Regal Unlimited Membership Deal

People like watching movies, they have always had. Throughout the pandemic, the cinema industry has taken quite a hit but even though that is the case, some well-established cinemas and services have broadened their horizon to stay afloat and that has seemingly worked.  Regal Cinemas is one of these companies. The company has a well-established and lengthy lifespan which saw it named different things like “The United Artists Theaters”, “Edwards Theaters” and the name we know and love today “Regal Cinemas”. The company has been established in 1924 and has more than 500 locations all over the United States. Regal was acquired by Cineworld in 2017 for 3.6 billion dollars and even though the names of the cinemas all around the country stayed the same, There are more services the Regal Cinemas present to their customers at the present moment. Lets know about Regal Unlimited Membership Deal.

Regal Unlimited Membership Deal

Regal Cinemas now present an Unlimited Membership where you can watch as many movies as you want for $18 per month. There are three services and subscription plans attached to this service. The First plan is Regal Unlimited where you can pay $18 per month plus text to watch as many movies as you can want at more than 200 Regal Cinemas places. The second deal is Regal Unlimited Plus where the price is $21 per month plus text and includes more than 400 Regal theaters. The third and the most expensive option is Regal Unlimited All Access which wants you to pay $23.50 per month plus tax and the benefit is that you can watch an unlimited amount of movies at every single Regal Cinema location in the United States.

This is a great deal as the number of movies you can watch is unlimited and as one ticket for a single movie goes for around $13, watching only 2 movies per month already make up the price for that whole month, and watching a movie every week gives you a 50% discount compared to if you buy the tickets.

Benefits of the Regal Unlimited Membership Deal

The only benefit is not the fact that you can watch an unlimited amount of movies at every Regal Theatre location in the United States if you opt to pay for the most expensive option.

There are also offers for saving more than 10% on all food and drink purchases in the movie theatre. Additionally, you will be receiving a free large popcorn and a drink on your birthday if you have the service and there are no dates where you can’t watch movies. You also have early access to newly released movies, and you can also rank up and earn Regal Crown Club credits and spend those points on free rewards and items in the theatre. With all of these benefits, the main point of the subscription which is to watch as many movies as you want and can with a fixed subscription fee seems like a killer deal. 

How to Get the Subscription

Joining and paying for the subscription service is also pretty easy. All you have to do is to download the Regal App and tap the banner for Regal Unlimited deals in the app and click on sign up. After you have signed up, you can follow the steps presented on the new screen that will appear, and for the last step, you can choose to pay for an annual subscription or a monthly one. The only payment options are paying with credit or with debit card at the moment this article was written. So, if you wanted to pay with other services like PayPal or Apple Pay, you will have to find workarounds or get in contact with Regal Movies to ask them about other payment options and workarounds.

Now, you also have to keep in mind that the service will request from you that if you plan on paying monthly, you will have to pay for the first three months and canceling the subscriptions for these first three months seems to be non-negotiable; but you can still connect with customer support and if you have a good reason, your service might be canceled earlier but don’t be so sure about this. Cinema companies are not the best companies the deal with and as cinemas all around the country close up to the ever-lasting consequences of the pandemic and the rising of streaming services, they might be persistent and not cancel your subscription service for at least the first three months. So, be careful about that.


The Regal Unlimited Service is easy to set up and if you are an avid viewer and enjoyer of cinema, you will be getting the most out of these services as all three subscription plans work in a way that even if you only go for two movies every month, you are still getting the better end of the deal as prices for two tickets are more expensive than the monthly subscription fee. If you read the fine print about +taxes on the subscription fee and how you cannot cancel your subscription for three months or a year depending on the plan you choose, you will know exactly what you are getting into and how you are benefiting from the service in the best possible way


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the 10% discount apply to every item? 

It is applicable for most items, but you will not have a discount for alcoholic beverages.

  • How old do you need to be to apply for the service?

You will have to be 16 years old or older to join the subscription service.

  • Can I only use my subscription for my tickets?

Yes, you cannot receive free tickets for anyone else except yourself. 

Regal Unlimited Membership Deal

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