Jasonwell Doodle Board-Know More


Jasonwell doodle board is a product suitable for children above the age of three. It helps them to enhance their creativity and intelligence, and also improve their memories. It is a reusable and environment-friendly product as it saves paper and can be reused thousands of times till its battery vanishes out. Let’s know about Jasonwell doodle board.

Jasonwell Doodle Board

Jasonwell Doodle Board

It is a product that is more than a normal doodle pad. In the Jasonwell Doodle board, you can not only just doodle but also leave messages, take notes, and many more. This is basically for children to increase and enhance their imagination, creativity, and mind. It comes in different sizes but its large size is 12.6 inches. 

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Doodle art is a powerful art medium that requires great imagination and creativity skills. Thus, the Jasonwell doodle board will help your child in increasing these skills. 

Almost all the researchers believe that play-based learning is essential for a child’s healthy growth. Your children may learn and play together with a sketching pad from Jasonwell. Ideal toddler birthday Christmas gifts for boys and girls and unisex youngsters ages 3 to 8 include toys and crafts. No glare, radiation, blue light, or damage to one’s eyesight. Kids can draw safely. Your brilliant ideas are simple to draw or write down on the screen. No need for paint or pen. Reusable and durable, one-click erasing Fantastic drawing board with light and color for kids. blue or pink.

What is the utility of a Jason well doodle board?

  1. It provides eye-protection safety for kids. The sketching pad has a pressure-sensitive flexible screen that doesn’t emit radiation, glare, blue light, or other elements that could be harmful to your eyes. Thus, Kids can draw safely and grow their intelligence, creativity, and imagination.
  2. The large Size Doodle Board usually comes in 12 inches. 
  3. Doodle as an art form is Vital to growing imagination and creativity. Moreover, kids can concentrate, focus, and unwind while creating doodle art, which is a powerful creative genre. It benefits children’s creativity, wellbeing, and positive thinking. It also helps them improve their memories.
  4. Jasonwell Doodle board is a reusable environmental-friendly product. You can easily erase it in just one click by simply pressing the erase button, and all drawings disappear instantly. You can use it as much as 100,000 times, with no paper wastage, and thus also saving trees. 
  5. The drawing can also be easily shared with your friends and family by just turning on the lock key. After unlocking, you can still remove the drawings. 
  6. It is durable and portable. The sketch pad for doodles has a built-in battery. It lasts 12 months if you push the erase button 100 times per day. Additionally, batteries can be changed. It is water- and shock-proof and drop-resistant. The LCD sketching pad is slender and portable. You may also carry it wherever you go and put it in your purse, vacation bag, or even school bag. best children’s educational toys.

Features of Jasonwell doodle board

  1. It has features like Waterproof, shockproof, and drop-resistant.
  2. It is Long lasting. Its electricity can only be used when the erase button is pressed. Battery access is prevented in the battery compartment by a screw.
  3. You can easily lock and unlock the screen. To keep the drawings, turn on the lock button. After unlocking, you can still quickly erase the doodles.
  4. Easily erasable in just one click. You can simply press the erase button and all drawings will instantly disappear in just seconds.
  5. It is safe and also avoids messy surroundings like a case of chalks or chemical pens.
  6. It is easy to carry for traveling purposes.
  7. Light in weight and easy to use.
  8. It can also be gifted to children on their birthdays.
  9. It’s simple to sketch out or jot down brilliant ideas on a screen. No paint or ink is required.
  10. The drawing pad has a pressure-sensitive flexible screen that helps to keep your eyesight protected. 


Children above the age of three can use the Jasonwell doodle board. It aids kids in developing their intelligence, creativity, and skills. It is a reusable and environmentally beneficial tool because it may be used several times till its battery runs out also while saving paper.

Frequently Asked Questions on Jasonwell doodle board

Q1. Do you have to use the stylus or can you use your fingers?

Use your fingernail for this and it does not work well for drawing on a finger pad.

Q2. Are the images on the Jasonwell Doodle board saveable?

According to the website, you can Turn on the lock key if you wish to save the drawings and share them with your friends or family, and also after unlocking, you can still remove the drawings.

Q3. Is this drawing pad light enough for both daytime and nighttime use? How much time does a battery have?

The item is not backlit, yet the colors are vivid. 

Q4. Does the pen have a cord so that children won’t lose it?

The pen is unattached and can be affixed to the pad’s back.

Jasonwell Doodle Board-Know More

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