How Long Is Amazon Flex Waiting List?

Amazon Flex is undoubtedly at the top of the list regarding delivery gigs that pay well. If you’re reading this, though, you’re probably on the Amazon Flex waiting list and haven’t been hired yet. Many gig applications have waiting lists, which is a terrible truth. But unfortunately, there are occasions when a marketplace has too many drivers for you to find a job.

How Long Is Amazon Flex Waiting List?

However, how long has the Amazon Flex waitlist been in place? And, more crucially, how can you generate money while you’re on the waitlist to avoid squandering valuable time? When there are no Amazon Flex jobs available and you’re constantly waiting, it’s time to go over all you need to understand.

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How Long Will I Be Stuck on The Amazon Flex Waitlist?

The shortest response to that question is that it will depend on a number of factors. For example, it depends on the market size of your City and how many other drivers are in your area. The platform strives to contact you as soon as possible; however, some drivers must wait a year to be accepted. There is no set period of time that you must wait to be removed from the Amazon Flex waiting list.

The length of time you’ll be on the waiting list is determined by various factors, including:

  • The Market size of your City
  • How many other drivers work for Amazon Flex out there?
  • Another thing to think about is whether Amazon Flex is available in your town.

Let’s say you don’t have access to Amazon Flex in your area. You can still be added to the waiting list and alerted when Amazon Flex comes to your City or state. 

What Is The Amazon Flex Waitlist?

If their City does not have any open driver positions, the most recent driver applications are added to the Amazon Flex queue. You’ll almost always be put on a waitlist if there are either too many drivers in your region or less demand for transporters. If there are no vacant driver openings in your City after you submit your job application to ride for Amazon Flex, the Amazon Flex app will notify you immediately. After that, you’ll receive a message from Amazon informing you when new rider positions become available, allowing you to remove yourself from the waitlist.

What Can I Do If I am on the Amazon Flex Waitlist?

If you find that waiting up to a year is too much for you, here are some suggestions to help you get through the process quickly.

Be patient and wait for the right moment.

When you sign up for the waiting list, you must read your emails and check their application on a daily basis to see if you have been selected as a delivery driver.

Another suggestion is to wait until the holidays when more people will be purchasing from Amazon.

Contact Amazon Flex Support

You should contact Customer care for Amazon Flex if you submitted an application and never received any confirmation message.

They may have a legitimate reason for not responding, or the system may have made an error.

Register with a different delivery service.

Due to the large number of individuals enrolling up for Amazon Flex, you may want to consider using a different delivery service.

UberEats, Instacart, InstaCart, PostMates, Shipt, and Lyft are all major contributions to the gig economy.

You might also register with local retailers or cafes to see if they provide home or meal delivery services.

Even if you are hired, you should apply to several firms to guarantee that you have consistent employment.

You can keep working while you are on the waitlist.


The length of the Amazon Flex standby list varies. However, the harsh fact is that you may not be able to generate money with Amazon over many weeks or months. Amazon Flex, on the other hand, is a profitable driving job. So it’s not a bad idea to join and check how long you’ve been on the Amazon Flex standby list.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to bypass Amazon Flex’s Waitlist?

The Amazon Flex queue is something you won’t be able to escape. There’s an extensive Amazon Flex waitlist to the extent that they’ll ask you to enroll if your City isn’t currently seeking delivery partners. When you accept a slot on the Amazon Flex waitlist, you will be notified when a position becomes vacant.

  • Which Qualifications are necessary to apply as an Amazon Flex driver? 
  1. You must be at least twenty-one years of age to participate.
  2. You must have the valid United States driving license as well as a social security number.
  3. An automobile with four doors, for example, a medium sedan or larger truck like an SUV, or van, is necessary.
  4. You’ll need an iOS or Android-powered smartphone with at least 2GB of memory and a global positioning satellite (GPS).
How Long Is Amazon Flex Waiting List?

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