Amazon Fire Stick out of Range

Once in a while, a technological breakthrough transforms the style in which people enjoy media. One such product is Amazon Fire Stick. Amazon Fire Stick is an HDMI-enabled gadget that resembles a USB. You will be able to browse a range of additional apps as well as view your favorite platforms once you connect your Fire Stick to its port. Even though the idea is fascinating, there have been numerous issues, particularly the controller and connectivity. One of them is that the Amazon Fire Stick frequently displays “out of range.”

The main sources of this issue are the distance between the controller and the fire stick, obstructions, poor connection, VPN settings, hardware damage, and internal or external damage to the Fire Stick. 

Amazon Fire Stick out of Range

Why Does This Problem Occur?

This problem develops mostly because of:

  • Bluetooth Range: Amazon Fire Stick works with Bluetooth. For Bluetooth devices, the notional reach is frequently very less and limited due to several variables which may cause signal problems to occur. 
  • Distance and Obstructions: Huge distance will not allow your controller to connect with the Fire Stick because distance weakens signals. Obstructions can also weaken the signals and cause range blockage. They can be anything from furniture decoration pieces to wireless devices. 
  • Internet Connectivity: Problems with signal strength will occur if there is a considerable distance between your router and Fire Stick or if your internet connection is poor. 
  • Hardware Damage: Your Fire Stick will not connect to your internet in case your router is damaged.
  • Internal/External Fire Stick Issue: Your Fire Stick may have an external or internal issue or damage.
  • VPN Settings: Amazon Fire Stick will show the “not in range” message if you have installed VPN on your Fire Stick and it has not been configured properly.
  • Amazon Outage: Your Fire Stick may be unable to function if Amazon has any kind of interruption in its service.


If you find Amazon Fire Stick showing out of range, You should first verify if Amazon services are down or not. Just wait for their service to be available again if it is down. If not, proceed towards the troubleshooting steps:

  • Check for Obstructions and Physical Damage: You should first examine your fire stick for any physical damage and obstructions. Signals will be poor if there is a lot of furniture between your TV and controller or if your Fire Stick is physically damaged. The impediments reduce distance significantly, which can hurt the functionality of your Fire Stick controller.
  • Restart the Fire Stick: Restart your device if there is no physical damage or obstructions. Remove your Fire Stick from the port for some time and then plug it again. You can also restart by using the “Menu” button.
  • Check Connectivity: Check your internet connection if the first two steps do not solve the problem. You may check this by connecting the internet to another device and seeing if it works. If yes, then your Amazon Fire Stick is faulted. You can manage connectivity options by going to the network settings of your Fire Stick.
  • Examine the VPN settings: Your VPN settings may be blocking the Fire Stick from accessing the internet. You could quickly eliminate this possibility by briefly removing VPN and verifying if your Fire Stick now connects to the internet. If this resolves the issue, consult the application’s designers for instructions.
  • Restart the Main Gateway: Restarting your main gateway is also an easy solution for connectivity problems. Contact your network service provider if your issue is still not resolved.
  • Deactivate Smart Connect: Deactivate the smart connect option from your device in case it is turned on.
  • Reset the Fire Stick: Reset your Fire Stick for wiping away the errors. This step is recommended even if your Fire Stick is in good working condition.
  • Suitable Encryption: Specific connection and gateway characteristics are required for Fire TV sets. Change the encryption to something that works with your device.
  • Deregister Account: Try deregistering your Amazon account if nothing else works out for you.
  • Contact Support: You can also contact Amazon Support Center and they will help resolve your issue.

Summing it up

It is pretty normal to have network service troubles with Amazon’s devices, regardless of how good they are. If you are hoping to unwind after a hard morning at your job by sitting down and watching your favorite television program, network issues can be a big pain. It may be inconvenient for some of us but most internet issues can be resolved using easy troubleshooting procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What encryption is most suitable for Amazon Fire Stick?

Amazon Fire Stick works well with WPA1-PSK, WPA-PSK, and WEP.

Will my Fire Stick work with Ethernet?


How do I disconnect my network connection and then reconnect?

Select “Forget”.  Re-enter your login credentials again to reconnect.

How do I get rid of the Fire Stick message “not in range”?

Try restarting your Fire Stick if you want a quick solution.

Amazon Fire Stick out of Range

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