Driving For Uber And Lyft At The Same Time

Driving For Uber And Lyft At The Same Time? As a driver, you might wonder if it is possible to drive for Uber and Lyft simultaneously . Also, you may ask if the companies may allow you to work for the competition, or is there any advantage of working for both Uber and Lyft? Well, we are going to discuss this and more in this article.

Driving For Uber And Lyft At The Same Time

You can do Driving For Uber And Lyft At The Same Time , and the primary reason is that you are an independent contractor with the liberty to choose which driving application to use. Using both driving applications will increase your chance of having a request compared to using only one, and if you know how to work your way through both apps, you’ll make more money. 

Can Uber Or Lyft Allow You To Work For Competition?

You need to know that you are not an Uber or Lyft employee as a driver. It is wise to understand that you work as an independent contractor. Uber and Lyft have no control over what you decide to do. You have complete control meaning you are in charge. Most drivers prefer working with either Lyft or Uber, but if you want to maximize your returns, it is advisable to use both platforms.

Do This Before Starting The Applications

You’ll notice that running both apps drains your battery rapidly, so it is wise to ensure that your car is efficiently equipped before opening the applications. Also, to prevent your phone from going off, you’ll need to plug it in and keep it that way every time you are in the car. It would be best if you do not let it go dead; otherwise, you may end up not doing any work for the day.

It is also wise to get yourself a phone mount. It is much safer to use your cell phone when mounted than holding it in your hand or just putting it in your lap. You’ll also find it also makes it much easier to follow navigation routes.  You will also need to ensure that you have a Bluetooth headset as a safety measure; it will come in handy, especially when you have to answer and make some calls while on the wheel.

Always remember that using your cell phone while driving is illegal, so make sure you are always on the right side of the law. You will also notice that running both applications on the phone requires a lot of data, and to be on the safe side, make sure you’re signed up for an unlimited data deal package that is fast and reliable.

Switching Between Lyft And Uber Applications

When handling both apps, it is essential to ensure you do it correctly; let’s get into the details of managing Lyft and Uber applications simultaneously. The basic plan is to immediately switch off the other whenever you receive a request from one application.

If you get a request from Uber, accept it and log out from Lyft. And the primary reason is to avoid a situation whereby you receive requests from both apps and have to decline one. Declining rides negatively affect your acceptance rate, and your acceptance rate needs to be very high to be in a good place with both services.

It is wise to keep the uber application on your screen for the fact that if at all it becomes inactive while running in the background, Uber will automatically remove you from the driver mode. Lyft never locks you out of the driving mode whenever it runs in the background, so you can comfortably work when Uber is on the main screen and Lyft in the background, but always remember to log out of any app after accepting a ride request. If you happen to use a phone with a split-screen feature, make use of it to monitor both apps simultaneously.

In Summary

You are an independent contractor as a driver, making it possible to do Driving For Uber And Lyft At The Same Time. Since you’ll be working with two applications, you will have increased your chances of getting a ride request significantly. If you work with both applications, you will increase your revenue options, but you will have to switch off one application after accepting a ride request.

It is wise always to run the Uber app on your main screen to avoid Uber kicking you out of drive mode; Lyft can run in the background without any problem.


  1. What pays drivers more Uber or Lyft?

Lyft pays slightly higher than Uber. Also, Lyft is popular for driver satisfaction.

  1. Can two Lyft drivers use the same car?

Yes, they can if their both names are on the insurance

  1. Why is Lyft better than Uber?

Lyft does allow clients to tip drivers even more than 72hrs after a ride, while Uber only allows tipping during the ride or immediately after the ride

Driving For Uber And Lyft At The Same Time

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