Pet Policy- Know More Interesting Facts

A zoo is usually a wonderful place where you can spend time with family and friends or sometimes go alone to have a beautiful view of nature`s work. But sometimes people like to visit the zoo with their pets. In this article, we will find out whether pets are allowed in the zoo and revise the standard Pet Policy.

Pet Policy

Pet Policy

In accordance with the Americans with disability act ADA, only trained animals are permitted on zoo grounds. For the safety of zoo animals, it is highly prohibited to bring your pets into zoo premises. It is also not allowed to leave your pets by the zoo gate or inside your vehicle unattended. However, service animals are permitted into the zoo. Service animals could be any dog or miniature horse that is trained to serve and perform certain tasks for people with disabilities, such as leading the blind, attending to the deaf, driving wheelchairs, protecting people with seizure experiences, helping people who have post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD calm down. Unlike pets, service animals are working animals and mare very helpful. 

Under The Americans With Disability Act, all service animals must be kept under control as well, they should be leashed or tethered unless this interferes with the animals’ tasks then they are allowed to control the animal only through voice, signals or any means possible. Let’s read more about Pet Policy.

Responsibilities of Guests With Service Animals

People who bring service animals into the zoo are mandated to follow these guidelines:

  • Adequate care and supervision of the service animal
  • Proper supervision of the animal and ensuring also proper waste disposal released by the animal
  • Ensure full control of the animal and use a leash unless allowed otherwise
  • Do not take them into restricted areas
  • Keep them away from conflict or too much crowd

Admission Procedure Of Service Animals.

Visitors who wish to bring service animals into the zoo must first check-in and out of the reception desk upon arrival and departure. They must go through the following procedure.

The receptionist or staff may ask questions about the animal-like;

Is your animal here because of your disability?

If yes, what works specifically does it help you do?

However, the staff must not talk about the visitor`s condition.

The staff must confirm whether the animal is restricted with a lease or if it is tethered, if this method of restriction will hinder the effectiveness of its work, then the animal must be under voice, signal, or no effective control.

If there is any case where a service animal is denied admittance into the zoo, the management may provide an opportunity for them to enter and an escort be made to assist them if they so desire, however, if the guest refuses entry afterward, then they are refunded the ticket money immediately.

Other Protocols To Be Observed By Guests And Their Service Animals

Should the zoo animal get overly excited, agitated, or upset by the presence of your service animal, then you must move to another exhibit immediately. You can figure a zoo animal is irritated if they, bark, growl, hiss, scream or pant aggressively towards your service animal or you.

There are restricted areas in every zoo, please never take your service animals to any of these places.

Service animals are not allowed in areas where they can have direct contact with the zoo animals.

Other tools and entitlements to zoo visitors

The zoo has to ensure everyone has a pleasant day at the zoo

Everyone must be kind to animals as it is their home

Children below 13c years must not be allowed to wander alone

Most animals are on a special diet so it is unwise to randomly feed them anything. Please do not feed the animals

Do not bring pets anywhere near the zoo, not by the gate, not in the car, leave them at hoe

Dress properly, it is recommended to wear a shirt and pair of shoes while on the zoo premises

Do not use bicycles, skateboards, roller shoes, etc inside the zoo

Fire alarms are not allowed inside the zoo.

Respect the animals, do not bang their windows, throw stones at them or tease them

Prohibited items 

The following are not allowed to be taken into zoo premises.


Weapons or fireworks

Toys, bicycles, or any riding equipment

Remote control devices

Anything that generates loud noise

In Conclusion,

So we have learnt ‘Pet Policy’, visiting the zoo is cool, especially with friends or family but you must stay safe and adhere to all safety measures. Failure to stick to the rules and policies could lead to fatalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is food allowed in the zoo?

It is not allowed to bring food or drink to the zoo. A few exceptions are bottled water, baby food, etc. Note: Ice bags are highly prohibited

2. Is wearing a mask compulsory in the zoo?

No, masks are not enforced but encouraged

3. Is smoking allowed in the zoo?

No, smoking is not allowed, this is to ensure no visitor’s health or animal is threatened or discomforted. 

Pet Policy- Know More Interesting Facts

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