How To Reset Samsung Fridge Refrigerator

A fridge is one of the valuable appliances used in business and home for cooling goods inside it below room temperatures. It works with the thermal transfer technology, where the heat inside the fridge is transferred to the external environment. The essence of having a cold temperature inside the refrigerator is to preserve foods and drinks for a long time without getting spoiled. Let us know How To Reset Samsung Fridge Refrigerator.

How To Reset Samsung Fridge Refrigerator

Samsung refrigerators are one of the best-sold appliances by Samsung Company due to their effectiveness and durability. Samsung products are of the best quality and can stay for years without being broken. 

Samsung refrigerators are of various categories depending on the cost and the model you wish for. You can visit the Samsung store and place an order if you want a new Samsung refrigerator. You can also buy them these refrigerators from different stores worldwide. 

Samsung Fridge, just like any other appliance, sometimes fails and gives an option of troubleshooting the problem. According to various errors found on your fridge, you can decide which best solution to choose to repair the refrigerator—deciding on when to reset or not to reset lies heavily on the fridge’s performance. However, it is recommended to acquire it before you decide to reset your fridge because it is not highly recommended consistently to reset if the fridge fails. Some problems are solved by turning the refrigerator on and off and giving it a few minutes. At the same time, others force you to reset the fridge.

The resetting of the Samsung fridge is quite simple and works with a combination of a few keys. Here is the process of correctively resetting your fridge:

  1. First, unplug your Samsung fridge from the power and wait for almost 5 – 10 minutes; then, plug it on. 
  2. After the fridge lights are on, navigate to the setting of the refrigerator and tap on the family hub icon. After clicking the family hub icon, it will display the factory data reset menu field. Then select Reset and then click delete all data if prompted.
  3. After that simple and direct process, you will have to reset your Samsung fridge.

When is it necessary to reset or not to reset?

Choosing the right decision on when to reset your Samsung fridge will depend on the error code you get in your fridge. It is highly recommended to study and analyze the error code before deciding to reset it. For example, an error code of “OF OF” does not need to be reset but requires you to turn the demo mode. 

An error code like 88 88 can occur occasionally. It means your fridge did not boot correctly on one occasion; these error codes require a reset for the refrigerator to continue functioning correctly.

What are other error codes displayed by Samsung hub?

We have categories of error codes that show different errors that require attention to work correctly. The following is a sample list of those error codes:

  1. AP – AP means access point, an error code indicating your fridge wants to be connected to a Wi-Fi signal or SmartThings. This error code will disappear when the refrigerator is connected to a network signal or after some time if not connected. It is switched down from a button of SmartThings.
  2. 21E – this is an error indicating there is an error on your freezer. When your fans on your fridge are not functioning, the error is detected, and the 21E error code is displayed. The causes of this error can be either a fan failure or a door not being closed properly.
  3. 22E, 22C – This is an error code detecting an error in your fridge fans. You can solve this by unplugging your fridge or just opening fridge doors for some hours.
  4. 41 or 42 or interior blue lights flashing – You should reboot the family hub to correct this error. If it does not solve the problem, contact support for further assistance.
  5. 76C and 85C – these error codes appear when water fills in the compartment and low voltage in the power source, respectively. You are supposed to turn off the fridge and turn it back on.
  6. 88 88, 83E, 85E, and 86E – This indicates a power surge that can heavily damage your fridge. You should turn off the refrigerator, unplug it, wait for about 1-2 minutes, and turn it on back. If it does not solve the problem, try resetting the fridge.


If unsure what you are supposed to do with your Samsung fridge after seeing the error codes, you are recommended to contact user support for guidance and help. In addition, if a choice of resetting your Samsung fridge is made, necessary steps are supposed to be followed, and when the rest start, it should be allowed to finish to avoid damaging your fridge. The fridge reset takes approximately 5 to 8 minutes.

How To Reset Samsung Fridge Refrigerator

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