Buffalo Wild Wings BOGO Reward- Know More Interesting Facts

The Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) reward is one of the many ways a brand, especially a fast food business, can improve on creating a better service for customers. When it comes to BOGO sales, many customers like to get involved. In this article we will see about Buffalo Wild Wings BOGO Reward.

Buffalo Wild Wings BOGO Reward

Like many customer-centric fast food stores, Buffalo Wild Wings promotes the Buy One Get One sale from time to time. To get the amazing rewards in the BOGO sales, customers are required to purchase an item at the store during the offer period. BOGO is normally available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at every Buffalo Wild Wings location.

BOGO is Buffalo Wild Wing’s largest sales promotional activity. The way BOGO works is that for every number of chicken wings ordered at the store, customers will receive the same number of free boneless chicken wings. For example, if you place an order for five chicken wings, you will receive five free boneless wings. 

How to get the BOGO delivered to you?

To qualify for the BOGO reward, you will be required to follow these steps;

  • The first thing is to place an order from Buffalo Wild Wings. Remember the sales are a buy-one to get-one-free; it means you are required to purchase at the store before you can get rewarded.
  • You can make a purchase in-store and on the website to get qualified. While at the store, remember to order from the menu that has a BOGO reward attached to it. If you purchase an item that is not included in the BOGO reward, you won’t get any extra items.
  • Using the website or mobile application, you will be required to shop through the menu using your account. If you do not have an account, create one.
  • Click on the “set my Buffalo Wild Wings” button at the top of the page.
  • Select your location, you will be able to see the available Buffalo Wild Wings with the BOGO reward around your location.
  • Look out for items with the BOGO rewards attached, and proceed to make a payment.
  • After the confirmation of your payment on the website, you will get your item and BOGO reward delivered to you.
  • BOGO rewards always apply on Tuesday and Thursday purchases; ensure you make a purchase on Tuesdays or Thursdays to get rewarded.
  • The reward might vary depending on the quantity or size of the chicken.
  • Note that you do not require a coupon to access a BOGO reward at Buffalo’s.
  • The cost of your BOGO delivery order will be determined based on the location you are placing the order from.
  • Your delivery will be brought to you either through Uber Eats, Postmates, DoorDash, or GrubHub. You can choose whichever delivery service you want.

Reason for the creation of the BOGO Rewards

Here are some of the reasons the Buffalo Wild Wings brand introduced the BOGO rewards to customers;

1. To reward loyal customers

Like most brands, Buffalo’s is dedicated to ensuring that customers who have been patronizing the brand are allowed an opportunity to get celebrated for their loyalty. One of such ways to appreciate customers is by ensuring they get access to free services at the brand. The introduction of the BOGO rewards helped customers who have been dedicated enjoy many free items on each order they make.

2. Sales promotion

A better way to increase sales is by introducing free items on purchases. By making customers get more items when they make purchases, they become attracted to making more sales at the store. Since the BOGO rewards were designed to give customers the exact number of items they purchase, customers are tempted to keep buying more. Apart from the increasing purchase rate of items listed in the BOGO sales, other items also get noticed by the customers, thereby helping in the marketing of all Buffalo’s products.

3. Promote healthy calorie consumption

A good way to encourage healthy calorie consumption by fast foods is by providing menus that contain healthy fats. One of the ways Buffalo’s has been able to promote healthy living is by introducing a menu like the wings, boneless chicken wings, etc. that has no bad calories and making the menu available in the BOGO free rewards. When customers get rewarded with free healthy chicken meals, they tend to get used to a craving for healthy meals.

What you should know about Buffalo Wild Wings Reward?

Apart from the BOGO reward, buffalo also have another reward program called the Blazin Rewards. Like most loyalty reward programs, the Blazin rewards allow customers to earn points when a purchase is made at the store. The more customers visit the store, the more rewards they are likely to get from the Blazin Program. To be eligible for the rewards, you will be required to become a member of the Blazin Rewards by signing up on the BOGO website. The registration for the loyalty reward program is completely free.  


The BOGO rewards by buffalo’s is a way of encouraging sales, rewarding customer loyalty, and also, creating more awareness for the brand. BOGO rewards have proven to be a successful reward program at Buffalo Wild Wings by becoming the most popular reward program by the brand.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I get an item delivered to my location on the mobile application?

Yes, you can. The BOGO rewards allow customers to place orders using the mobile application, website, or visiting the store. Your item will be delivered to your doorstep using any of the food delivery companies selected by you.

  • When can I get a BOGO reward?

You can get a BOGO reward on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ensure you note down the days in your calendar.

Buffalo Wild Wings BOGO Reward- Know More Interesting Facts

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