Popeyes Special Coupons – Know More!

Popeyes is a fast-food chain that comes to almost everyone’s mind when they think about eating fried chicken. With its fried chicken, biscuits, and cajun french fries, a high number of people prefer Popeyes when they want to eat fast food. While most people like eating fast food from time to time, they also like eating fast food for a lower price than usual. Thus, there are some ways that people can pay less for an item on any fast-food chain’s menu. One of the ways that people can pay less is by obtaining Popeyes Special Coupons. 

Popeyes Special Coupons

The best way and the most valid way to get Popeyes items with coupons for a lower price is through the Popeyes website. Popeyes offers their customers special deals that they can get if they order their food via their app. When one opens the website of Popeyes, one will see the Offers section at the top of the page. This is the place where one can benefit from the offers that are relatively at lower prices and they can enter their coupons to make the delivery free or lower the prices as much as they can.

Special Offers of Popeyes

Even though one might see that there are several websites where that offer special coupons for Popeyes items, most of them direct the user to the Offers section of Popeyes’ website. The best way to use the coupons one has is to go directly to Popeyes’ website. Once the customer opens the Offers section, they will encounter a high number of deals. Even though the offers change regularly, there are currently eight offers on Popeyes’ website. Here are the eight offers; $6.99 for five signature chicken pieces of Popeyes, $9.99 for five signature chicken pieces, two regular sides and two biscuits, $12.99 for five signature chicken pieces, two regular sides and two biscuits, $5 for eight pieces of butterfly shrimp, one regular side, one biscuit, free two pieces of signature chicken, three pieces of chicken tenders, eight pieces of nuggets, original or spicy chicken sandwich when the customer orders for the first time and spends at least $10, $29.99 for fourteen pieces of signature chicken, two large sides, seven biscuits, $12.99 for six pieces of chicken tenders, two regular sides, and two biscuits, and lastly $6.99 for three pieces of chicken tenders, regular side, biscuit, and small drink.

How to Use Coupons and Get Special Offers on Popeyes

It is quite easy to use the coupons and benefit from the special offers of Popeyes. One thing to consider is that Popeyes does not offer the pick-up option for every special offer. First of all, one must have a Popeyes account to take advantage of the special offers and coupons of Popeyes. After one makes sure that they have a Popeyes account and have the needed coupons, they need to click on the Offers section on their website. One can choose from the offers that are listed above and click on the Add to Mobile Order button right below the picture of the special offer. After selecting the offer, the customer needs to select the Popeyes location near them in order to get the delivery faster and cheaper. For the final step, the customer needs to check out when they finish writing all the needed information, the coupons will be applied as the order becomes finalized. If the customer doesn’t want to get a delivery and wants to either pick up the order or wants to use their coupons on the restaurant, they will also need to use the website of the Popeyes. However, the option of using the coupon in the restaurant or picking up the order is not valid for every special order so one has to check the availability of the offer before going to the store.


In a nutshell, one has to open the website of Popeyes to use the special coupons of the restaurant. The special offers change quite frequently and the customer can order all of them online and have them delivered to their addresses. The customers who don’t want the delivery option can use the special coupons when they go to Popeyes’ restaurants but they need to figure out if the special offer they have chosen is redeemable in their restaurants. One can also join Popeye’s newly launched loyalty program to get more special offers and get exclusive deals.


Are there any offers besides the offers on Popeyes’ website?

The customer can check out the app of Popeyes for the latest offers and in order to get free stuff.

Does one have to be in Popeyes’ loyalty program to benefit from the offers?

Although there is no need to be in Popeyes’ loyalty program to benefit from Popeyes’ offers on their website, it can be quite advantageous to get further deals.

Popeyes Special Coupons – Know More!

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