What Does User Busy Mean?-Read to know more

Have you ever faced a dilemma where you’re trying to get on the phone and speak with your friend or a family member and a notification pops up on the screen with a message saying, user busy? It can be baffling and strange if it’s your first time experiencing something like this. Let us know What Does User Busy Mean?

What Does User Busy Mean? 

Whenever you pick up your phone to place a call to someone, you expect to hear the line ring at the other end but when you hear user busy, it implies that the person you’re trying to call is presently on another call at that moment. With the way our phones work, priority is given to the call that is currently on, and the line will be available to receive calls only after it has hung up or disconnected from the other line.

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  Apart from the person, you’re calling being on another call, there are many other reasons your phone is showing user busy. In this article, we will discuss what user busy means and how it can be rectified. Read the paragraphs below for more details.

What does user busy means? 

User busy does not mean just one thing, but most often it implies that the person you’re trying to call is another call at that moment and you can try again some other time. 

To stop getting user busy notifications, be sure that the receiver is presently on another call by dialing the number two to three more times. If you still do not get a response, wait for a few minutes before you dial the number again. 

 Apart from the recipient being on the phone, user busy can also mean the following? 

• Call block

After trying to dial the number and it is showing user busy, try to call other people with your phone by making and receiving calls to see if it will go through. Ensure that the receiver can receive your calls and you can place a call as well. If everything is intact, your number might be blocked from calling that particular number, to confirm that, dial the number with your friend’s number and see if it will ring. 

• Temporarily disabled number

If your phone number has been temporarily disabled you won’t be able to place a call and it will show the user is busy. User busy doesn’t always mean the person is another call, it can also imply that your number has been disabled or barred from placing a call.

•Check your “do not disturb” on your phone. If the “do not disturb” notification is on, it can stop you from placing a call or show the user busy on the screen.

• Try to change your sim card. Another thing to check is your sim card, remove it from the port, clean it properly and place it back again. You can as well try to use someone else’s sim card by placing it on your phone and dialing the number. If the issue is rectified, then your sim card is faulty and should be replaced.

•No network coverage in your area. Your phone can show users busy whenever you attempt to call a person if the network coverage in your area is unavailable or too low to receive calls. Areas that are commercial hubs have tendencies to experience unavailable networks from time to time.

• When the network servers are extremely busy it can cause your phone to show user busy if you place any call. Network servers get busy when too many people are using the network at the same time and it is not sufficient to power it all at once. You can try to place the call later in the evening or at night when the network server would be less busy.

• User busy could also be a result of too much network interference. Network interference occurs when the weather is cloudy or stormy. It can also be because of a bad atmosphere. Placing a call at times like this can show the user busy. 

Final Thoughts.

After several attempts to place a call to a person have proved abortive, all you need to do is to send a text message to the person. You can leave a message in the voicemail without placing a call if your cellular provider has such features.

Frequently Asked Questions.

I’ve followed the prompt above and it’s still showing user busy, what else can I do?

In that case, reset your phone, delete the numbers, and re-enter it again. If after attempting this the problem persists, speak with your phone brand support staff, they should be able to help.

Can user busyness be a result of the network? 

Yes, you can as well change your network to another one and try calling the number again. If it is rectified then the problem was from the network which could be due to many reasons. 

What Does User Busy Mean?-Read to know more

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