Roku Error Code 014.40-Learn More

 Roku is one of the most liked streaming services where you can watch as many shows as you want on TV. It provides a simple, easy, and affordable method to stream the latest shows. However, when you begin to face some errors, it becomes distressing. Where there is an error or any fault with setup, a Roku error code 014.40 message will pop up, creating a hindrance with streaming on your device.

Roku Error Code 014.40

The Roku error code 014.40 pops up when there is wrong Wi-Fi information. It means that an individual has connected wrongly to their Wi-Fi network. This error on Roku can be caused by various reasons like Corrupted Files and wrong information. The causes will be discussed later in the article.

What Causes 014.40 Error Code To Surface?

  • In most cases, the error code pops up when you enter an incorrect password or SSID. Most devices expect you to use a correct password to prove that you are the owner of such devices. When the password is incorrect, an error will pop up, and when the error code 014.40 pops up on your Roku device, it can be caused by a problem with your IP address or wrong Wi-Fi information.
  • Another cause of the error code 014.40 is a corrupted configuration or files. Some configurations are cached. It helps speed up downloads and make users’ experiences lovable and worthy. When they become corrupted, it can trigger this error.
  • It can also be caused by Poor signal: Where there is a poor signal, devices won’t work well. For most online devices to work, they need a stable signal strength to feed on, and when this is not available for them to feed on, this error code can pop up.
  • It can be caused by a restriction setting: When we place restriction settings on our devices, it helps restrict certain activities on our Router. However, when most of these restriction settings are enabled on our devices, it can also cause this error code.

How To Fix The Error Code 014.40

  • The first step, which will always be our number one go-to, is to restart your device: Restarting your device will fix errors automatically on your connections. So it is important to restart both your Roku device and your TV as it can help fix all minute error codes.
  • The second step is to perform the Roku system reconfiguration: To perform the system reconfiguration is the same as starting the system. The first thing you need to do is to go to the setting. Then click on the system and choose power, then click on system restart. After doing this, check to see if the error has been fixed. 
  • Ensure your Wi-Fi password is correct: This is one of the main causes of Roku error code 014.40, entering Wi-Fi information that is not correct. Without correct information and a secured password, Roku won’t stream videos properly. To fix the Wi-Fi information, You can click on the Home button on your remote, go to settings and choose a network. Then click on Setup connection, and select the wireless network. Then choose your home network and see if the Wi-Fi password is correct. 
  • Reset the Network configurations: You need to reset your network when this error pops up as it might be one of the reasons causing it. To do this, follow the necessary steps needed for your device. Ensure that they are properly configured. You can reinitialize your network settings for your Roku device and make sure there are no corrupted configurations.
  • Place your Router close to your device: Distance between your device and the Router causes this error. Make sure you place your device very close to your Router. This way, it gets an efficient network to stream video content and strong signal strength.
  • Lastly, confirm if the MAC address Filtering is enabled In your Router. If it is, you need to add the wireless MacBook address so your network can function well.


  You might have been pissed off and completely worried about the Roku error code 014.40 as you can’t fix it. Once you can identify the errors and have them fixed, you can continue to enjoy these services. It can be tiring to keep trying over again. If the problem persists, you may need to contact Roku customer care.

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Is it possible to fix my Roku device for it to connect automatically to my internet?

Answer: Yes, you can set this up through the network connection reset.

  • Does error code 014.40 and error code 014 50 mean the same thing?

Answer: Error code 014.40 is an error that occurs when your device is not connected to a wireless connection or Wi-Fi. While 014.50 error code pop-ups when your device refuses to connect to the local network. For 014.40, you need to enter the right password and information, but for 014.50, the device will still not connect to your local network due to a signal problem.

  • How can I reach the Roku customer support?

Answer: You can chat with the customer support service online. You can also reach them through their customer service phone number.

Roku Error Code 014.40-Learn More

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