Uber Pharmacy: All About It!

When you hear of Uber what comes to mind is a ride-share app that rides only passengers but it is beyond that. Uber has now expanded their services beyond ride-share company to prescription delivery using the Uber pharmacy. Customers can now send Uber to pick up their prescriptions and get them delivered to them but is Uber pharmacy like Uber ride?

Uber Pharmacy

Uber pharmacy is not different from Uber ride but for Uber, Pharmacy passengers are not involved only prescriptions. Uber pharmacy is a prescription delivery service offered by Uber by partnering with Nimble Rx, a digital pharmacy store. This article has everything you need to know concerning Uber pharmacy and its mode of operation.

Scroll down the paragraphs below to find out more about the Uber pharmacy and how to use the app for your prescription delivery.

What is Uber pharmacy?

Uber pharmacy is a medicine app involved in prescription-only delivery. Uber pharmacy helps to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy store and gets them delivered to your house.

 Uber pharmacy is about getting prescriptions delivered to those who want to stay at home for safety purposes and also for better access to prescriptions. When patients have better access to their prescriptions it goes a long way to help their health.

Just like Uber rides, an Uber driver picks up your prescription for you when you place an order for a prescription through Uber Eats. 

How does Uber pharmacy work?

Using Uber pharmacy for the delivery of prescriptions is a very easy process and takes just a few steps to get started with your delivery.

Uber pharmacy is a subdivision under Uber Eats, a delivery service that offers all sorts of delivery from groceries to prescriptions and other household items. Uber pharmacy works through Uber Eats, follow the procedures below to begin;

• Create a NimbleRx account from the NimbleRx website.

• Download and open the Uber Eats app and create an account. 

• Sign in to the Uber Eats Android or iOS app.

• Select the “prescriptions” menu at the top of the website page.

• Follow the prompts to continue.

• Link your NimbleRx account to your Uber Eats account on the Uber Eats app or website.

• Select, ‘I have prescriptions now’ if there are prescriptions to fill.

• Uber Eats then displays your personal information to verify your identity, click on ‘confirm’.

• Enter your prescriptions and the closest pharmacy to you in the appropriate field.

• Click on ‘review’ to cross-check your information before submitting.

• If you are covered by insurance, upload a picture of your insurance card, and if otherwise leave the option blank.

• Click on the ‘Transfer prescriptions’ option displayed.

• Fill in your prescriptions and the name of the pharmacy again. 

• Select the ‘review’ option.

• Select ‘Transfer’ if the Uber delivery transfer terms and conditions are convenient for you.

How long does it take to receive my prescription?

You can get your prescriptions delivered to you the same day you ordered them, however, it depends on your location. Those living in busy areas and cities might have to wait until the next day to get their prescriptions.

Another factor that determines your delivery date is the time and day you made the order. Generally, Uber pharmacy is not for prescriptions needed urgently because prescriptions are not delivered immediately after they are ordered.

Does Uber pharmacy delivery accept health insurance?

Uber pharmacy delivery accepts almost all the health insurance plans used by their customers. Also, it accepts cards like FSA and HSA. However, Uber pharmacy delivery does not accept prescriptions paid through Medicare or Medicaid.

Before you pay for Uber pharmacy delivery, you will enter your insurance information by sending a picture of your insurance card. You can as well use your health insurance if you have it to order your prescriptions through Uber.

Does Uber pharmacy delivery cost much?

The prices of the prescriptions to be delivered do not appear on the Uber Eats website, however, most deliveries are usually placed at $0 for pick up which means it’s free.

Note: Customers must know that the pharmacy store adds a $2.99 service fee to the delivery of the prescription. For fast delivery of prescriptions, you might have to pay a fee of $4 or even more.

Another factor that affects the cost of Uber pharmacy delivery is the prescription cost, prescriptions with higher cost costs more than those with lesser amounts.

Uber Eats alongside NimbleRx operates the Uber Pharmacy and NimbleRx uses small and local pharmacies for its prescriptions. These small pharmacies charge higher amounts compared to big pharmacies like Wegmans and Walgreens. 

Final Thoughts.

Uber pharmacy delivers prescriptions to customers right at their doorstep. To use Uber pharmacy deliveries, link your NimbleRx account to Uber Eats. With the use of Uber pharmacy you can get your drugs delivered to you at a very low cost, however, the time it takes to receive your prescriptions depends on the time and day you ordered your prescriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Are there any restrictions on the types of prescriptions I can order? 

Yes, not all prescriptions can be ordered through Uber pharmacy delivery. Uber drivers do not deliver every prescription, check out the prescription you want to order to know the ones that are allowed before ordering for your prescription.

Do all pharmacies use NimbleRx? 

No, not all pharmacies use NimbleRx. To use Uber pharmacy delivery your pharmacy must be under NimbleRx. If your local pharmacy is not under NimbleRx you have to change your pharmacy to use the Uber pharmacy.

Uber Pharmacy: All About It!

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