How To Make The Phone Busy When Someone Calls

Sometimes we feel to be alone or sometimes we are in a situation where we wanted to stay undisturbed and didn’t want to answer the calls, it’s okay if you want to sometimes it happens that we all need a break sometimes but at the same time we also don’t want to hurt other feelings by just disconnecting their calls or ignoring the calls and leaving them unattended. Let us Know How To Make The Phone Busy When Someone Calls.

How To Make The Phone Busy When Someone Calls

To avoid answering these phone calls when someone calls, there are several simple Tricks on how to make your mobile, not reachable to the other person who is calling you, which will come in handy since it’s awkward to not pick up a phone call from a stranger.

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The first option which comes to everyone’s mind is that just is simple and an easy step to just switch off your phone, but the person who is trying to contact you will know that you are trying to ignore the person Intentionally and it is not because of network issue, so yes this method is easy but not worthy enough because it will let the person know that you are trying to ignore his calls.

Worthy tricks to make your calls go busy?

 Using Flight mode or Airplane mode

So the easiest way to save yourself from these calls is to switch on the flight mode or aeroplane mode on your device which will simply make your call go not reachable which will help you and the person who is contacting you will be notified that the call is out of network coverage or will go not reachable which will make them think that the person may be busy with some work or maybe at a place where there is a network problem or there must be any device or fault in phone’s network.

To do this method simply go over the menu of your phone from their switch on the flight mode on your phone or one also finds it by pressing their phone’s power button for 2 seconds and their screen will display the option of flight mode.

Change the network mode

What you have to do to make your call go not reachable is change your network mode changing the mode is one more supportive stunt to make your phone not reachable. Naturally, your cell phone chooses the most ideal that anyone could hope to find a network consequently and chooses the most grounded one naturally. Yet, you can likewise make a manual choice of the organization, and if you select an organization that isn’t accessible, then this will make your number not reachable.

To empower these stunts to make your phone not reachable, you want to go to Settings of your phone, then select Settings, and inside it, select ‘Manual’ under network choice. This will make your number not reachable. Then, at that point, you can return to a similar setting and pick the functioning of the phone to begin accepting calls.

Aluminium Foil

Enclose your cell phone with aluminium foil. It might seem like a moronic and non-working DIY, yet it gets the job done as it causes some involvement with the connection of the network association. Doing these stunts makes your phone not reachable, and your cell phone’s radio receiving wire will not get any versatile organization, and it becomes hard for your phone to get any transmissions once you envelop it with aluminium foil. Hence, the guest will get the message “this number is out of the inclusion region; kindly attempt once more at a later time!”

If you don’t have aluminium foil in your home, attempt to place it in a steel box. That, as well, will do similar stunts to how to make your telephone not reachable productively.

Put your call on the Forwarding option

This method will help to make your phone occupied is to actuate you can also consider sending a choice on your cell phone. The simplest way is to advance it to any irregular landline number. This could sound precarious, however, this works admirably both on Android and iPhones. This can likewise lead your phone to seem inaccessible to the guest.

Call Rejection option

Enact Call Rejection choice

The auto-reject or call dismissal choice can be your go-to hack assuming you are burnt out on getting unnecessary calls be it from colleagues, family, office or spams guests. The most effective way to stay away from such calls is to initiate your auto-dismissal and empower it through settings.

To enable it,

Go to Android phone settings

From here, go to call settings,

Presently, empower the auto-reject choice and afterwards disable after use.


So here are a few hints on the most efficient method to make your phone occupied when somebody calls. We trust our article will help you in keeping that multitude of unnecessary calls under control and will help you to get the calls as it was earlier.

How To Make The Phone Busy When Someone Calls

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