforms. One such service provider is DIRECTV Stream, which also includes a 5 day free trial period. The list also includes fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, Vidgo, and YouTube TV. 

What devices can it operate on?

The ESPN app can be downloaded and used to catch hold of the whereabouts of the sporting world on several devices. It makes it accessible for everyone in every possible situation. Like keeping track of the cricket score in the cubicle of your office, or listening to the talk show while taking a jog in the evening. 

The list of devices includes Roku Ultra and TV, Amazon Fire TV and Tablets, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV. It is available in the app store of both iOS and Android mobile devices. You can also stream it using Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X


Watching sports has its list of advantages. What it does the most is build community. The joint feeling of escalated joy and shared sorrow after seeing the performance of a team helps us resonate with each other. This empathy defines our nature. Promoting an identity to emotions, a commitment to them.


  1. Is ESPN included in the Amazon Prime Membership?

The ESPN channel does not come included with the membership of Amazon Prime. 

  1. What channels are part of the package that ESPN Plus provides?

ESPN Plus provides channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNEWS, ESPN Deportes, Longhorn Network, ACC Network, SEC Network, Big 12 Network, etc.

  1. Will you be able to watch football on ESPN?

ESPN + provides live NFL games. It also includes college games, the Big 12 Conference, and many more. 

Does Amazon Prime Include ESPN? – Know More

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