Can Best Buy look Up Receipts?

The first Best Buy began as a store that sold audio products in 1966. It is safe to say that the owners, at that moment, had no idea how big the company would become. Best Buy is today, one of the largest retailers of electronics in the United States. They have over 1,000 stores spread across different states of the U.S. Due to its name and reputation, customers who patronize the company do so with the assurance of getting good value for their money. Let’s Know More About Can Best Buy Look Up Receipts.

Can Best Buy look Up Receipts

If you have bought a product from Best Buy and you’ve accidentally misplaced the receipt that accompanied the product, you do not have to worry about keeping the receipt. The good people at Best Buy can always look at your purchase on their system. However, if you need Best Buy to send you a new copy of the receipt, you can request for one. A printable type will be sent to your profile and stored in the “purchases section”. 

Finding receipts online 

For orders made online, your receipts can be found on your profile if you have a My Best Buy membership. As long as your ID is linked to your account on , it is very easy to find all your receipts:

  • Log in to your account and find your purchases and orders.
  • Find the order which the receipt is needed and select the “see details and receipt” tab.
  • Select the appropriate action and your receipt will be printed. 
  • For purchases as a guest, your receipt is lodged in your order status. You should have your order number, phone number, and the last name ready.

Purchases made in-store using credit cards

  • If you need a copy of the receipt for a purchase that has been completed, visit the customer service section at the Best Buy store close to you.
  • If the purchases were made using a credit card, go to the store along with the credit card used for the purchase. The customer care agents will help you look up the receipt using the credit card.
  • If you have a My Best Buy® membership, your receipt can be located using your email address, phone number, or member ID.

If none of the above steps works out, you can send a private message to a Moderator. The message should contain important details like your full name, the email address linked with the Best Buy account, your Member ID, your phone number, the payment method used for the purchase, the date of the purchase, and the location of the store from which the purchase was made. You can send a private message by clicking the “contact me” box on the profile page of any moderator.

Take note that purchases made using checks or cash cannot be retrieved if you do not have a Best Buy membership account. Receipts for purchases older than ten years cannot also be retrieved. 

Return policy of Best Buy

You can find almost any electronic device in Best Buy stores including speakers, cellphones, washers, and laptops. Electronics are not cheap, so you have to fully understand Best Buy’s stance on returns before purchasing any item. Best Buy gives customers a grace period of 14 days in which they can return items to the store without the need for a receipt. When going to the store, you have to go along with an ID issued by the government, so that your returns can be tracked to recognize any suspicious returns that have been made before. It is important all returned items are returned in good working condition. 

Some items have a restocking fee. These include DSLR cameras, drones, smartphones, and projections.

Gifts should be returned in-store as you might be awarded store credit without the person who gave you the gift being notified.

For refurbished or preowned products, Best Buy expects that they’ll work as new. So, when these products are returned, they have the same return window as new products.


It is perfectly normal for customers to return some purchases to the store from which the items were gotten. This has made Best Buy put mechanisms in place which can make this process seamless. If you have misplaced your receipt for a product and you are wondering if the product can be returned without the receipt, the answer is simply, yes. Although you have 14 days to do this. If 14 days have passed, you can still speak to one of the customer care agents to walk you through printing another receipt. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a number I can call to request a copy of my receipt?

Yes. You can call Best Buy at 1-888-BEST BUY to speak with a customer care official.

  • How do I join Best Buy?

By visiting and creating an account.

  • Can I join Best Buy from anywhere in the world?

Not really. Best Buy is only open to citizens in the United States and Puerto Rico.

  • Where is my Best Buy member ID located?

Your member ID is located on the back of your card or your account page on the official website.

Can Best Buy look Up Receipts?

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