How To Watch ESPN?


If you are a sports lover, can’t spend a day without sports updates must’ve listened to watch ESPN. But you may face some difficulties with costs when it comes to cable TV. Every ESPN lover not only watches sports live streaming but they are entirely bound by sports culture. Many people want to know which platform would be convenient to watch ESPN. It allows you to watch live streaming through the web, mobile smart devices, and other platforms like Sling TV, Fubo TV, Hulu TV, DirecTV Stream, Youtube TV, etc. Such platforms sometimes provide several free trials which makes their services more acceptable.

How To Watch ESPN

How To Watch Espn Online Or On TV?

Here we will help you to choose the right platform for you. ESPN also allows links to other streaming service accounts to the ESPN app. Besides other services, Sling TV and Hulu Live TV have special popularity. Where Sling TV offers the best packages with a convenient budget and customization with Sling Extras, Hulu Live TV is the only platform to stream ESPN+. ESPN+ mainly gained popularity for having exclusive video content from live games and other unique stories.

You can easily stream these platforms on your TV with Roku, Apple Tv, Amazon Fire TV, etc. Every streaming provider will offer some fantastic packages with several perks that are targeted to your preferences. All the best cable alternatives surely have ESPN with different mixes. These services are highly suitable for many people due to their hectic schedules or the desire to save money on their cable bills.

Where To Watch ESPN

ESPN with Sling TV

Sling TV provides the cheapest deal with the best live streaming services. To watch ESPN, it offers the two best packages: Sling Orange, Sling Orange +Blue. With the Sling Orange package, you can stream on one device at a time, where you will be paying 35$ for more than 30 channels and 50 hours of DVR storage. On the other side, the Sling Orange+Blue package will give you 50+ channels for 50$ per month. The best thing is that they give you three days’ free trial to test them. 

ESPN with Hulu Live TV: 

Hulu Live TV lets you stream to two streams at a time including 50 hours of cloud DVR storage. It has many ESPN branded channels like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN+, etc. It will cost you $64.99 with a free trial of seven days. 

ESPN with Fubo TV: 

The one thing you should know about Fubo TV is that they stream more sports than other streaming services. Fubo offers you over 35 sports channels with a 7-day free trial. Besides Fubo’s base plan you have two more options: Fubo Extra or Sports Plus. It offers you a pretty good deal of $69.99 with 1000 hours of cloud DVR. Fubo mainly has three primary plans- Pro plan, Elite Plan, and Latino quarterly plan. 

ESPN with DirecTV Stream:  

DirecTV Stream offers 4 packages. Its Entertainment package will give you 65 channels at a cost of $69.99. Its Choice package includes 90 channels for $89.99. But if you demand more channels you have to shift to the DirecTV Stream Ultimate package with a total of 130 channels for $104.99. Lastly, the Premier package allows you to have 140 channels for $149.99. 

ESPN with Youtube TV

Youtube TV provides the easiest offer among other streaming services. They let you stream more than 85 channels at a cost of $65 per month. It includes sports, lifestyles, and other broadcast channels, basically, it’s the best package for any family. 

ESPN With Roku

You will find the official ESPN Roku app free to download, but you will need an ESPN plus account to watch for $6.99/ per month and $69.99/per annual. Also, you will be needing a cable provider. 

Is ESPN Subscription Worth It?

ESPN provides you best live TV services with an impressive amount of college sports. It is definitely worth it. However, it costs money to watch. You can watch it without cable through different streaming services with several days of free trials. Shows broadcast by ESPN are sports events, highlights, documentaries, game Telecasts, debates, news, movies, etc.


There are a variety of alternative streaming platforms where you may watch ESPN. We have tried to save you time by gathering a list of the best and most efficient services. ESPN has always been known for its sports coverage. They aim to highlight the entire sports culture, not just the live streaming. ESPN has changed people’s perception of sports though many claims now that it became politicized. But the variation they tried to keep it’s commendable in many aspects. This initiative allows them to reach out to more new people.

How To Watch ESPN?

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