Companies That Are Owned By Bed Bath And Beyond

What is Bed Bath and Beyond?

If you have ever been to the USA or are even aware of the American lifestyle, chances are that you know Bed Bath and Beyond. For those of you who have not heard of the company, Bed Bath and Beyond is a chain of merchandise retail stores in America that focuses on home and lifestyle products. Founded in 1971 in New Jersey, it eventually opened stores in California and the New York metropolitan area, soon after growing quickly throughout the country. Today, Bed Bath and Beyond owns more than 1500 stores all across the USA and in neighboring countries like Canada, Puerto Rico, and Columbia with over 55000 employees; its major competitors are Target and Walmart. What are the companies owned by Bed Bath and Beyond? As a brand grows over the decades, its goal is to reinvent itself and reach out to as many people as possible, in an attempt to turn potential customers into loyal, recurring customers. Thus, other than its brand merchandise, Bed Bath and Beyond has acquired many companies over the years to add to its rich portfolio and to gain more clientele. Here is a list of said companies.

Companies That Are Owned By Bed Bath And Beyond

Current Acquisitions In Companies That Are Owned By Bed Bath And Beyond

  1. These are companies that are still under the Bed Bath and Beyond umbrella.
    Harmon Stores
    Mainly known as Harmon Face Values, this company focuses on selling beauty products like
    skincare, haircare, and makeup as well as health and travel products. It offers various brands like
    Revlon, TRESemmé, and Neutrogena but also provides similar products under its own brand
    name like shampoos, conditioners, face toners, lotion, teeth whitening trays, and razors.
    Buy Buy Baby
    Stylized buy BABY. As the name suggests, these stores specialize in items for newborn babies,
    to infants, toddlers, and young children. Common items available for purchase include furniture like
    bassinets and cots, strollers, diapers and wipes, bedding and room decor items, and clothes.
    Buy Buy Baby also runs parent Ville, which includes classes and events hosted by experts to clear
    parenting questions and doubts, along with prenatal parenting classes.
    Linen Holdings

Unlike other acquisitions, Linen Holdings is a private distributor for linen items for baths, beds and
tables which caters specifically to the hospitality (hotels, cruises, F&B) and healthcare industries.
Just like its parent company, Linen Holdings is based in New Jersey too.

Former Acquisitions

Since the company has acquired and sold many brands over the years, here is a list of companies
formerly owned by Bed Bath and Beyond, to avoid any confusion.
One Kings Lane
This company focused on a higher-end, luxury market and was a digital-first home brand. It sold
stylish designer, vintage and exclusive furniture. The USP of the company was its products being
very ‘distinctive’. However, in 2020, the company was sold to an undisclosed third party due to its

World Market

Formerly known as Cost Plus World Market when under the Bed Bath and Beyond umbrella, this
brand specializes in selling imported home items from Asia, Europe, and Africa. Their catalog
includes decor, furniture, and linen as well as coffee, apparel, food products, and alcoholic
beverages like wine and craft beer. It was sold by Bed Bath and Beyond in 2021 to Kingswood
Capital Management.
Of a Kind
This was an indie e-commerce shopping brand that sold specially-commissioned, personalized
“limited-edition” items made by emerging designers. The company was acquired in 2015 and shut
down in 2019.


Here is all the information you need to know about the American retail store, Bed Bath and
Beyond. Whether you want to buy lifestyle products for your home or student apartment, or
goodies for your baby, or even skincare and beauty products, Bed Bath and Beyond has you
covered. All you have to do is visit their website or the nearest store to you and invest in quality


Does Bed Bath and Beyond own subsidiaries abroad?
Yes, the company owns three subsidiaries outside the USA, in countries where it runs its retail
stores. Here are a few details.
Bed Bath & Beyond Canada L.P

The company owns 53 stores in Canada in 9 provinces, excluding Quebec, Nunavut, Yukon, and
Northwest Territories.
Bed Bath & Beyond Mexico
In collaboration with Home & More, Bed Bath and Beyond opened multiple stores in Mexico.
Bed Bath & Beyond Invitations
This is an online invitation venture where you can choose your invite design based on the type of
event and even personalize it.

  1. What is Bed Bath and Beyond New Zealand?
    Contrary to popular belief, the New Zealand company has nothing in relation to the US retail
    stores, although it sells very similar products.
  2. Does Bed Bath and Beyond provide shipping?
    Yes, the company provides shipping. However, the shopping policies depend on individual brands
    and the countries its located in.
Companies That Are Owned By Bed Bath And Beyond

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