Hisense Vs Samsung- Know More!

Hisense has grown brand-wise during the past recent years and has gained respect worldwide as one of the top manufacturers of television sets. On the other hand, Samsung has continued to set up the pace by being better and better in their products. It has become very hard to choose between the two because they offer quality in different aspects. Let’s know about Hisense Vs Samsung.

Hisense Vs Samsung

People who are always going for budget then Hisense will be the better off because they offer good deals on their products. It offers an equal viewing experience with almost the same quality features. Those who are always going for quality and features then will go for Samsung because it is way above Hisense in terms of quality and features. This does not mean that any is above the other because consumers have different tastes and preferences.

Which Brand Is The Best?

Both Samsung and Hisense use different types of Panel Technology. Their Hisense comes in various panel types. There are those models with QLED, QLED, and OLED panel technologies. On the other hand, Samsung only narrows to one type of panel type called QLED which is their company proprietary. On this particular feature, Hisense gives its consumer a wide variety to choose from.

In terms of Image Processors, most of the Hisense brand uses a Quad-Core processor for all image tasks. It possesses a 4K ability and is capable of decoding endless video formats. This cannot match Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor that is fitted in all the new models. It matches Hisense Quad-Core and it is more advanced. In terms of the image processor, Samsung takes the crown.

In terms of Motion Technology comparison, Hisense TVs have an excellent motion handling system when compared to the most expensive brands in the market like Samsung which uses models like the Q80 and the Q90. It is not necessarily that Hisense overtakes Samsung in this category because they vary in models since Samsung uses different pixels on its models.

When it comes to Picture Quality the two companies also differ in what they offer in their devices. The only way to know which among the two is the best in this category we will do an overview of picture quality comparison between the two. There are six categories to assess the picture quality in both Hisense and Samsung.

  1. Under the picture quality, we have the Contrast Ratio/Black Level as others refer to it. Samsung delivers excellent performance in this particular area which can improve through local dimming. Hisense also competes squarely with their models such as the H8G and the H9G which outperform expensive brands like Samsung and Sony. Hisense and Samsung television sets compete squarely in this category.
  2.  We also have the Local Dimming which both Hisense and Samsung offer excellent local dimming support that is supported with a full-array backlight configuration. Both of the brands offer similar types of dimming properties. The only note is that the local dimming performance differs per model.
  3.  In terms of Peak Brightness, some Hisense models provide excellent peak brightness as compared to some Samsung models. Samsung on the hand offers a wider selection of premium-priced TVs because they are perfect for SDR and HDR peak values. In this category, both can deliver on their similar-priced models.
  4.  Color Ratio comparison also is similar depending on the model. Hisense and Samsung offer wide color gamuts and rich color volumes. More-priced models of Samsung offer a better color ratio as compared to Hisense but the middle-priced models offer the same color ratio.
  5.  In regards to Viewing Angle, the Hisense models deliver the worst viewing angle making them very unsuitable for a wide viewing experience. Samsung has the best viewing angles than Hisense because of their Ultra Viewing feature Angle that is available in newer models.
  6.  In terms of the Reflections/Anti-glare Samsung offers greater reflections as compared to Hisense even though both of them use the gloss screen finish.

When majoring in Sound Quality we find that both companies sell TVs that have good frequency response and distortion performance. Samsung incorporates many sound features in their television sets while Hisense uses the most notable features like DBX Total Sonics and DBX Total Surround. The sound quality of the two companies is similar. The quality will increase with the type of model one opt for.

When we compare them based on the Smart TV Platform (Operating System) we discover that Hisense uses the universal Android TV platform for all their smart TVs models while Samsung Smart TVs use their TizenOS Platform. Both perform perfectly but Samsung’s OS platform is above overall.


This always narrows down to the consumers’ tastes and preferences and taste. Every model has features that turn people on regarding the brand they prefer between Hisense and Samsung. The funny part is that some people don’t care about features like Dolby-certified sound which may not be available on lower-priced devices. Overall, Samsung is the better brand as compared to Hisense in many aspects because it offers a variety of features. Samsung’s features are up to date and have a higher performance. When you are looking for a budget Hisense will do for you but if you are a person who is obsessed with features and quality then Samsung will do for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Hisense or Samsung TV better?

Samsung always manufactures TVs that have better features compared to Hisense but if you are looking for a budget then you will go for Hisense.

2) Who manufacturers Hisense?

Hisense products are manufactured by Hisense Group which is a Chinese multinational goods and electronics manufacturer with its headquarters being in Qingdao.

3) Who makes Samsung TV?

Samsung is manufactured by a South Korean multinational electronic corporation called Tristar Electronics which has headquarters in Yeongtong-gu Suwon.

Hisense Vs Samsung- Know More!

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